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As some of you may already know, the characters names usually mean something else. Have you wondered if all those vegetable name puns were just a coincidence? Well they are not. If you rearrange the name Saiya-jin by taking out the middle and put it at the front, it reads Yasaijin which means 'vegetable people.' Learn more about the Saiya-jin names as well as the other Dragonball characters names below.

Saiya-jin Names

Goku - Air (Kakarott - Carrot)

Gohan - meal or rice

Goten - sky

Raditz - Radish

Bardock - ????

Vegeta - vegetable

Trunks - mens underwear

Bra - Take a guess.

Paragas - asparagas

Broli - Broccoli

Nappa - is a kind of Cabbage

Toma - tomato

Celipa - paceli - parseley

Other Z Fighters

Yamcha - a name for dim sum

Puar or Pooalu - a Chinese tea

Tenshinhan(Tien) - Tenshien rice

Chaozu - Pot stickers

Oolong - another type of tea

Kuririn - Chestnut

Piccolo - a musical instrument

Yajirobe - a little toy in Japan

Friends of the Z Team

ChiChi - slang for breasts

Bulma - name for a womans undergarment

Briefs - mens underwear

Karin-tou - cookie like snack food

Other Characters

Cell - he was made up of the cells of all of the other Z warriors

Mr. Satan - self explanatory

Videl - rearrange to spell devil

Shapner - sharpener

Iresa - eraser

Zarbon - zabon - exotic fruit

Dodoria - dorian - exotic fruit

Lunch - self explanatory

Marron - chestnut in french

Ginyu Force

Ginyu - gyunyu - milk

Rikum - kurim - cream

Gurudo - guruto - yogurt

Baata - bataa - butter

Jiisu - chiisu - cheese

The Cold Family

Freeza - freezer

K. Cold - cold

Coola - cooler

The Nameks

Nameks - slug

Katattsu - snail

Dende - slang for snail

Cargo - escargo

Nail - (s)nail