andriod profiles

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A creation of Dr. Gero's, he was assembled using the DNA from the best fighters in the universe. The project was taking too long, and he abandoned the project. However, Dr. Gero's computer remained working, even after his death. Cell was completed a few years after Mirai Trunks had destroyed #17 and #18 in his time, which Cell needed to absorb to become "perfect." Seeing there was no solution to this problem in his time, Cell murdered Trunks and traveled back to when the androids still existed. Cell eventually finds what he's looking for, and goes perfect. He holds a game where he challenges anyone in the world to fight him, or else the Earth would be destroyed. Cell is killed by Gohan with a one-handed Kame Hame Ha. cell forms


andriod 16 is supposed to be the weakest of the andriods when really he is the strongest of them all his mission is to destroy goku but before for he can he runs into cell telling andriod 17 he is the strongest and that 17 would be much less than a match makes andriod 17 mad.16# never reaches goku becuase dies trying to kill perfect cell that is pretty much everything about cell


andriod 17 was one of may fav fighters.the reason he died or sacraficed was so that cell would become perfect cell.he could of avoided this mess if he did not have such a big ego thing going on if he would of fought smart he might of won but instead his anger took over and cell absorbs him also he should of learned when he was about to get absorbed and piccolo saved him to bad.

super anriod#17

i don't know much about this character becuase he is only in db-gt called the super 17 saga it is when 17's enraged body goes like super sayian except it is super andriod


Created for one sole purpose, #17's mission is to destroy Goku. Constructed from a human base, #17 is not completely mechanical. Initially under the control of Dr. Gero, he breaks free and kills him. Even with his creator destroyed, #17's internal programming still gives him the urge to search for Goku and destroy him. This objective is soon put behind him when he is forced to run for his life from Cell. An adept fighter, #17 makes a reappearance in GT as a villain.


The main villain of movie #7, Android #13 and his two companions #14 and #15 travel back in time to complete Dr. Gero's primary objective: Kill Son Gokuu. He faces off against Son while the other Z warriors deal with his minions. After Trunks and Vegita defeat #14 and #15, their power cells and CPUs are absorbed by #13, who then turns into a huge, bright blue hulk. He is defeated when Gokuu absorbs his own Genki-dama in SSJ form.


The first android created by the Red Ribbon Army that we get to see, #8 despises fighting. When ordered to kill Goku, he refuses, and teams up with our young hero. After Muscle Tower, #8 lives a peaceful, quiet life


A muscular android, #14 faces off against Trunks in movie #7. He is devoid of any personality, and lacks intelligence. Trunks eventually slices him in half with his sword.


#15 is a small, whiskey-gulping android that solos Vegita in movie #7. He is generally annoyed by his partner #14. Vegita decapitates him later in the movie.


Android #19 is Dr. Gero's personal servant and bodyguard. He is not too intelligent or strong, but possesses the ability to sap the energy from Ki attacks and physical contact. #19's downfall is that he runs out of power and needs to refill his batteries constantly. This eventually leads to his destruction.


Back when Goku had obliterated the Red Ribbon Army, a solitary scientist named Dr. Gero worked hard to create warriors capable of defeating this powerful boy. He toils for decades, but his work finally comes to fruition three years after the defeat of Furiza. Fearing death, he has his mind implanted in one of his androids shells, and becomes #20. Dr. Gero is responsible for the creation of Cell and all the other androids bearing the Red Ribbon logo, and like his servant #19, he can absorb energy from attacks and physical contact.

cell jr.

Spawns of Cell, each Cell Jr. is a formidable fighter. Seven of these little punks are created to wreck havoc on the Cell Game. They viciously beat on the Z warriors until Gohan reaches SSJ2. The Cell Jr.'s share most of Cell's abilities, but are fairly mindless in their youth. Each and every last one is slaughtered by Gohan.