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Beyoncé Bio

Full name:
Beyoncé Giselle Knowels

4/9/81, Houston, Texas

"I have a younger sister, Solange, who dances with destiny's
child, and Kelly is my cousin, but i see her as practically
a sisiter."

I have to dance when i hear:
"Lovefool" by the cardigans

But i sit down when i hear:
Any house music

Fave clothes designer:
Versace, Luca Luca, and my mother" (mrs. knowles
designs all the girls stage and video outfits)

Fave item of clothing:
"A pair of gold, patchwork, hot metalic boots. I
got them for my birthday. Everybody put in and bought them
for me coz they were too expensive!"

Distinguishing features:
Trails of drooling men behind her - and fancy frocks

Beyoncé wrote 'Bootylicious' on a boring plane
journey, but she was initially embarresed to tell the others
about the new word

The image:
Although she's decreed to be 'fit' by the world,
she doesn't think girls need to be waifish to be
attactive. "You can have some junk in your trunk!" she says.
The painful proccess of ironin her trousers takes 11 hours!!

Beyoncé used to worry about being a trophyhead. "when i was
younger I had a smaller head and it made it look like I had
Dumbo ears, I still don't wear my ears out and that's why i
wear big earings

Totally untrue Beyoncé rumor:
She mariied Eminem when she was 15. Of corse
not. She was engaged to Wu-Tag Clans ODB at the time. Possibly.

What's in Beyoncés Future:
World domination: singing, dancing, writing,
producing, acting, modelling... and everything.

What she thinks of Michelle:
Funny, smart, pretty, tallented and a jokester

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Becky Shilling © 2001

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