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Destiny's Child : Surviors - This is an unofficial destiny's child website.

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Latest News

Emotions looks set to snatch the number 3 spot tonight as boy-
band blue seem to be heading for number 1.

'What's Goin On' by the allstar tribute including destiny's
child, entered the uk chart at number 6

"8 days of xmas"
out 26th November!!!
for more info, click here!

Whats Goin' On is released on the 5th of November in th UK
featuring destiny's child and many other artists. money
raised from the single goes to aids research.
Click here for more information.

Emotions, Destiny's Child's new single will be out on the
12th November 2001 in the uk along with Blue, Blu Cantrell &
Bubba Sparxxx to name but afew, but
lets hope dc can shake
off all opposition to get to number 1!

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