A Saiyan Tail
Part One: The Tail Begins
By: Chocolate-chan
Warnings: Screwed up timeline (including Goku’s anomalous presence post-GT), Lemon, dysfunction x_x

Trunks knocked on the door and was nearly spun straight around when it opened under his hand.
“Trunks-kun, there you are! I was wondering if you’d come today.” Chichi seemed energized. She looked like she had been cleaning, which left Trunks a little frightened. “Goten’s being lazy since he’s sick, but I think he’s doing better today. It’s been a while since I’ve let him leave, so I’m sure he’ll be glad to see you.” Chichi stepped back. “Come right in.”
Trunks stepped in with a slightly nervous smile. “I’m just getting over a bad cold or something too, Chichi-san, so if you don’t mind that, then I’ll be glad to come in.”
“No problem there,” Chichi said, her turn to laugh and look nervous. “Germs enough for everyone, germs all around.”
//I swear, she gets more psychotic every time I see her.// “Arigatou, Chichi-san.” Trunks kicked off shoes and put on some house slippers by the door. He wondered in almost paranoia if she would clean the bottom of his shoes too when he wasn’t looking. Putting it out of his mind, he traipsed through the halls.
“Hey, Trunks-kun.” Goku called from the living room. He had been looking into the mirror and straightening his gi. “You got the sniffles lately, too?”
“Yeah, everyone at home except my mom.”
“Yeah, same with Chichi. She’s running herself ragged trying to keep this place sanitary. Gohan and Pan are sick too.” He grinned and turned to face Trunks. “So, how’s Vegeta feel being sick?”
Trunks laughed a bit. “He won’t admit it. But he walks around with a red nose and snores really loud at night, so we can tell.” He raised a hand. “I better check on Goten.”
“And I’m going to catch up on my training. You and Goten should think about it too, if he’s feeling better. You know how Saiyans get cooped up in the house.”
“Dad on a rainy day,” Trunks said, and they went separate ways, laughing.
Trunks knocked lightly on Goten’s door, and thought he heard a nasal acknowledgment.
“Goten? You okay? Came to make sure you weren’t dead or something.” Trunks pushed the door open a bit and poked his head in. Goten was sprawled across his mattress, in his loose sleeping clothes, covers kicked off onto the floor.
“Tluks-kud?” Goten raised his head from where it was hanging off the side of his bed, and Trunks laughed a little at his congested voice.
“You look like crap, man,” he said, closing the door behind him. “Still sick?”
“Feeling a little better,” he said with a sheepish smile and sat up. “Whoa, all the fluids in my head just changed direction.” He laughed a bit. “What a rush.”
“Baka,” Trunks said, and knocked a knuckle lightly against his head. In return, Goten sneezed several times and grabbed a tissue, blowing his nose loudly to Trunks’ disgusted expression. “Ew.”
“Okay, that’s better,” Goten said, ignoring him, throwing it into the trash can. At least he sounded fairly normal now. “Man, I hate being stuck in here. Maybe I can convince Mom to let me out of prison for a while. We could go spar.” He grinned, and Trunks shook his head.
“You know it’ll get worse. But if Chichi lets you out, sure, I’ll play.”
“It won’t be play, Trunks-kun. Just let me get dressed, and-”
“Uh, Goten-kun?” Trunks sounded uncertain.
“Yeah?” Goten turned his head at the interruption, to see Trunks staring down at the bed behind him.
“What’s... that?”
“What’s what?” Goten got up, turned and looked at the bed. “Nothing’s there.”
“It’s behind you now. Turn around... uh, turn around again... Ahh!” Trunks suddenly leapt up and shouted.
“What?! What, are you seeing things, what’s wrong with you?” Goten was bewildered by Trunks’ totally startled expression.
Trunks pointed. Goten turned and saw the mirror behind him. In the mirror, there was something long, brown, and fuzzy, and it was sticking out of the back of Goten’s pants.
“What is it?! Get it off!” Goten reached around and grabbed it. A shock of pain shot up and down his spine at contact though, and he sank down to the ground.
“It’sa... it’sa... it’sa tail!!” Trunks cried. “How.... cool!”

“Goku! Our son has a tail! Don’t tell me you don’t know anything about this!” Chichi seemed to be freaking out too. “When did that get there?”
“Chichi,” Goku said, trying to be patient, “You know that after Gohan started having incidents all the other children had their tails cut off.”
“Exactly!” Chichi yelled.
“So, Gohan’s grew back once or twice, so what? We just get it off again.” He made a hatcheting motion with one hand.
Goten, for his part, was ignoring them. “Boy, I’m hungry! Hey Trunks, Ka-san just made apple pie! It’s really good, you want some?” He ran gleefully to the counter, and the only reason he even made it there without being told off is that Chichi was yelling at Goku. Trunks sweatdropped and said, “Sure.”
They sat down, and both demi-Saiyans wolfed their pieces down. Trunks watched in amusement across the table as Goten’s tail waved placidly behind him. It looked like a cobra about to attack the pie. Chichi brushed against the tip of his tail in her ranting and pacing and Goten cried out.
“Sorry, Goten-chan. Goku, there’s got to be some way to keep these tails from growing back!”
“Whoa,” Goku said, and Trunks didn’t really blame him. His entire life he had cut off tails and hid his strength in an effort to fit in on Earth. Right now, though, he was just scared of Chichi. “Chichi, as long as he doesn’t look at the moon, he’s okay.”
Goten glanced up at Chichi and snuck another piece of pie. When he was done with that, he got up and tightened the belt of his gi, grinning. “Well, Ka-san, Trunks and I are gonna spar.” He waved and practically ran for the door with Trunks right behind him.
“You had better darn well be back before sunset, I’m telling you right now!” Chichi was practically breathing smoke and fire, and Goten waved, laughing nervously and dived out the door. Trunks stamped on his shoes and grabbed the ones Goten had forgotten and left.
“Thanks, man,” Goten said as he pulled on his shoes, hopping away from the house on one foot at a time.
Suddenly there was a beeping down the road, and it echoed down the driveway. A car pulled around the bend, with a small figure frantically waving out the window.
“Trunks-kun! O-ji-chan!”
“Pan-chan! Hey, what’s up?” Goten waved to her. She jumped out of the window to her mother’s amusement and ran down the driveway toward them.
“Guess what?! I gotta tail!”
The boys exchanged looks. “So do I,” Goten said.
Gohan and Videl climbed out of the car. Gohan came over to the boys as his wife went directly to the house. Trunks aimed him a questioning look, and Gohan laughed and jerked a thumb over his shoulder.
Next, they heard footsteps behind them. Goku and Vegeta, surprisingly, stood there behind them. Goku laughed like Gohan just did and scratched his head, tail tip swinging around into view. Vegeta cackled and swished his tail a few times before letting it settle around his hips.
“O-jii-chan, you have a tail too!” Pan cried, delighted.
//That one’s going to be trouble,// Trunks thought in regard to his father.
“Your sister has a tail, Trunks.”
“Aww... that’s just great! Now I’m the only one without a tail! That sucks...” Trunks made a face. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like if I had my tail, now I don’t have one.”
“Relax, at least you can sit back against a chair.” Gohan said. The others gave him various faces.
“Well, at least you can walk around at night, Trunks-kun,” Goten said, “And besides, my tail hurts like crap.”
“You get used to it,” Goku advised. “Just move it around a lot. It’ll help keep it out of the way. Or, if that’ll help too, you could use it as a fuzzy belt like Vegeta.” He tossed a grin.
“Hmph! That just shows that you are not a true Saiyan warrior, Kakarot!” He seemed more angry than usual. //Can’t stand to have his tail insulted I guess.//
“Well, c’mon Goten, let’s play. I promise not to grab for the tail, though I guess there could always be an accident.”
Goten looked nervous and followed him laughing.
“Kakarott, now that we both have our full abilities back, I want to fight you in a man-to-man...”
“Obaa-san won’t like you fighting...” Pan said somewhat reluctantly. Which was false since they all knew she would love to watch. “So do it out of sight!”
“Hmph. Can’t Kakarott control his own woman?”
Trunks took to the air in a long graceful leap that took him over the next ridge of trees. Goten was right behind him.
“C’mon Goten, let’s see if you can beat me for once!”
“If I do, your life is mine.” Goten grinned in his pre-”Let’s Play” face.
“Hardly. I don’t think you can beat me, even with that cat-tail of yours.”
“Trunks-kun...” Goten crossed his arms for a moment. “Don’t call it a cat’s tail.”
“I’ll call it what I want!” Trunks said, and dived toward him. Goten caught his leading fist and threw him away. Then he assumed defensive position and gave his friend the ‘Android 17 “come here” motion’.
Trunks looked over him, getting the feel. Something had indeed changed. Goten stood with his tail waving furiously, snapping to and fro, and he looked somehow more aggressive, more primal. Trunks was sure that couldn’t all be the tail.
“What’s with you Goten? Too much time indoors?” Fortunately for them it was a day that was sunny yet cool, Trunks’ mind noted distractedly.
“Guess so.” Goten came at him with a powerkick, which probably would have knocked his breath away if he’d stopped it, or his teeth out if he hadn’t dodged. He grabbed Goten’s other foot and sent it straight up.
Goten turned it into some kind multi-turned flip and landed a few feet away, graceful as a ballerina. Trunks rushed him, raising an energy blast about chest level. Goten phased out and appeared in the exact same spot, only.. sideways. He joined his fists together and clubbed the purple-haired one at neck and shoulder. Trunks reeled for a second, and got a knee in the stomach.
He leapt backward, but Goten was pressing his momentary advantage, and it turned into a run, backward for Trunks, with Goten grinning in his face, keeping up until Trunks felt something soft snake around his wrist as Goten delivered a kick to his ankles, sending him crashing face-forward in a reversal that mixed up his brain cells.
His head nearly hit Goten’s on the way down, and he was glad it hadn’t. //I’d be the only one hurt!// But Goten kicked him straight upward. There seemed to be a new quickness in his feet, an added power to his punch. //Does a tail do all this, or is it pent-up energy? I want a tail!!//
Trunks phased out and delivered a quick ki blast blindly to the vicinity Goten had previously occupied. It kicked up dust as such things were wont to do, but not trusting Goten to stay still and get hurt like a good boy, Trunks himself disappeared into the clouds he’d created.
Sure enough, doing so made him totally trade places with Goten. Goten hovered with a nearly malicious smile on his face and one hand was extended palm down, fingers apart. The tail still whipped, nearly curling around itself in delight. “I’m having fun, Trunks!”
“Well, I’m glad...” //...somebody is. Dang, Goten, what’s up with you?”//
Trunks could see that Goten wasn’t sweating as much as he was. He grinned an launched a volley down to the older demi-Saiyan, which circled a spot vacated as Trunks phased in behind Goten and caught him in a choke hold.
“Tenka-ichi Budoukai. Remember this move?” Trunks panted in his ear.
“I also remember how to break it!” But they both went Super Saiyan at the same time. The struggled like that for a moment more.
“Was that your tail that helped trip me earlier? Not fair, I said I wouldn’t grab your tail, so it shouldn’t grab me!” Trunks took a deep breath and tightened the grip.
Goten relaxed suddenly, but Trunks wasn’t fooled. Instead Goten turned to look at him and said, “Gomen ne, Trunks-kun.” He seemed a little embarrassed, but Trunks knew he had no compunctions about cheating if it would help him. It was part of what made their battles so interesting; Trunks had to be prepared for everything.
All of a sudden, Goten was gone and Trunks was left holding an energy ball that promptly exploded in his face. Trunks coughed a bit for a moment, and Goten waited for him to recover since it was a dirty trade-off.
“Well... you shoulda done that at the Budoukai!” He grinned down at Goten, floating slightly below him. Goten gave him a mock salute, and Trunks landed on the ground. Goten landed, and threw a punch. Trunks fell easily into the old routine of double-punch action.
Trunks grinned to himself. He built up his ki slowly. //Will this work in SS mode?// He pushed the power out to the edges of his fists as if it were a power punch. But instead of that, he concentrated the energy to a higher level, so that his fists glowed when he found an opening and struck Goten across the face.
Goten’s head snapped away, and Trunks swept a kick across his face, watching as Goten fell. Trunks threw himself onto the other young man, attempting to wrestle him into submission. It was close, though.
Goten had always been nearly evenly matched to Trunks in strength, but now it was barely noticeable, the difference between them. Trunks straddled his middle and grabbed him around the throat for lack of creativity.
Goten made a sudden move Trunks couldn’t identify, but now he could feel the grass under him and Goten on top, only Goten’s legs were locked around him, and his forearm, just below the elbow, pressed into his bared throat. His tail was still waving happily, too. It was infuriating.
Trunks pushed back shock at not even feeling the shift, and got both hands on Goten’s arm and pressed upward. He saw his friend’s tail stiffen like all the other muscles in his body as he concentrated them into pushing down on Trunks’ throat.
It was incredible, but they were totally even. They glared at each other, eyes narrowed in effort, both panting. Trunks looked up at him and realized that he was having fun as well. Being older, Goten hadn’t been the biggest challenge to him, though he’d had his fair share of wins. He might even have won at the Budoukai if Trunks hadn’t gotten clever and combined three cheat methods.
His mind forgot about the effort, instead focusing mentally on Goten’s too-blue eyes. It was starting to get hot from the mixing auras and the sweat from the battle. Trunks began to feel really uncomfortable.
//I never remember it being as close as it is now. Though if you compare, he’s only a tiny bit stronger than before. Wow... he’s strong. And he smells good. And h-... waitaminute, what was that I thought?//
All of a sudden Trunks gagged as his concentration slipped and the elbow came crashing into his throat.
Goten grinned down his superiority for a moment. “Daijoubu desu ka?”
“Yeah, I -hacck- get up.”
Goten clambered off and slung him by the wrist, over into a patch of flowers.
“Oi, Goten, you know I can’t stand... hach!” Trunks clapped his hands over his mouth and rose into a sitting position. Goten laid on the ground and grinned as he sneezed his head off.
“You.. -hachu!- you baka!” He leaned over and wiped his hands on Goten’s gi, at which point Goten made a disgusted noise and pushed him away laughing. “Yuck, and the pollen’s out.”
“You only sneeze when the pollen’s out.” Goten made a slight motion. “But aren’t they so-” a flower was thrust into his face. “-Pretty, Trunks-kun?”
Trunks sneezed a huge sneeze and fell silent as the flower was blown away. He sat for a moment and then fell back into the grass beside Goten. “I won’t forget about that, you jerk.”
“It was a good fight today, Trunks-kun. The best in a while.”
“Yeah, I know.” //Freaky...//
“Hey, Trunks-kun?”
Goten turned and smiled brightly at him. ^_^ “That... looks like a chicken drumstick!” he said, pointing straight up.
Trunks surveyed the clouds. “Yeah. The one next to it is a sand castle.” He stretched his arms under his head.
“No, that’s a tennis shoe. See that? Cake!”
“Everything’s cake to you, Goten-kun.”
“Hey, Trunks-kun?”
“What’s that?”
“It’s a... sucker. One of those long swirly ones.”
“And what’s that?”
Trunks pursed his lips. “It’s a... guitar.”
“And what’s that?” Goten’s hand changed directions.
“It’s your tail.”
“Then what’s that?” Goten pointed with one hand to the tail that wiggled contentedly on the other side of his body.
“That’s your tail. And that is...” Trunks looked down at the tail that lay between them, not drawing attention to itself. Trunks concentrated. The tail tip flicked. “That’s mine.”
“You sneezed it out!” Goten exclaimed, laughing. “You sneezed out a tail. I can’t wait to tell Dad that!” He rolled away and his tail showed the evidence of his amusement, wiggling furiously in the air as he buried laughter in the grass.
“If you don’t be nice to me, you’ll never tell anyone anything!” Trunks rolled over onto Goten’s back and wrapped an arm around his neck, pulling.
“Oi, -haacckhh- cut it out!” He was laughing though. “I give!”
Trunks let loose and was thrown onto his side when Goten turned, laughing. Goten powered down and Trunks watched the aqua sheen dim and turn the color of volcanic glass.
He powered down as well. “Your tail gave you a speed and power advantage somehow. I guess the Saiyans were always meant to have that extra appendage.”
“Well yeah, or it wouldn’t have grown there.” Goten rolled his eyes teasingly. “You know, my tail is still sore from tripping you. It’s not like an arm or something; little movements hurt!”
“You deserve it! That was mean! And that little chokehold on the energy ball thing.. brutal!”
“You needed to be taken down a peg anyway!”
“You little-!”
The leapt on each other again, laughing and wrestling. Trunks was rolled over onto his back, and pushed with a foot, sending them rolling down a gentle incline. At last he ended on top, Goten given up and laughing.
Trunks grinned and sucked in air, starting to move to extract himself.
He felt something that caused a strange shiver along his spine and froze. When Goten noticed, he paused as well. Trunks thought, and moved his new tail into view. It was entangled in Goten’s somehow, and the slightest movement sent him pain.
Goten looked at him with a strange expression, a little careless, almost giddy, but a little more sober at the unfamiliar sensation.
Trunks frowned slightly, then moved the tip of his tail slowly along Goten’s, extricating them without causing pain, but Goten suddenly shivered beneath him. Trunks paused, feeling an indescribably pleasant sensation race along his spine. He reached down with one hand, trying to very carefully untangle their tails. It was a little harder with both of them so tense. His fingertips brushed against Goten’s tail and the dark-haired boy let his head fall back, panting softly. Trunks sucked in a breath, surprised at the reaction. But he found himself lightly stroking the tip of Goten’s tail, all the while watching him intently.
Goten groaned slightly, his tail tightening around Trunks’, and Trunks had to fight to keep his breathing even too. Goten opened half-lidded eyes and reached for his friend’s tail, fingers running all along it.
Trunks lost his breath as the sensation exploded along his nerves. Apparently, he lost his orientation too. Next thing he knew, he had thudded to the ground and Goten’s tail evaded his for the protection of its master. Goten got his hands and feet under him and scrambled backwards a few steps, tail bristled behind him and mouth slightly open in shock.
Trunks gasped another moment or so, then managed, “Uh... very sensitive. Got it.”
Goten turned a crimson-related color and scrambled up and towards the house without a word. Trunks followed after gathering his wits about him.
//Apparently, Goku doesn’t know what to do with his tail either,// Trunks realized, as Goku and Vegeta sat across the table from each other at lunch. Goku gave him apologetic looks and Vegeta looked mortally insulted. Gohan gave them both odd looks and tried to keep the conversation going. Videl, not really understanding “Saiyan things”, actually was as light-hearted as she sounded. Chichi had calmed down since earlier, and she managed to talk to her son and daughter-in-law without mentioning tales of tails.
Trunks glanced down at where Pan was boredly blowing bubbles in her soda, to his left. //So innocent. Lucky.// He looked over at Goten on his right, who was staring down at the table top. Then he turned his head farther away, as if he realized Trunks was looking at him.
“So... so no free tails when we’re sparring,” Goku decreed. “Very uncomfortable.”
Vegeta glared. “If you would do what Saiyan warriors do...”
Trunks glanced down at where his father’s tail was looped around his waist. Chichi then set a plate of tempura down in front of him and blocked his view.
“It feels strange, Tou-san.” Goten and Pan looked at how Trunks had twisted his own tail around his waist.
“Not like that, fool, like this.” Vegeta reached over and grabbed his tail and turned it slightly.
“Itai, itai itai! Yamero!”
Vegeta paused and looked at Trunks’ contorted face. “Oh, it hurts you. We perfected that so it wouldn’t be a weakness.” He withdrew his hand and retreated to his plate as Chichi sat down at his other side.
Pan looked down at the tip of her tail in consternation. Goten raised an eyebrow and wiggled his tail through the slats of the chair. “I think I’ll risk it.”
“Sou da ne.” Pan agreed with a nod and dug into her lunch.
Trunks shrugged, then looked over at Goten, who paused in the middle of a bite and looked at him as if to say, ‘Let’s forget about it.’
//Won’t happen in a million years,// Trunks thought while giving Goten an acknowledging nod.

Goten bounded into his room after lunch and threw himself onto the bed. Trunks leaned against the doorframe and looked vaguely uncomfortable.
Goten stretched laboriously. “Sit down, you’re making me nervous.”
Trunks sat down on the end of the bed, back to the wall at one side. “It would be kind of cool to see what happens on a full moon, doncha think?”
Goten gasped and sat up, crawling over to grab him by the collar and shake him. “You _know_ what happens on a full moon! Don’t you dare go tempt fate if you like your tail! Tou-san and Vegeta-san will beat you down and cut off your tail before you know what’s happened to you!”
“Geez, Goten,” Trunks said, brushing off his grip. “I’m not a little kid anymore; I know what not to do.”
Goten huffed at him and turned to face away with feet kicking at the rug.
“But these tails are really something else, huh? I can see why they’d have to do the wrap thing or have it be a weakness.”
“Uh... yeah..” Goten sounded nervous. “Say, Trunks? Your Dad doesn’t still want to.. y’know, destroy stuff or anything, right?”
“C’mon Goten, all Saiyans wanna destroy stuff. He’s not really unusual in that respect.”
“Well, I don’t know if they tell the tale around your house, but when your Dad first came to earth, he had a tail, and he turned into the big monkey-thingy, y’know? Then Yajirobi cut it off.”
“That guy!! I didn’t know that part.”
“So then Gohan’s tail had grown back or something, ‘cause Piccolo pulled it off, and he did the monkey-thingy and started trashing your Dad! But if their tails hadn’t been cut off, there’d be no earth and no you and no me.” Goten looked up at him. “You gotta know how serious it is, ‘cause they’ll cut you right back down to size at the first sign of trouble.”
“I guess.”
“So don’t be an idiot!” Goten said, slapping him lightly against the head. Trunks laughed a bit at Goten’s grin.
“Got it.”
He felt the uncomfortable feelings of early afternoon thaw slowly, and he mused to himself, “I wonder how my sister is doing with her tail.”
“Well,” Goten said, “Why don’t you go see?”
“I guess... but then if I went home we couldn’t fight anymore today.” Trunks gave Goten an amused look. “Tell you what, I can go home, and you can come over later and stay over. How bout it? Then we can spar in the morning. You could even play in the gravity chamber if you like.”
Goten’s face lit up. “I love the gravity chamber.... okay!”
“Seeya around then.” Trunks got up and left the room, waving Goodbye to Goku’s and Gohan’s families.

“Bra-chan, I’ve brought Pan-chan to play!”
“Really?” The shout echoed down the stairs and Bra bounced down.
Pan surveyed the all red outfit, saying only, “Nice.”
“It’s new. Different from my other one. Let’s go up to my room.”
“Kay.” Pan followed her upstairs, and Trunks grinned, watching both tails swishing on the way up. //Both of ‘em out of my hair. Pan must really miss Bra, judging by how she wrapped herself around my arm.// Trunks thought about the Saiyan girls for a moment longer. //Wonder how Marron-chan is?//
He made his way into the kitchen and set out a lot of chicken to thaw. //Four Saiyans to feed, and then mom and dad. Brutal.//
After that, Trunks warmed up the gravity room and took a nap.
“Then I’m going to use the gravity room. I just hope I don’t blow it up....”
“Grr!” Trunks rose and ran hands through his mussed hair. “I’m up.”
“Thanks.” Goten sat back on his knees on the bed and smiled. “Your Mom said thanks for setting out the chicken.” He laughed. “Wonder how she’ll feed all of us?”
“I know, right?” Trunks rose and slipped his house shoes on. Goten was wearing his favorite pair, as usual. “You might want to change shoes. You can meet me at the gravity room.”
“Maybe. Vegeta’s back.”
“Then I’d better go bar the entrance.” Trunks moved downstairs stretching, and Goten followed him until the bottom of the staircase where Trunks turned off to go out back.
Sure enough, Vegeta came out, saw Trunks at the entrance, growled and walked back inside.
Goten bounded out a moment later. “Wow, in the gravity room, and with a tail. This’ll be great.” He was grinning, and Trunks let him by. The hatch closed and pressurized, and Trunks set it for ten g’s. That was a moderate level for a Saiyan, but neither he nor Goten trained in increased gravity very much.
Trunks, out of curiosity, moved around to one window, looking in. Goten was standing in the middle of the room, getting adjusted to the new gravity. His fists were up, and Trunks could sense that he was summoning his power, letting it drop back down slowly as he became g-tolerant. Warming up didn’t take long that way, and in another moment he was engaged in a contest with some of Vegeta’s favorite training toys. Except Goten tended not to blow them up, just defeat them.
//Boy, I’m glad I remembered to change the programming on them,// Trunks thought with a sigh. Vegeta just blew them up. Goten would get confused if he defeated one and it just kept firing at him. Goten really had increased his abilities with the tail, Trunks realized, seeing his movements in complicated patterns around the battle droids push the envelope of moves that either boy had learned. //He’d be something else if he hadn’t gone girl-crazy.// Trunks was amused by the thought.
Goten let out a series of energy blasts that kind of tended to circle the room instead of crash into walls. Some of the droids had long metal-plated appendages, and a bunch caught around Goten and tried to crush him. With a scream that Trunks could sense if not hear, he let loose a wall of energy that blasted the droids into several pieces that hit the walls, adding even more scars to the much-abused tile.
Several were built for speed, and released from the walls, attacking with everything from nets to energy blasts. Goten avoided them all, and turned in his flight to blast back at them.
//So fast. Graceful. Very tough.// Trunks propped his elbows on the windowsill and watched the run-down of uncommon martial arts moves. Some of the movements spoke to Trunks like poetry. //Guess that’s why I became a martial artist too.// But he caught himself a while later, admiring Goten, not the moves.
//What’s wrong with me? Ever since this tail thing, I’ve been thinking weird. So has he, I think... he never used to get that look on his face before.// Indeed, Goten was grinning as the droids presented very little challenge to him. //I never remember seeing him look so intense.//

“Go on Trunks, you take a turn.” Goten was dripping sweat, but he looked supremely happy as he waved Trunks into the chamber. Trunks thought about it, then decided it might be fun.
He warmed up in much the same way as Goten, only his mind wasn’t really on it.
//You’re watching me too, aren’t you Goten? You knew I was there the whole time.// He turned his eye back toward the window, but couldn’t really see out. He decided he would give Goten a show as well.

Trunks wiped sweat from his brow and stepped out. The sun had started to set on the other side of the small outdoor chamber. At least it was easier for his eyes to adjust. He looked around and saw no one.
He entered the kitchen, seeing everyone now there, getting ready for dinner. Goten grinned at seeing him.
“Trunks is here, we can eat!”
Trunks grabbed a bottle of water and plopped down next to him. “Father, your toys are fun.”
Vegeta grunted, and Trunks looked around. “Where’s Pan-chan?”
“Gohan took her home,” Bra supplied, breaking apart a new pair of chopsticks with a crack.
“Oh.” Trunks looked around the kitchen, until his vision was clouded by a plate of chicken teriyaki set down in front of him. “Yum.”
“Let’s eat!” Bra said cheerfully, and dug in with Goten and Vegeta not far behind. After a moment or so, Trunks stopped nursing his water and ate, and Bulma sat down to eat as well.
The table was generally quiet, as all of the Saiyans concentrated on food. Bulma had learned long ago not to even try. Soon three demi-Saiyans held up their bowls for seconds.
Bulma laughed and served, and soon Trunks proclaimed he was full.
“C’mon, Trunks-kun, usually that’s nowhere near enough to fill you. What’s up?”
“Nothing,” Trunks said defensively, “Just tired.”
He got up from the table and went to take a shower. He was just glad it was late enough to go ahead and dress for bed. When he came out, Goten was sitting on his bed, dressed in loose pants. He had never gotten around to putting a shirt on, and was instead playing with Trunks’ sword.
“Oi Trunks-kun, you’ve really let the old killer collect a lot of dust.”
“You know there hasn’t been a lot of fighting in the past few years.” Trunks rubbed at his head with the towel and then tossed it aside. “Are you as tired as I am?”
“Yeah. I g-” Goten was interrupted by a yawn. He grinned sheepishly.
Trunks shook his head. //So cute. ...Where did that one come from? Geesh.//
“Well, I’ll help you set up your futon.” Trunks brought it out from the closet, and laid it out. Goten grabbed one of Trunks’ pillows.
“Not that one!”
“Please?” Sad puppy eyes begged for his favorite pillow.
“Fine.” Trunks shook his head once more and flopped backward onto the bed. Goten hit the lights, and murmured goodnight.
Trunks stretched out, hearing Goten settle down across the room. //This has been the scariest day. I really frightened myself a couple times. Why are all these tails growing back?//
He turned over onto his side after a few more minutes’ thought. //Ever since we got sick. We all got sick... except for Chichi-san and Ka-san... so does it only attack Saiyans? How would something like that grow on earth?//
His brain felt slightly muffled. He heard a piercing squeak and sat up straight, sleep chemically jolted from his head. Glancing at the clock, he realized it was already around 11:30. Glancing in the direction of the yelp, he slid off the bed and moved down to sit beside an upright Goten who was holding gingerly onto his tail.
“Doushita no, Goten-chan?” Trunks leaned forward to see him as Goten offered nervous laughter.
“I rolled onto my tail. That hurt...” Goten plopped back down, and, seeing as how he wouldn’t get to sleep again soon Trunks laid down on his side and talked to him for a while.
“Goten-chan?” Goten rolled over onto his side facing Trunks at the sound of his name, but for all intents and purposes was fast asleep. His tail waved, jerking every once in a while as something in his dream caused his face to tighten then relax.
//So that’s what that thing’s going to be doing while I’m asleep.//
“Poor Goten.” He always needed so much sleep to function.
At the sound of his name, Goten once again moved, but Trunks was surprised to say the least when Goten wrapped an arm and a tail around his waist.
//Goten...// As if in reply, Goten opened his eyes and smiled mischievously.
“You didn’t think even I could fall asleep that fast, did you?”
//You could...// Trunks thought, but was interrupted when Goten pulled his face to meet his and kissed him. Trunks opened his mouth to pull away and protest, then Goten’s tongue ran along the inside of his lips and explored deeper, waking every tastebud with flavor and sensitivity. Trunks was distracted from his protest when Goten reached a hand up the back of his shirt, fingers descending along his spine like a stepladder, lightly brushing the base of his tail. He felt himself shake briefly with what seemed to be a minor sensory overload at the combination of the gentle fingers, Goten’s soul-claiming kisses, and the way he moved closer and pressed his arousal against that of the taller young Saiyan.
“Trunks-kun.... onegai....”
Trunks moaned softly. “Goten...”
//Goten... I want you...//
Trunks blinked, and found his head suddenly foggy. He was lying beside Goten, but they weren’t making out like there was no tomorrow. His hands slid down the warm smooth plane of Goten’s back as he tried to wake himself. He felt Goten’s arms around him as well.
Looking down uncomprehendingly, he saw Goten’s sleep and uncertain expression, and their tails wound tightly together and around each other. Where his hands had settled at Goten’s lower back, he could feel his own tail’s tip flicking occasionally at the small of his friend’s back. He froze, blushing. Trunks’ greatest wish at the moment would be that Goten could not sense or feel how aroused he had been by his dream.
“How’d this happen?” Goten asked, trying to be calm as Trunks was. But he shifted, and Trunks could feel the dark-haired young man’s erection against him. He kept his face it’s neutral expression and cherry shade, however, not letting on that it made him hard- uh, made it harder for him.
“It kinda looks like this... uh...” Trunks cleared his throat. “...Resurgence in Saiyan blood is telling us... some weird stuff....” Trunks trailed off, looking into Goten’s shadowed face.
He returned the look the same way, but his expression soon darkened, and he said, “Well... even if it was... there’s still ....Paris...-san to think about.” It was the first time Trunks had heard him refer to her without “-Chan” as an endearment.
“Hai.” Trunks rolled away and extracted his tail like thread through a needle. “I’m.... going downstairs. You know what? I’m just really restless tonight. Maybe I’ll go out.” He turned to go.
“Oh...” Goten actually sounded disappointed, then he exclaimed. “Oh, Trunks!”
“What?” Trunks paused.
“The curtains are shut! You can’t go out, it’s a full moon! You shouldn’t even go around; what if someone left a window open?” Goten got a fearful expression, that much Trunks could tell in the low light.
“.....” Trunks resigned himself. “Wakarimashita.” He climbed back into his bed and turned away from Goten completely. “Konbanwa.”
“Good... good night, Trunks-kun...” After a few tense moments he heard Goten settle down again.
//What in the freaking seven hells is wrong with me???// Trunks pulled his blankets tighter around himself to fight a sudden chill. //I... have.... what? Something? For...... Goten...?//
Then it hit him. //And he.......//
Trunks didn’t get any more sleep that night.

“I swear, Goten, I’m just too damn tired to spar today,” Trunks woke from a brief light sleep muttering.
“Don’t blame you. But Bulma-san says if you don’t get your butt down to the table, I have permission to eat your breakfast.” Goten joked with him, but he wasn’t over bouncing on the bed like he would be.
Trunks rose and took a few minutes to pull himself together, comb his hair and put on loose pants and one of his favorite Capsule Corp. shirts.
“Trunks-kun, daijoubu desu ka? You’re a wreck.” Bulma served him some more bacon.
“Hai, genki desu.” He dug in and glanced up, where Goten had assumed a seat across from him, having already eaten.
//Baka. How could I-//
Vegeta walked down the stairs, fully dressed but still stretching. “Strangest thing.... I dreamed I was really big and I was stomping on really small cities all night last night.”
Goten sweatdropped. “And of course, he’s going to leave it right there so we don’t know if it’s blood or reality.”
“It is in the blood....” Trunks said uncertainly, willing the piece of toast that had paused in its trajectory into his mouth.
After breakfast he left the room without a word, and Goten followed him. He stood in front of the closed back door and said, “What are you going to do right now?”
“I don’t know. I’m just.... leaving. Stay around if you want, if not go home. I don’t know when I’ll be back.” Trunks took off into the sky, almost able to sense Goten’s distress.
//Why is he hiding from me?// Goten sat down on the bottom step. //Sure, there’s something weird going on, but what excuses does he have?//
//What happened last night?//
“Goten-chan? Why are you sitting out here? Did Trunks do something?” Bulma leaned out with her elbows on the windowsill and gazed at her friends’ son sitting forlorn on the steps of the back door.
“Iie, Trunks-kun just left.” He made a vague gesture in the general direction Trunks had gone.
“Ah, well he was acting strangely this morning. Sometimes Trunks-chan just needs some time to clear his head.”
Just when Goten was growing frustrated with the idea of sitting and waiting, Bulma added, “And sometimes he needs to be shocked out of his bad mood.” She winked at Goten and slid the window shut.
//Shocked... well, he certainly needs to get out of his mood. I want to talk to him... but what would I ever say? Ever since the tail thing I’ve felt like a walking muscle, inadequate even to the task of communicating. Well, ‘inadequate’ is a big word to be using, so there’s hope yet.// Goten stood and ran a few steps out, jumping up into the air. He flew over Vegeta’s head as the Saiyan walked happily into his own gravity room again.
//I’ll find you, where did you go you stubborn brick wall?// He followed the direction Trunks had gone at top speed, searching below and before himself. //He’s depressed his power level.//
He mentally grabbed onto any ki he sensed. //No, no, no, none of these are special. No... wait. Why is it so far out alone if it’s not him?// He landed and walked to a line of trees, pausing hiding half behind one.
It was indeed the purple-haired bishounen, and he was punching the hell out of a tree trunk. He seemed upset, like something had been bothering him for a while. //Then why did he not say anything? Even to me. Maybe it’s just him trying to clear his head of adrenaline. I wouldn’t blame him. It feels like we’ve all taken a few steps backward, acting like animals instead of humans. Even us. Or...// his eyes widened at the realization. //Saiyans!//
Trunks growled loudly and cracked the tree in half with his next blow, using a ki blast to level it off after a moment’s thought, then sitting on the now even tree stump and burying his face in his hands.
//We’ve all been aggressive and emotional. We’ve acted like Saiyans. The urges to fight, the craving curiosity to go out under the full moon, the different diet patterns.// He had been noticing that Trunks hadn’t been eating much in the way of normal food lately. He’d eaten larger portions of some weird stuff. //Have I been doing that too?//
Trunks was heaving a little, and he suddenly yelled, “Goten, you shouldn’t have come here!” Without raising his head.
//Doesn’t even try to hide from me.// Trunks thought.
“I’m worried about you. I had to follow you.” Goten came around the tree trunk and stood across from him in the tiny clearing. //Is he upset with me?//
“I’m not mad at you or anything, Goten, it’s just that I want to be alone. I need a little while to gather myself together again without anyone else here.”
Goten had a hard time believing him; he never raised his face from his hands.
“Remember when we were little, Trunks-kun? When you wanted to be alone I was always there with you. Whenever you were upset you used to say that talking to me made you feel better.” Goten tried to dim the pleading note in his voice.
“Not this time. I can’t talk to you. Go away unless you want something bad to happen.”
“Trunks-kun, onegaishimasu...”
“Get the hell away Goten!”
They stared at each other, fists clenched, Trunks having jumped up from his seat. At last the older young man told him, “I warned you... I warned you. Anything else is your fault.”
“Just what the hell are you talking a-”
Goten lost his words as Trunks was suddenly across the clearing, wrapping arms around him, mouth finding his and combining them together passionately. Goten made a small sound and went limp, and Trunks backed up, pressing him against a tree, tongue diving into his mouth as Goten suddenly didn’t find the strength to fight back. Trunks thoroughly explored his mouth, coaxing him to respond. Just as he was starting to do so weakly, Trunks broke away slowly and Goten dropped to the ground onto his knees.
“Get out of here Goten, before I do something I’ll regret.”
//You won’t regret that, later, Trunks?// Goten sat for several moments, body hyper aware of the short distance between them as Trunks turned his back and crossed his arms. He gulped and tried to reorient himself, realizing to his dismay that he was already hard. //It’s just like that other night...//
“Trunks...” His words brought no response. He rose to his feet and walked around into the older demi-Saiyan’s view. Trunks’ eyes were down, and Goten stared at his slightly darkened face for a long moment.
“Leave now, this is your last chance.”
“What are you... Trunks, t-talk to me...”
Trunks looked up at him, and Goten was startled by the intensity of emotion. “This is all your fault.” But it was more a desperate attempt to get away from what he was feeling. When Goten tried to approach him again, he found himself down on the ground, Trunks covering him, claiming his mouth again.
Goten shook as Trunks’ mouth slanted over his, going deep, hands on him, pressing on him, letting their mouths take control for the moment. He opened his mouth without even thinking about it, feeling Trunks take full advantage, a hand sliding behind his head to pull them closer, tongues competing like nothing they could recall, twisting, sliding over one another, devouring each other. Their hips rubbed together, hard, and they both parted panting. It didn’t last as Goten pulled Trunks’ mouth down to taste him again, and Trunks grunted slightly at his insistence.
Trunks broke after another minute, leaning over to run the tip of his tongue along Goten’s ear, whispering, “I want you Goten.”
Goten shivered violently and wrapped arms around him to keep him close. //Trunks...//
Trunks’ mouth brushed across his lips once more as he continued down, sucking lightly on the soft skin of his neck, feeling Goten become tenser and harder. Hands buried themselves in soft violet, and his breathing became quicker as Trunks pulled the gi open and moved his mouth down along the well-sculpted chest. His hand moved down along Goten’s side, pausing to untie his belt.
//Trunks... I never thought that you and I.... oh my god.// Goten’s eyes snapped open in a horrible surge of guilt. “Trunks! ...Paris!”
Trunks growled low in his throat. “Right now, I don’t give a damn about Paris.” Goten was strangely turned on, and lost all fight in him when Trunks’ mouth teased one of his nipples.
“I... I...” Goten swallowed his words, grabbing the back of Trunks’ shirt and holding tightly to it. Trunks moved upward again, kissing him deeply on the mouth and effectively silencing him. There was a long, slow ripping sound as the back of Trunks’ shirt was torn in two.
Trunks had discarded with their clothing before Goten realized, and he felt a tight, intense sensation in the pit of his stomach as he felt Trunks’ body against his, moving down to take Goten’s obvious arousal into his mouth. His mouth moved over the tip and down as Goten’s whimpers increased, melting into moans. He moved his mouth farther down each time, trying to ignore the way Goten’s fingers gripped tightly at the roots of his hair, gasping soundlessly.
The world exploded behind Goten’s eyes, flash bulbs making him go blind as he sobbed in an unbelievable surge, like the satisfaction he felt was forcibly pulled from his body, leaving him weak and empty.
Trunks paused as Goten clutched him, licking all evidence of Goten’s orgasm from his lips.
“Kami... Trunks...”
He was silenced with fingertips brushed across his lips. “I love you, Goten, and even if we regret this tomorrow, it’s alright.”
The purple-haired one climbed up again, moving to enter the younger boy and sate his increasing need. //For the longest time, Goten, this is what I wanted... no, more, but can you give that to me? Wakarimasen...//
He buried his doubts as Goten’s legs wrapped around his waist, slight murmurs from his parted lips encouraging the older Saiyan. He bit down on his lip and thrust himself into Goten slowly, one hand running down the length of his tail, leaving Goten shaking harder than before.
Moving slowly, Trunks barely realized how his hands ran over Goten’s body, the way the younger Saiyan responded so well to his touch. Goten’s eyes slid halfway open, studying his flushed face, bringing Trunks’ face down near his. His teeth caught at Trunks’ earlobe, then he whispered, “Even if we regret this tomorrow...”
Trunks shivered in something near sorrow and wrapped his arms tighter around the one he called his life-long friend. He came just then, body tightening, muscles tensing as pleasure engulfed his senses. They sank back together in exhaustion, bodies hot and sweating, clinging tightly together.
Goten looked down at the top of Trunks’ lavender head. //I’m so sorry.... so sorry... I gave in...// But he wasn’t sure if he was apologizing to himself, or Trunks, or Paris, or.... He squeezed his eyes shut; willed everything that made following his basic instincts and his feelings for Trunks seem wrong... to just... to go away.
He couldn’t help but tremble slightly, clamping his lips together to keep from making any sound.
“You don’t know how sorry I am, Goten...” Trunks mumbled against him, warm breath moving across his skin.
//How can he believe it’s his fault? I should have stopped it. If I had said “Yamero” again, he would have listened. I should have. Paris....// He felt guilty about Paris, but everything he had just experienced shook him up badly.
“Trunks, it wasn’t your fault. I gave you every reason to believe...” //What? Everything was subconscious. Would I have changed it if I knew the signals I was sending?//
“I shouldn’t have let my instincts take over,” Trunks insisted. “I shouldn’t have done that to you, and to Paris-san, and...” Trunks’ eyes stared off blankly before he closed them, taking a deep breath that tasted of Goten.
“I don’t know what happened, Trunks.... but just stay here with me for a little while. Please?”
Trunks nodded once, allowing his head to rest on the dark-haired young man’s shoulder.
//What have I done?//

Goten slept soundly, body seeming weak. Trunks lay for a few more moments, absorbing his warmth, wishing that always... it could be like this. //I need you Goten...//
Instead, he pulled himself from his embrace, pulling his clothes on, leaving the ripped shirt, and stood for a moment, looking up. It was late afternoon already. He knew Goten could find his way home, since he would probably wake soon.
//Then why do I feel so bad about leaving?//
//Did I force this encounter, or was it inevitable like I’d believed? Would anything have happened, even in the long run, if I’d possessed one more ounce of self control?// Trunks glanced over at Goten, slender muscular body lying on the grass. A shudder of guilt passed through him.
//I really messed up this time. He’ll hate me so much... he’ll be upset for what we’ve done. He’s not someone who would just go and do this, especially when there’ssomeone else...//
//I told him... I think he understands that it can be over now if that’s what we both want. I’ll let him move on. I just hope he doesn’t think I lied to him. I only regret that if this is over...//
He took off into the sky after whispering a goodbye to Goten’s silent form. //...Then, most likely, so is everything else we ever had.//
Goten woke maybe an hour later, opening his eyes and gazing up at the sky. It took him a long moment to realize that those were evening colors. What was he doing out here so late?
He looked around. Where was Trunks?
//He left. Why, Trunks? I wanted to talk to you so much, about... everything.//
Goten sat up and leaned his head over, staring into his lap. It took another few moments to realize that it was, in fact, not raining. He wiped the back of his hand across his eyes. //And what do I feel?//
His thoughts dwelled for a long moment on Paris. He’d certainly never intended to go and do this behind her back, having never wanted to hurt her in any way. He wasn’t that kind of person. Then if it wasn’t what he had wanted, why did he? It wasn’t some weird form of seduction on Trunks’ part, they’d been growing closer and closer, on different levels. //Why do I feel so strangely? What do I feel?//
//Trunks, help... you always helped me. You always knew how I could figure out my problems.// Goten looked up at the sky, feeling the tears drain down his face.
“I never resisted. I... I wanted you. It hurts to think you are in pain due to me. I feel drawn to you. Kami, what will I do?”
He dressed and trudged home on foot, wiping his wet face and not thinking. In time, he knew he had to take to the air. Chichi would be so upset he hadn’t contacted her or come home.
When he arrived, Chichi was washing dishes. “Goten-chan! Where have you been all day? You usually call, or come home earlier. Are you okay?”
“I was... with Trunks,” Goten said, licking dry lips.
“Well, I know how you boys lose track of time. Just try to be more responsible next time.” She graced him with a smile. “So did you have fun?” She asked, turning back to her dishes. When there was no answer, she turned and saw that Goten was no longer there.
“Hmm...?” She decided at long last that Goten was in one of his more sensitive moods. If he needed her, he could find her.

Goten sat at the top of a weeping willow, the dip where the soft-barked branches split to form the drooping effect. He was in the oldest tree around; all others were a sea of green and occasionally pink, or gold below, surrounding his position, waving gently.
He felt something, all of a sudden. He frowned slightly. It was very far away. Goten couldn’t quite recall ever sensing something so far away when he wasn’t concentrating. As it approached he pushed himself up from his reclining position, but other than that didn’t turn or acknowledge.
“Chichi-san... nearly begged me to come out here. Here I am; I suppose the only question is whether or not you want to see me.”
Goten sat silent, before something in him gathered enough energy to fall from his lips.
“Of course. I’m always glad to see you, Trunks.” He still couldn’t bring himself to move, and he sensed Trunks’ worry escalate. In time, he seemed to pick up that Goten wasn’t angry or refusing to speak to him.
“She said... something about Paris.”
“So you want the story.”
“I just want to know. Does it have to do with..”
“No. Well, yes, I suppose...”
“Which is it?”
Trunks settled lightly on the tree, back to his. They sat in silence for a moment before Trunks asked, “What happened?” He seemed as if he didn’t want to know. He sounded so guilty...
“I told Paris, I needed a little time to myself, not with people. She got upset, and said if I was going to dump her then I should go ahead and do it. I couldn’t... y’know, find any feelings in myself on the subject. So I did.” Goten shrugged slightly, the biggest movement he’d made since Trunks arrived.
“I see.” Trunks was silent for a moment. “Your family has been worried about you for the past couple weeks since then. Maybe you should tell them you’re alright.”
“Mm. Maybe I should.” Goten raised his gaze from his lap and looked out. “I feel empty.”
“That’s not good...”
//But you sound empty, Trunks. Tell me about it. ... But then again, you won’t, will you.//
“It doesn’t hurt.” Goten resumed the silence for a long time. “I guess I’m just too sensitive.” He continued before Trunks could comment on that. “Tell me, Trunks, is it really my move? It doesn’t feel like it.”
“I suppose, if you haven’t made it, then it is. But I thought you had.” His voice was only the smallest bit sad. Goten wondered how much he was hiding.
“I don’t think I can do it. Maybe I would make my decision if I could. I don’t feel like I’m strong enough now.” Goten grimaced slightly to himself. It was one of the most emotionally honest conversations he’d ever taken part in.
“Then don’t do it.”
“Ano...ne...” Goten gripped his hands in his lap.
“Don’t make your decision now.”
“That wouldn’t be kind.”
“You can’t make your decision now, anyway.”
“Naze da?”
“Because... I have a task I must accomplish first.” //I can feel that you’re in trouble, Goten.//
Goten couldn’t help a somewhat ironic smile. “And what would that be, exactly.”
Goten suddenly felt arms around him. It was an embrace, far different from before. This was more like... he wasn’t sure. He had a place to be if he needed to rest. Or protection. Or if he wanted to leave... then it was nothing that would stop him.
Goten felt something spark slightly inside him. He was gathered into Trunks’ arms, and looked up at him with wide eyes. “Trunks-kun... nani yo...?”
“Shh. Do you need my help?”
Goten found that his heart allowed no other response than a nod.
“Do you want my help?”
His lips parted, but no sound emerged.
“Kotae wa,” Trunks insisted.
//Answer you? How?//
*~*~*~*~ END PART ONE
A Saiyan Tail Part Two