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Welcome to the DBZ World page. Here is where I have a map of the world of DBZ and a description of each location listed below. The map above was found at my hosts site. You can check it out at the button to the left. Enjoy learning more about the DBZ world.

Mt. Paozu This is where Goku lived with his adopted father, Grandpa Gohan until one day after Grandpa died he left with Bulma to look for the 7 dragonballs of earth. Goku never returned to the house where he lived with his grandpa Gohan. The house was shown in a DB-GT special when Goku Jr. went to look for the dragonballs of legend to save Pan. Goku lived at Mt. Paozu with Chi-Chi and the rest of his family in the DBZ series.

Number 1 on the map.

Kame House

Kame house was a main place in the Dragonball series. It is on a small island with only enough room for the Kame House with a small area around it left over. Master Roshi and Krillin are the main occupants of the island, except for a few exceptions, like android 18 and Marron (Krillins daughter). For some reason, most gatherings of the Z team occur at the Kame House. When Goku had his heart attack, he was nursed back to health here.

Number 2 on the map.

Western Capital (Capsule Corp.)

Western Captial is where the Capsule Corp is located. Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, Dr. Briefs, and Mrs. Briefs live there. The Capsule corp is actualy a company that makes capsules that turn into different devises like cars and hover bikes. The capsules are used by pressing a button on a small capsule like devise and throwing it. The capsule will then transform into a car, hoverbike, ect. The sucess of the Capsule corp has made the the Briefs family very rich. Around the Capsul corp is a zoo run by Dr. Briefs. Trunks time machine was made using the capsule tecnology.

Number 3 on the map.

Satan City

Satan City was once called Orange Star City, until after the Cell game when everyone thought Mr. Satan saved the world from cell. The city was renamed Satan City in his honor. Located in Satan city is Orange Star high school. This is where Gohan went to school. When Gohan showed up in Satan city, a hero started showing up called "The Golden haird warrior." Of course this was Gohan, but he was worried someone would find out the golden haired warrior was him, so he had Bulma make him a costume using her Capsule tecnology. That is when Saiya-man was born. Later on, Videl became Saiya-man 2 and they both protected Satan City from crime.

Number 4 on the map.

Karin Tower

Karin Tower is a long tower like structure that is located directly beneath Kami's Palace. Karins tower and Kami's Palace used to be connected by a extending staff, but the connection was broken when the staff was given to Goku. Karins Tower is so high, that the top can't be seen from the ground. Karin and Yajarobi lived in Karin Tower and grew a very special plant called the Senzu beans. If someone wanted some senzu beans, they had to climb to the top of the tower. Karin did make exceptions in a time of a crisis.

Number 5 on the map.

Kamis Palace

Kamis Palace looks like a circle cut in half floating in the sky. It has several palm trees and a palace like structure in the middle. The current god of earth lives at Kami's Palace. If God dies, a new god takes his place and lives there, like when Kami and Piccolo joined and could no longer be god, Dende took over. Mr. Popo also lives there. When ever the Z fighters need a place to train when they only have a small amout of time to do so, they go to Kami's Palace and use the room of spirit and time. Time moves much slower in the room of spirit and time, so you can train there for a very long time and on earth, only a small amount of time will pass. Goku and Gohan lived there and improved their skills for the fight with Cell.

Number 5 on the map.

Cell Game Stage

This is where the Cell games took place. Cell fought various Z fighters as if it was a game. He also made Cell Jr's who also fought the Z team. He made the mistake of getting Gohan angry by killing android 16. Gohan got so enraged, he turned SSJ 2. He quickly defeated the Cell Jr's and proceeded to play with Cell like he was playing with them. Cell was no match for Gohan, so he decided to self destruct in order to beat him. Goku teleported with Cell to save the planet, but he died in the process, but Cell lived. Later on in the fight, Gohan took Cell out with a Kamehameha attack.

Number 6 on the map.

Babadi's Hidded Spaceship

This is where Babadi's hidden spaceship was located. It was hidded underground with a small hatch on the surface for entrance. This is where Vegeta was turned Majin by Babadi. Kaioshin, Goku, and Gohan looked on helplessly as Vegeta was turned Majin, but that is what Vegeta wanted so he could be as strong as Goku and be evil once again. By turning Majin, Vegeta was able to acheive the SSJ 2 form. It is also where Buu was held while he was in his shell. While Majin Vegeta and Goku fought, their power charged up Buu until he emerged from his shell.

Number 7 on the map.

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