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sagas descrition

Vegeta Saga

Son Goku now being an adult, has a five year old son named Son Gohan (named after Goku's grandfather). At the reunion of the DragonBall gang, Radditz arrives, who turns out to be Son Goku's brother, tells Son Goku of his Saiyan heratage. Then Radditz kidnaps Son Gohan. Piccolo helps Son Goku fight Radittiz for his own personal reasons. During the battle, Son Goku sacrifices his life to kill Radditz. Foolishly Piccolo tells Radditz the secret of the DragonBalls. The message is transmitted to Vegeta and Nappa on another planet light-years away, who decided to wish for immortality. Son Gohan shows great strength in the battle, thus being trained by Piccolo. Son Goku who is dead is being trained by Kaio-sama (King Kai). Kaio-sama teaches Son Gokoh the Genki-Dami (Spirit Bomb) and Kaio-ken attacks. The other Z warriors are being trained by Piccolo's twin, Shen. Once the Saiyans arrive, Yamacha, Chozu, Tien, and Piccolo gets killed in battle. Son Goku arrives and easily defeats Nappa. Later Vegeta kills Nappa. The battle between Vegeta and Son Goku begins, Son Goku defeats Vegeta using Kaio-ken x 3, the battle comes to an end when Vegeta has no where to hide. Vegeta goes to his space pod and flies off to Freeza's planet to recover. Now knowing there are no DragonBalls on Earth since Piccolo died (who will be wished back and thus the return of the DragonBalls). Bulma, Son Gohan, and Krillin goes off to the planet Namek where there are DragonBalls to wish the Z warriors back, with the spaceship Shen used to get to Earth. While Son Goku is resting and recovering in a hosptial, Vegeta knows that there are DragonBalls on Namek, he recovers, heads for planet Namek, and thus the beginning of the Freeza Saga.

Freeza Saga

Bulma, Krillin, and Son Gohan finally arrive on Namek after landing on a fake Namek with the Space Ark Children, Raachi and Zaakro who has the abilities to create illusions. They soon learn Vegeta is also on Namek. Later the Z crew learns of the most powerful warrior in the universe, Freeza, is also on Namek. Son Goku gets healed from his battle against Vegeta from a Senzu Bean given by Yajorobe. Son Goku soon flies off to Namek on a modified space pod (which was formerly the space pod Son Goku used to come to Earth) by Dr. Brief (Bulma's father). Son Goku later trains in 100 x Earth's gravity, increasing his regular power level from 5,000 to 500,000. Freeza, later summons the Ginyu Force. Son Goku later arrives and finds all his friends and Vegeta nearly dead by the battle with the Ginyu Force. Son Goku gives them Senzu Beans (including Vegeta) and than defeats Recome with a single elbow dash. Son Goku and Vegeta later defeats the rest of the Ginyu Force with ease, but Son Goku's body gets heavily injured in the battle aganst Captain Ginyu. The rest of the warriors try to battle Freeza, but are no match. Piccolo is brought back to life and teleported to Namek on accident. Vegeta is killed in battle right when Son Goku arrives. Piccolo later fuses with Nail, the strongest native Namek. This doubles Piccolo's srength (Note: They did not use the Fusion Dance, they did it the old-fashioned Namek way). Now begins the great battle between Son Goku and Freeza. Son Goku powers up to full strength, but is still no match for Freeza, so Son Goku decides to create a Genki-Dami. Piccolo realizes what Son Goku is doing, so he attacks Freeza to buy him some time. Freeza starts beating the hell out of Piccolo. Then Son Gohan, and Krillin joins the battle. Soon after, Son Goku decides he has enough energy to kill Freeza, he throws the Genki-Dami at Freeza. Freeza is overwhelmed and sandwhiched by the blast. Everyone is blown away by the blast. Walking away from the scene, Krillin spots Freeza. Freeza is now missing half of his tail and is really pissed. Freeza in anger blasts Piccolo dead and blows Krillin in chunks. Son Goku with such rage and anger transfroms him into Super Saiyan form (SSJ). It seems like Son Goku loses all the personality in himself, and only has one goal, to kill Freeza. Son Goku starts to beat the hell out of Freeza. Freeza later turns full strength and thus a great battle begins. At the end, Son Goku defeats Freeza and becomes the strongest warrior in the univerese. Unfortunately, Namek explodes and everyone thinks Son Goku died with the explosion. One year later Freeza is put back together in a robotic form by his father, King Cold. They arrive on Earth with an army, all hope is lost by the Z warriors, even Vegeta thinks so when he was revived by the DragonBalls. Suddenly, a teenager comes out of nowhere, beats the crap out of Freeza. Not only that, he is a Saiyan! Turing Super Saiyan, he kills Freeza and King Cold with his sword easily. All he says is that he is waiting for Son Goku, then Son Goku appears out of nowhere. Son Goku tells of his troubles and also demonstrates his new teleportation technique. The teenager says that his name is Trunks. He is also the son of Bulma and Vegeta! He is from the future and comes back in time to warn the Z warriors of androids that will terrorize the world in three years. Trunks also says that Son Goku will die from a heart disease. Trunks though has brought medicine for him. Trunks says that he will come back in three years to fight the androids. Now the Z warriors must train for the androids arriving in three years. Three years pass and now the Cell Saga (Cell Game) will begin.

Cell Saga (The Cell Game)

Three years passed since Trunks' arrival. A lot has changed since then, Trunks from the future is now called Miari Trunks since Chibi Trunks is born, and Vegeta joins the Z warriors, but having the same attitude. Miari Trunks arrives from the future to find that there is another android, Android #16. The androids in Miari Trunks' timeline are #17 and #18. Also the creator, Dr. Gero, turns himself into Android #21. He is easily defeated by Vegeta who learns how to turn Super Saiyan during his training. Right before he dies, he issues the final command for Android #22 (Cell). Cell is made of single cells from the srongest warriors in the univerese. Cell breaks out of his test tube and seeks to absourb #17 and #18. When Cell finally absorbs the androids, he turns into Perfect Cell. No one can offer a challange so he starts thinking of all the fights as games (Thus somes the title, Cell Game). Cell later announces that he will hold a tournament to the warriors that think they can defeat him. The tournament begins. First, a fighter from Earth, who is really a coward that takes all the credit and is really weak, Mr. Satan. He gets defeated easily by on slap from Cell. Then, Son Goku fights with Cell, the battle ends with the winner Son Goku. But Cell gets so mad that he self-destructs and blow up the whole Solar System. Goku quickly teleports him and himself to a safe distance, like King Kai's Planet. He blows up killing both Goku and Kink Kai. Everyone was sad, but the battle wasn't over yet, Cell somehow regenerated from just one cell from his body, and decides to take Gohan as his next challenger. He tries to piss off Gohan so that he will be more challenging. The plan works when he creates seven Baby Cells who kills his friends. And he kills Miari Trunks with a surpise attack. Gohan gets pushed off the edge and powers up and reaches SSJ2, then Cell realizes that he over did it. Gohan defeats the Baby Cells with just one kick to each of them. Son Gohan starts to attack Cell. As the battle goes on, Gohan's right arm gets crippled. He creates a Kamehameha, Cell than creates his own Kamehameha, a stalement is drawn only with the encouragement of his dead father. Son Gohan over powers Cell and kills him with only one arm! Everyone is wished back to life except Son Goku because he was already wished back to life once. But Goku was proud of his son and watched over him in the heavens, while King Kai kept on yelling at Goku for bringing Cell to his planet. Miari Trunks later returns to his own time.

Boo Saga

Seven years pass since the Cell Game. Krillin marries #18 (who was wished to human by the DragonBalls) and has a daughter named Marron. Chi-Chi has a seconded son named Son Goten, Son Goten and Trunks (Chibi) turned SSJ at an early age. Son Gohan has a girl friend named Videl, the daughter of Satan ( Satan takes all the credit for killing Cell, this got him really famous ), Son Gohan is also a superhero named the Great SaiyanMan. During The Tenkaichu-Boudoukai, Son Gokoh is granted a single day of life to meet with Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Chi-Chi, and all the Z warriors, including Vegeta. Two of Buu's slaves steal Son Gohan's energy, then a man named Kaoiusen revies Son Gohan, he than tells of a evil demon named Buu trying to destroy the Earth. If Buu's slaves gather enougth energy, he will be revived. Vegeta learning that he can become sronger by turning into Buu's slave, Vegeta turns evil again, this time he is Majan Vegeta and can turn to SSJ2. This gives Buu enough energy to be revived. Goku then learns to turn to SSJ2 and fights him and convinces him that good always triumphs over evil. Vegeta finally realizes and self-destructs in hope to kill Buu. Son Goku than heads to battle aganist Buu. Son Goku than turns SSJ2,and SSJ3 (Really long hear and electric sparks around the body)! But he still can't defeat Buu. Later, Son Gohan heads to the Kaoiusen's planet for training. Then before Son Goku's time is up on Earth he teaches Son Goten and Trunks the fusin technique, then they get trained by Piccolo so they can be strong enougth to beat Buu. Soon after Son Goten and Trunks fuse to become Gotenks, later Gotenks turns SSJ1, and then, SSJ3! But Buu has made a twin of himself, but he is a lot more evil than Buu, he even absorbed Buu and thus turning him into Super Buu. Gotenks is defeating Super Buu, but Gotenks is an inexperienced and careless fighter. Buu absorbs Gotenks and becomes a lot stronger, then absorbs Piccolo. Dia Kaoiusin then sacrifices his life so Son Goku can live. Goku then gets a pair of Potara Earrings for fusion, this way the fused person won't diffuse in 30 min. Son Goku now alive teleports to the battle. Then King Yama grants Vegeta life to fight Buu. When Son Goku arrives to the scene he tells Son Gohan to fuse with him, Son Goku than throws a fusion earing at Son Gohan. Son Gohan drops the earing and Buu absorbs Son Gohan, thus turning himself into Ultimate Buu. Then Vegeta comes to the scene. Vegeta then fuses with Son Goku to become, Vegetto. Veggeto defeats Buu but purposely gets absorbed to rescue their friends. This somehow wears off the perminent fusion. They rescue Son Goten, Son Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, and Fat Buu through Ultimate Buu's pores. All of the energy that Buu has taken restores him back to his normal form, Majin Buu. Then he destroys the Earth. Kaoiu-sin teleports to help Son Goku teleport Vegeta, Satan, his dog, and Dende to Kaoiu-sin's planet. Vegeta gets angry gecause he rescude them instead of his son and the rest of the Z fighters. Son Goku was speechless. But there wasn't any time for that, Majin Buu also teleports to the planet Goku's on, and start to fight. ThenSon Goku starts to get beaten up badly. Vegeta jumps into battle so Son Goku can create a Genki-Dami.The Namek DragonBalls are gathered to wish back the Earth and to wish back everyone killed by Buu. The third wish is stored for later use. Son Goku's Genki-Dami (Energy given by the Nameks, the people in the Heavens, and everyone on Earth) is ready to throw, Son Goku throws it, and Buu pushes it back. Vegeta tells Dende to wish back all of Son Goku's srength back. Now with all his strength restored Son Goku, he throws back the Genki- Dami at Buu. Buu can't counter it any longer, so he is killed. Ten years after the battle aganist Majin Buu, Fat Buu is revived into a evil cleansed form called Ubbo. Son Goku decides to train him since he has great potential. Son Gohan and Vidal get marriad and have a daughter named Pan. This concludes Dragonball Z.