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What's Goin' On

Out Now in UK

Track Listings:-
1. Dupri Original Mix
The London Version
Moby's Version
Fred Durst's Reality Check Mix
Mangini/Pop Rox Mix
Mick Guzauski's Pop Mix
Dupri R&B Mix
The Neptunes This One's For You Mix
Junior Vasquez's Club Mix

Click the songs for a clip

Artists Involved
Christina Aguilera | Backstreet Boys | Mary J. Blige | Bono |
Destiny's Child | Jermaine Dupri | Fred Durst | Eve | Nelly
Furtado Nona Gaye | Darren Hayes | Ja Rule | Wyclef Jean | Alicia
Keys | Aaron Lewis | Lil' Kim | Jennifer Lopez | Nas | Nelly |
*NSYNC | P. Diddy | ?uestlove | Britney Spears | Gwen Stefani |
Michael Stipe

The whole thing started with Bono of U2 gathering some famous
singers of the time to sing a charity single for aids after
Bono's dad died earlier that year. All the proceeds from the
single go towards the research for the cure of aids so the single
is well worth the money.

Click here for the official "Artists Against Aids Worldwide" site

Becky Shilling 2001

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