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"8 days of xmas" out 26th November!!! from more info, click here!

Whats Goin' On is released on the 5th of November in th UK
featuring destiny's child and many other artists. money
raised from the single goes to aids research.

Emotions, Destiny's Child's new single will be out on the
12th November 2001 in the uk along with Blue, Blu
Cantrell *Nsync, & Anastacia to name but afew, but
lets hope dc can shake off all opposition to get to number 1!

Destiny's Child tour of the uk is now posponed until after
christmas! so if you've got tickets don't worry, you should
recieve details from the organisers soon

Bootylicious was beaten by Atomic Kittens "Eternal Flame"
to the UK number 1 spot.

Lyrics is now being fixed! not all have
been done yet though, so email me to tell me if they don't

Destiny's Child head Jam in the Park on
Sunday 17th of june along with some other cool R&B acts

Bootylicious! the next single fron the
fiesty 3!, see a clip of the new video here

A cool unofficial Book has now been
released, order t on amazon here

Get the new video for destiny's child on video or DVD now!

40 new pics and aload of audio and video!
also "lyrics" is out of use for a temporary time (soz)

The new album "survivor" is out in shops
now! th uk edition has 3 extra tracks, including the
first solo song from Beyoncé, buy it from amazon here

Survivor at number1!! The new album and
single both shot straight to number1 in the UK chart!

The new single Survivor is out in
shops in the uk from monday the 16th of april and the
new album is released on the 23rd of april. The date for
the album has not yet been comfirmed, 1st of may.

Well done to dc, whos album "The writings on the wall" has
recentley re-entered the british top 10 due to the
latest release "independent women".

Independent women has entered the uk chart at number 1! not
only that but they have been in america for ten weeks
and counting. Go keep it there and buy it

Independent Women - Out now! but it

Independent Women is to be released in the uk on the 16th
of November. Go and buy it!

For more dc news go to the official site
in the "misc." section.

Becky Shilling © 2001

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