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badguys bio's

garlic jr.

garlic jr. is garlics son he has come for revenge on the world with his hench men he takes over kame's house and release a curse on the world luckey two z warriors are fine piccolo and gohan they destroy him and bring everyone on earth back to normal.


Lord Frieza, contracted the Saiyan army to take over planets for him and to help expand his empire. Although, he knew that no Saiyan could defeat him, he began to believe that soon, a Super Saiyan would rise up and crush him. He feared this by seeing how powerful, a teenage Vegeta had already become. So after witnessing a few Saiyan revolts, and even having King Vegeta(the ruler of Planet Vegeta)attack him, although Frieza quickly killed him, Frieza decided to do away with the planet. With one large ball of energy, Frieza wiped out the entire Saiyan Planet and the entire Saiyan race. During the Frieza Saga, Lord Frieza travels to Namek with his two right hand men, Dodoria and Zarbon. Along with other soldiers too, Frieza searches the planet for the Namekian Dragonballs. He wants these so that he may wish for immortality and take over the universe. An evil being with a very high power level. While fighting with Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Krillin, Frieza is a much stronger fighter. So much to the point of playing around with them. Although the Z fighters did force Frieza to transform to his final form, they were no match for him. Only when Goku arrived did the tables start to turn. He had killed Vegeta and now his targets were set on Goku. After a long battle with Goku, Goku unleashes the ultimate attack upon Frieza, the Spirit Bomb. Frieza is injured badly but recovers to go after and kill Goku's best friend Krillin and wound his ally Piccolo. After Goku transformed Super Saiyan Level 1 Frieza was no match. After battling and realizing the only way that he could win, Frieza charges up a move named Trump card. This move was aimed toward the core of Namek. Although it did not instantly destroy Namek, it did seal it's doom. Frieza did this last resort move because, despite Goku's staggeringly higher power level, Goku cannot breath in space. Frieza can therefore Frieza would win. Not expecting the planet to hold together much longer, Frieza is mistaken and the planet holds up just long enough for Goku to pummel Frieza. Frieza's last move is a double energy disc, similar but less powerful than Krillin's Destructo Disc, that in the smoke of Goku's energy attack actually slices Frieza in half. Although Frieza is doomed, or so you'd believe, he has the nerve to beg for forgiveness. Although Goku hated doing it, being the kind hearted Saiyan he is, he gave Frieza some of his own energy. While leaving Frieza behind Goku told Frieza to live in peace. I'm guessing this set him off, because Frieza gathered up all the energy he had and launched it at Goku. Goku now enraged fully, blasted him with an energy attack sending him to the fiery planet's core. Now you'd think Frieza would die, you know being sliced, being shot with a blast, then Namek exploding. But, he survives and floats around in space long enough for his father King Kold to pick him up and have scientist rebuild him into Metal Frieza(a.k.a. Frieza bot, Cyborg Frieza). This Frieza returned to Earth to see Goku and Future Trunks both as Super Saiyans. Totally shocked by this Metal Frieza is defeated by Future Trunks. Trunks defeats Metal Frieza easily because Metal Frieza has a power level of only four million and his father King Kold has a power level of eighteen million in Super Saiyan one. And finally, in the DBZ movie, the Rebirth of Fusion, when all the dead return back to life Frieza is killed again. While standing atop a building he runs into Great Saiyaman. Not knowing it is Gohan but wondering why he knows who he is Gohan removes his mask and announces that he is Gohan son of Goku, after remembering who he was Frieza made a joke. Enraged, the much stronger Gohan killed him with a single blow to his stomach.


Description: Zarbon is Frieza's top henchmen. Zarbon is a handsome green-haired fighter, so handsome that he even catches the eye of Bulma even though they are on different sides. Zarbon does not always look good because there has to be a catch. The catch is that when Zarbon transforms he turns into a fat lizard-like creature. When he transforms he defeats Frieza once but the second time they meet Vegeta comes out as the winner!


Description: Dodoria is a fat, pink alien with a spikey head shape. He defeated Bardock while on Planet Vegeta just before Frieza destroyed the planet and while on Namek, Vegeta and Dodoria run into each other. They run into each other while Vegeta is chasing Gohan! Dodoria and Vegeta then fought until Vegeta came out as the winner


Description: Burter is a powerful member of the Ginyu Force. He is also the fastest. You can say that he has the need for speed. He is one of the quickest warriors that ever lived. Burter, Recoome, and Jeice are also the ones with a smart mouth. During battle they make a lot of smart remarks. Up until Burter meets Goku he runs laps around the Z-Fighters. Catching a Dragonball thrown by Vegeta before it landed and returning with it before Vegeta had known what happened. That's Fast!!


Description: Recoome is not the smartest warrior in the Ginyu Force. But he is one of the strongest. One of his most devestating attacks is a beam out of his mouth, the Recoome Doom. He gives his opponents a run for their money. By the way that he acts, his opponents THINK that he is not a challenge, But when they fight him they think a whole lot different


Description: Guldo is not very powerful, power level wise, but one of his moves is very effective. The move that I am talking about is his time freeze move. To do this move all that he has to do is hold his breath and time freezes, he is the only one that can move during this attack. Also his body bind attack is effective and nearly allowed him to spear Gohan and Krillin with a sharpened tree, until Vegeta broke his concentration with a nicely timed attack.

captain ginyu

Description: Captain Ginyu is the leader of the Ginyu Force. He is also the most powerful one. During the Frieza Saga Captain Ginyu uses his most effective attack on Goku, the attack is a body switch attack. The attack was successful he was in Goku's body until he got beat up in that. Then he used it at the wrong time and he got his beat up body back so then he tried it again and it didn't work the way he wanted it to work. At the end he ended up in a FROG body!


Description: Jeice is an average fighter of the Ginyu Force. He has quick movements and some strong attacks. Him and Burter usually fight together, they make a great team. They have this move that they used on Goku when he came back from the Capsule, the move is very effective, but it didn't work on Goku because of his quick movements. Jeice is also one of the smarter ones in the group!


Description: Nappa is a warrior that loves to fight. He always has confidence that he will win. During the Arrival of the Saiyans, Nappa is Vegeta's right hand man. On their way to Earth they destroyed a whole planet as if it was nothing. They came to Earth in space pods, the same kind that Goku used when he came to Earth. Nappa is inferior to Vegeta and obeys his every command. Being such an evil was not too good to Gohan and Piccolo, who along with Krillin had to fight the Saiyan warriors while waiting for Goku to return from King Kai's. Putting up a good fight for the Saiyans, they were pretty much no match for Nappa. So much that Vegeta needed not to fight until Nappa began losing to Goku and was hurtled into the air by Vegeta and then killed by Vegeta


Transformations: Majin Buu, Baby Buu, Super Buu, Fat Buu, Good Buu

Attacks:(may be used by one or more forms): Ijigen Koukan, Udebunri Kougeki, Ekishyou Ka, Healing Technique, Special Human Genocide Attack

Description: The evil entity known as Majin Buu is the creation of an evil Sorcerer named Babi Di. Buu is the most powerful enemy in the Dragonball Z series by far. Buu has an extrememly bad power, where he homes in on all the energy(ki) of all humans and then launches a beam that seperates and hits all humans, called Special Human Genocide Attack. One of Buu's main powers, like Cell is the power to absorb. But, Buu can absorb his enemies for food. One of the two ways that he can absorb a target is to transform it into an edible thing like chocolate. This way is done using his antenna. The second way is to wrap the target by using a piece of himself to engulf the target. With the victim within his body his looks will change and mutate his resemblance to that of the victim. When we first seen Buu he looked like a fat and very goofy creature. From what I currently know the only reason for this is that he had engulfed a kaioushin with that type of a fat figure. When he absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo he became Super Buu and a very hard enemy for the fused Vegito who eventually go absorbed and had to set all the other people absorbed by Buu free, including seperating from each other.

An encounter with the ever intriguing Mr.Satan showed a good side of Buu that I believed and many believed was never there. In a split of the good and evil Mr. Satan convinces Buu never to commit anything bad. To just prove that the amount of evil within Buu is greater, the evil half engulfs the good Buu. The form after the absorption was pure evil.

The only time that the actual appearance of what Buu looks like is when the Fused Vegito gets within Buu's body and gets everyone who was absorbed by Buu including the Good Buu. This extracting of bodies greatly reduced his power level. Majin Buu still does have enough power to destroy the Earth which he does, while SLEEPING!!!!! The final battle between Goku, Vegeta vs. Majin Buu takes place on a remote planet where Buu is finally defeated


raditz came to earth to see if goku(kakorrot)had done his job of destroying it it appears he hasn't so radditz steels gohan when they meet up agian goku sacrafices him self and takes radditz with him