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Asheron's Call Darktide Account For Sale Featuring A Level 92 Grief Mage!
With this excellent account you could enjoy Darktide as much as I did!

Note: All buffed stats are SELF buffed

The main character on this account is a level 92 Spec: Creature Magic, Magic Defense, and Unarmed Combat, He started (100 10 10 10 100 100). He has a Peerless Atlan Claw and a Black Bouldor for a Black Fire stone. He has Aerlinthe Recall and all useful level 7 spells learned. In addition this character can recall to the last place he logged off. Has one credit currently open. (Has done skill credit quest)
The second character is a level 78 very close to 79 Battlemage. He started (80 30 10 10 100 100), he has all stones, and a Peerless Atlan Claw. Also Has Aerlinthe recall and all level 7 useful spells(except Coordination Self). Has no credits currently open and has done Skill Credit quest.
The third character is a level 60 almost 61 Xbowman, recall anywhere character with a composite xbow! Also has Aerlinthe Recall. He has 4 credits unassigned right now. (Has not done skill credit quest)
The fourth character on the account is an OG Bowman with a Composite Bow. Has four credits open (Has not done skill credit quest yet)
The last but not least, level 22 almost 23 Pimp UA'er, recall anywhere. Has 8 credits open. (Has not done skill credit quest)
Looking for $999 OBO, Email me or PM me on acvault with any questions comments or concerns. Thank you. Prefered method of payment is Paypal.