The Saiyans (or Saiya-jins) are a race of people with extraordinary powers. They look like humans except for the fact that they have tails. The Saiyans, by nature, are very brutal and violent. Their main purpose is to fight and increase their power. A long time in the past, the Saiyans landed on a planet called Planet Plant. This planet was populated by a peaceful race called the Tsufurujins. The Saiyans were much larger than the Tsufurujins and much more powerful, but the Tsufurujins had a very advanced technology and were able to fend off the Saiyans when they tried to attack. On Planet Plant, the moon only showed itself once every eight years. One night, the Saiyans saw the full moon and transformed into their Ozuaro form (a giant ape like creature) and wiped the Tsufurujins off the Planet Plant and renamed it Planet Vegeta after their King. The Saiyan people where all ruled by one person, King Vegeta, and every king who ruled was named Vegeta. The Saiyans were a kind of planet sellers, meaning they would go to a planet and wipe out all of the intelligent life, and sell the planet to another race. Baby Saiyans would be sent to a planet with a weak race, while planets with more powerful inhabitants would require more powerful adults to take care of the job. Using the technology from the Tsufurujins, wiping out other planets was a easy task. Some time later, the Saiyans met up with a evil tyrant named Freeza. The Saiyans and Freeza made a good team for a while, until Freeza started to notice that some Sayians were emerging with very high power levels, like Vegeta. He concluded that the Sayians could someday become a threat to him and decided to exterminate the whole Sayian race. Gokus father Bardock tried to stop Freeza from destroying his planet, but he was far to weak. Freeza created a giant energy ball and destroyed Planet Vegeta, leaving only a handful of survivors. A total of seven Saiyans escaped Planet Vegeta one way or another. Vegeta, Radditz, and Nappa were spared by Freeza because they were all loyal and powerful allies. Brolly and his father Paragus escaped Planet Vegeta because Brolly saved them both. Taurus also escaped Planet Vegeta, but how he did is unknown. Kakarotto (Goku) was saved because when he was a baby, he was sent to wipe out the population on earth right before his home world was destroyed. Other Saiyans were born after the demise of Planet Vegeta, but they are called "Half-Breeds", since they are half human and half Saiyan. It is said that half breeds have the potential to become more powerful than the full blooded Saiyan, but this is only a theory. When a full moon is in the sky, and a Saiyan with a tail looks at it, a transformation occurs. The size and power increases and the Saiyan morphes into a monkey like creature called Ozaru. If the Saiyans tail is removed, the transformation will not occur, therefor the tail is needed to make the change. The reason Saiyans change when seeing a full moon is because the moon lets off a type of energy called "Buruz" waves. The 'Buruz' wave cause a reaction in the tail of a Saiyan and that is when the transformation occurs. It doesn't matter haw large a moon is, but as long as it is full, its lets off the right amount of Buruz waves. In the series, the Saiyans found a way to create a perfect simulation of a moons Buruz wave, by focusing a ball of energy and firing it into the air, thus making the moon obsolete. It is also found out that the moon is not really needed because in DBGT, Goku looks at the earth, and the suns reflection off the earths surface created enough Buruz waves for Goku to make the transformation. The legendary Super Saiy-jin is said to only come along once in every 1000 years. The story is that a Super Saiya-jin is a Saiyan with tremendous power, exceeding the power of any regular Saiyan. It is told that once a Sayian in Ozaru form, was able to accomplish the power of a Super Saiya-jin. His power was so tremendous, that he was unable to control it and destroyed himself, and the planet he was occupying. It is said that Super Saiya-jins are extremely cruel and relentless. To become a SSJ, one has to be pure of heart (Good or Evil), and be at least part Saiya-jin. He must also have a very high power, exceeding most other Saiyans and basically pushing his power to the limit. It was first said that Goku was the legendary Super Saiya-jin. Then Brolly came around and was dubbed "The legendary SSJ." When a Saiyan turns SSJ, his hair turns gold and his eyes turn green. Usually a aura surrounds his body and the Siayans power increases substantially. Goku was the first known Saiyan to accomplish the Super Saiya-jin form. It was triggered when Freeza killed Krillin. Goku got so mad that he exploded into a SSJ. The second to turn Super Saiya-jin was future Trunks. He tried to force himself into a SSJ but couldn't do it until future Gohan was killed by the androids. He was enraged by Gohans death and turned Super Saiya-jin. Vegeta was jealous of Goku because he thought Goku was the legendary Super Saiya-jin, but when future Trunks came around as was a SSJ, Vegeta realized that there wasn't just one and he could become one too. Vegeta trained hard but still couldn't achieve the SSJ form. Vegeta finally turned SSJ when he got so mad at the fact that a regular Saiyan could turn SSJ and the prince of Vegeta couldn't. All the anger built inside Vegeta triggered him to become a SSJ also. NAME ORDER SSJ TRIGGERED BY: Son Goku 1 Krillins death by the hands of Freeza Future Trunks 2 When future Gohan was killed by the androids. Vegeta 3 Getting mad because Goku was more powerful than him Son Gohan 4 Training with Goku in the room of Spirit and Time Brolly 5 (Unknown) Chibi Trunks 6 Naturally Son Goten 7 Naturally The Super Saiya-jin level 2 is a power far greater than the regular Super Saiya-jin. Gohan is the first to achieve this amazing power in the Cell Games. Cell purposely tried to anger Gohan to see his full power, but he made a terrible mistake. When he crushed the head of android 16, Gohans dormant powers were released causing him to achieve the Super Saiya-jin 2 level. The difference in SSJ and SSJ2 is a high increase in power, and the hair becomes more dynamic and pointed. NAME ORDER SSJ2 TRIGGERED BY: Son Gohan 1 During the cell fight, after Cell kills #18 Son Goku 2 Training in heaven Vegeta 3 After being controlled by Babi dee his power was increased Goku and Gotenks were the only Saiyans to achieve the Super Saiya-jin 3 level. Goku could make the transformation in his natural form, but Trunks and Goten have to fuse into Gotenks to reach Super Saiya-jin 3. The Super Saiya-jin 3 is first reached by Goku when he fought Janemba. In the SSJ3 form, the Saiyans hair grows much longer and shines a bright golden color. Their eyebrows disappear and their eyes change green. The power grows, but there is a downside. The SSJ3 form drains power quickly and should only be used as a last resort. Goku almost lost to Kid Buu because the SSJ3 form drained all of his power. The only reason Goku won is because Dende used the Dragonballs and wished for Gokus health to be restored. NAME ORDER SSJ3 TRIGGERED BY: Son Goku 1 By training in heaven Gotenks 2 After Trunks and Goten fused they had the ability to form SSJ3 The golden Ozaru is achieved when a saiyan is Super Saiya-jin and looks at the moon. Instead of growing into the regular Ozaru, the fur turns into a golden color and its power is much higher. The first legendary Super Saiya-jin was said to be a Saiyan in Ozaru form with golden fur. SSJ4 can only be reached after a Saiyan reaches the Golden Ozaru state. Goku and Baby Vegeta are the only ones to change into Golden Ozaru. Little is known about this creature but it is mostly the same as the regular Ozaru but way stronger. Goku and Vegeta were the only two Saiyans to reach the Super Saiya-jin 4 form. The SSJ4 transformation is not like your average Super Saiya-jin. The main difference is that their hair doesn't turn yellow but stays black. Another difference is a reddish fur covers his arms and body, except for his chest. Their eyes turn yellow and a red line surrounds the outer portion of the eye. As most of you know, Goku is a child in most of the DBGT series. For some reason, Goku becomes a fully grown adult when hes in the SSJ4 state. Vegeta kind of cheated to become Super Saiya-jin 4 by using Bulmas brute ray, so he didn't have to reach the SSJ3 level. NAME ORDER SSJ4 TRIGGERED BY: Son Goku 1 being beaten by Baby Vegeta and hearing Pan cry Vegeta 2 Being less powerful than Goku, and using Bulmas Brute ray There are other things about the Saiyan that could not be explained in the sections above. That is why I included this extra section to include all of the other occurrences in the Saiyan race. Thing like the transformation of a Super Saiya-jin between the SSJ and SSJ2 called the Ultra SSJ, and Gohans upgrade by Kiaoshin are all listed below. Ultra Super Saiya-jin The Ultra Super Saiya-jin is the level between a SSJ and SSJ2. Its more powerful than a SSJ, but not as strong as SSJ2. In the Ultra Super Saiya-jin form, the Saiyan muscle mass increases, making their agility a little slower. Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Brolly are the only Saiyans to achieve the Ultra SSJ level. Gohans upgrade by Dai Kaioshin During the Buu Sage, Dia Kiao gave Gohan a serious upgrade that boosted his level to that of a Super Saiya-jin 3. The upgrade to Gohan was much different that the SSJ form, because Gohans hair stayed black and didn't change gold. Gohan was still able to turn SSJ, but he would be so powerful in the SSJ form he would most likely destroy the earth if he made the transformation. Gohan is able to turn SSJ in DBGT, probably because he didn't use his powers for about 20 year, making him much weaker. Saiyan Girls Saiyan girls are sparsely seen the DBZ series. The only time you see them is in the Bardock TV special when Planet Vegeta is still intact, and the last episode when Pan fights in the 3rd world tournament. In the DBGT series you see Bra and Pan. Pan is only 1/4 Saiyan, while Bra is 1/2 Saiyan. It is not known if the Saiyan women can turn SSJ because the DragonBall series ended with DBGT and by then, there is no SSJ girl. About Taurus Many people think Taurus and Goku are twin brother, but this is not true. Taurus mentions that low level soldier like Goku and Taurus look somewhat the same. This is why so many Saiyans resemble each other. Goku, Goten, Bardock, Goku jr, and Taurus all look alike because of this reason.
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