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Dragonball Z Universe

Finally they are showing the new episodes!!

Sagas: Great Saiyaman, World Tournament, Babidi, Buu

At the world Martial arts Tournament,the Z fighters come across a strange bieng. It turns out he is theSupreme Kai. he tells them of Majin Buu and of Babidi's diabolical plot to release him. the Z fighters rush to the scene, only to be confronted by Debora, Babidi's most powerful warrior and also "King of the demon's" .

Debora immediatly destroy's Kibito, Kaioushin's loyal bodyguard. And then spits on Krillan and Piccolo, thus turning them to stone. Enraged, Goku Gohan and Vegeta follow Debora back into the space ship only to find themselves trapped!. There are 4 levels to go through to reach Babidi, and a fighter at each level, each one stronger than the last. Vegeta fight's first, Vegeta's opponent was Pui Pui an alien from the planet Voon. Vegeta easily destroys him.

Now it's on to the second level. Now it's Goku's turn to fight. Goku's challenger is, Yakkon. A light eating monster from the planet of darkness. On this planet he has the advantage of bieng the only one that can see. But Goku can since his every move. Goku Destroys him by feeding him to much energy.

Now on the third level, It's Gohan's turn to fight. Gohan is up against Debora, Babidi's most powerful warrior. At first niether of them are at there maximum power. But then Gohan transforms into a Super-Saiyan, and demands that Debora show him his full power. Debora agrees and shows Gohan his full power. Now that Debora and Gohan are at there full power levels, Gohan is no match for Debora. In the middle of the fight Vegeta starts to get angry. He wants Gohan to back off so he cn finish Debora. When Debora sees how angry Vegeta is he gets an idea to get babidi to turn Vegeta evil. I will have the rest up later