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Kelly Bio

Full name:
Kelendria Triene Rowland

2/11/81, Houston, Texas

"I have 1 brother, he works in a hospital in Atlanta, and i
consider beyoncé as my sister as well"

I have to dance when i hear:
"It wasn't me" by shaggy

But i sit down when i hear:
"I'll dance to anything u ask me to!"

Fave clothes designer:
Tina Knowles

Fave item of clothing:
"Hip hugger jeans"

Distinguishing features:
Impossibly long legs - and incredible 43 inches
to be precise! and fancy frocks

Kelly has been singing since she was little and
met Beyoncé at an audition when she was nine. They were both
founders of DC and the two girls are like sisters.

The image:
Although Kelly's got low maintenance sort hair,
it looks suspiciously unlike her natural hair colour. Unless
of corse she was born with bright red highlights!

Kelly admits she's shy. "I'd never approach a
dude" she blushes. "I'd never ask anyone out on a date. But
some guys are like intimidated, and you could be giving this
dude eye contact from across the room, and your welcoming
each other with your eyes, and your like, 'Come ere apple
pie á la mode!'"

Totally untrue Kelly rumor:
She used to sit behind Beyoncé so she could pull
her ears fueling her 'Dumbo' paranoia.

What's in Kelly's Future:
She could be the first one to release solo
material, but that doesn't mean she's lookin to leave DC,
Don't rule out her own clothing range either.

What she thinks of Beyoncé:
Beautiful, kind, generous, loyal and beautiful on the inside as well

Image from stor

Becky Shilling © 2001

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