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Slim 6-5-01: Good bye, well atleast for nowHey everyone, this will be my last update for Dragonball Z-GT Max, I am closing this site for about a month then it will reopen under a new name and a doname name, along with a ton of new information, a new layout, and alot of other stuff. I am looking for a new name for it though so if any of you have ideas Email them to me HERE ill see you all in a month, see ya then

Beek 6-2-01: Hey Guys.. This is Beek.. And I have some important news to tell yah. Soon.. There will be a huge tournament.. And whoever wins.. Will get the ultimate prize. I can't tell you what it is, and no, don't try to weasel it out of me. ::sticks his toungue out at Andy:: : . You all should train hard.. David.. In his last move as site leader, with thought from Ashley, have decided to put everyone's pl back to 100. Don't worry though. You have a month to train. Yes I know that all that training will have to be done again, but I have a feeling you will do well. And If you think just because we won't be in the rpg a lot, means that you won't ever see us? Well think again, I have a feeling, that one of you will be seeing a lot more of us than you think.. If you win the tourny. SO please train hard.. We are al rooting for you! ^-^

Slim 5-31-01: I am back!!!
Bid For Power has some new things added to it;

* accurate 3rd person crosshair.
* particle dust trail for boost running or flying close to the ground.
* particle bubble effects that float to the surface and gather there.
* particle splash + bubbles for entering water.
* particle bubble trail for boost swimming,
Pic Here
* particle bubble trail for boost flying close to water.
* particle bubble effects for charging underwater,
Pic Here
* fixed the waterdance bug.
* lowered zanzoken cost.
* added antigrav rock particles for charging,
Pic Here
* the antigrav rocks fall to the ground when you stop charging.
* gave rock particles collision detection and bouncing properties

In Some site news the layout is comming along very well and we could see up within a week for the new rpg thing it should be up in 3 weeks thats all for today c ya

Xtreme Hunter 5-27-01: I am back!!!
Guess what, schools over for me in 6 days! I have finals soon, so after that, I will be here with 1/5 of my free time... Don't forget, I have a life outside with friends and my website. As some of you know, my site is moving servers soon, and that means this site will have files cuz I will host them. I have unlimited space AND bandwidth. Thank my friend at The Dead Zone at http://go.to/deadzone. That is all for today.

Slim 5-26-01: Site News and Z-Day Episodes
Well As some of you noticed yesterday on Z Day the episodes chosen were Unstoppable (ep. #171) Gohan and (epi. #176) Save the World. Moving On I Plan on redoing the site yet again as this layout is just to big a pain in the ass to work with. So that should be up once we set up the new rpg. Ill Come back later on today with more news so c ya

Slim 5-25-01: Its over
Im so sorry for not doing anything the past two weeks but school has just ended, and as most of you know finals are a pain in the ass so i didnt really feel like updating, but i have summer here now and there is planty to tell about. First off A Start Date for the new DBZ Episodes has been released as September 3 (see i told ya shorty) So we will see 50 new episodes then which if they follow the correct order will take us up to the episode where son goku turns ssj3. Given that due to editing it may be a little bit after that but i personaly think that would be a good clif hanger point. Dragonball Starts this june but today is Z Day on Toonami. what that is i got no idea but its where you like vote for a fave episode or somethin. anyway thats all for today see ya later on with any more news updates

Slim 5-11-01: Site Updates and Dragonball News
Ok Well let me get the important news out of the way, as posted on the offical site as of June 17th VHS and DVD Episodes will begin simutanious Releases as posted below

This just in: World Tournament - The Draw and World Tournament - Blackout, which are scheduled for VHS release on July 17, are anticipated to be the first videos to have simultaneous release of VHS and DVD. That means you will be able to get these videos on DVD July 17. This is the anticipated schedule, which means that it is not final and there could be a change. This is very exciting news. In addition, it is anticipated that every release after these will be simultaneous with VHS and DVD, providing that any new video release has not aired on Cartoon Network. Be sure to regularly check the FAQ's for updates on the VHS and DVD release schedules.

Well that is some good news to hear now i can acutally start buying DVD's instead of VHS without waiting 2 months. anyway on to some website news. I Have Posted up the Family Tree made by Xtreme (who might I add did a very good job) Multimedia Section is kinda at a standstill for the moment because i have no server to post up my files. I have been thinking of Posting up full episodes but doubt i will. Also Say bye Bye to DBZ Survivor as not many people got into it very much. I am in real need of a new Staff member to help out with the information portion of the site so

Mail Me if your intrested. Also i will be oppening A Quiz Page kinda like what the pojo has aswell as a poll page as to what i should make and/or do with the site next. im gonna be making a new layout for the site soon as this current one is just a pain in the ass to update with (its easy but very long) So anyway that today update ill be back tommarow with more

Slim 5-09-01: Will School end already
uggg sorry but for lack of updates, i probably wont update anything this week either, its the end of the year at school but i still have those evil teachers that decide that since its the end they will try and stuff everything into my head that they can, expect an update this weekend though if i can make it.

Xtreme Hunter 5-09-01: Lack of updates
Hey people. It's me, Xtreme Hunter. In the last few weeks, I have had alot on my hands. I recently had a virus that wiped out a whopping 15% of my computer! :-P I have finally made the Family Tree, which Slim will post soon, for both this site and my own. My site also had a new URL made... http://xtremegt.cjb.net. That is all.

Slim 4-30-01: Updates
Well im back again with a little news, first off tonight i will be doing some rather minor updates to the site aswell as adding a little bit of new info to the site. In Actuall Dbz News which you have probably already heard toonami will be reduced to 1 hour so i guess big o is gonna go bye bye, anyway thats all for now

Slim 4-26-01: Random Stuff
Hey Everyone, lots of things have been happening and i was unable to update, sorry, anyway On to the news, DaizenshuuEX Is now Located on a new server at DaizenshuuEX. Moving onto other news Akira Toriyame Will be infact creating a new Manga about Dragonball. It is only a parody but it will be intresting. For those who do not know what a parody is it is basicly making fun of something. So He is infact making fun of himself and db. eitherway it will be interesting. Also i am working on an update to the BFP Section which will be a mod section to include other mods. ALso Xtreme will not have a server for his files till june or july so he will be making a family tree for us untill then. well thats all c ya

Xtreme Hunter 4-22-01: Music Video Section Delay
To get the music videos up on this site, I was going to link them to MY SITE but, my files were erased from the server I was using. So I put the section on delay until I can find a new server. If any of you know a good, reliable server that offers over 100 megs for free, e-mail me HERE. Aight, later.

Slim 4-19-01: Fanfics, FanArt, and looking for a new staff member
Well as stated above these are all things we are looking for. Particularly the first two (i want to start a fanfiction and fan art section) and as for the last one i am looking for someone who knows html very well and has see most of if not all of db/z/gt. if your interested in any email your stuff Here

Slim 4-19-01: DB Delayed
it seems as though dragonball will be delayed yet again with this offical statement from the offical site.

"The Dragon Ball air date has been rescheduled
from June 4. The new date that Dragon Ball is to
begin airing on Cartoon Network is June 25.
We apologize for the delay and hopefully this will
be the last reschedule. Dragon Ball is still
slotted for 5:30pm Eastern Standard
Time, immediately after Dragon Ball Z."

Well so much for the dragonball dub comming out soon oh well its not to big of a delay anyway

Xtreme Hunter 4-19-01: Updates on the Music Video Page
Sorry I haven't updated, I was away for a week and my page needed updated with some new stuff. I'd like to say the Music Video section is a good 50% done. It should be up no later than Sunday.

Slim 4-18-01: Sorry For Lack of updates
Sorry everyone for the lack of updates latly now lets get on with the news. The voice actor of Shou has been chosen, voice 1 is now going to be the voice of shou in DB. Iv updated the links section with a new look so go and check that out. as soon as Xtreme Returns the Music Vid Section could be up as early as this weekend. thats it for now see ya

Slim 4-15-01: Bid For Power Done??????
After Reading the Latest Dev. Journal by Rodney He States that "Ok.. since phase 1 is officially done, and there isn't much else to do on it, Im gonna update..." Now this could be the day many have hoped for as this means bid for power is DONE now i have been following bid for power for a while and know that sometimes they jump the gun but anyway this is news worthy so ill post it here.

Slim 4-11-01: Random Thoughts
Sorry for Not Updating Latly iv been kinda busy. Im still waiting for more info on a BFP Release so hopefully i will be able to bring some info on that soon. New staff member as u well know and hes doing Great, i am putting the finishing touches on a picture gallery so that will be up within the week. Also we have a winner of the Dbz Giveaway So Csorry but all submissons for the giveaway are gone. I might have another in a month or two (depends on my budget).

Xtreme Hunter 4-10-01: Leave of absence
Hey people, I am going to my dad's for spring break. I am leaving the 11th and will be returning the 16th. When I get back, I plan to start a Music Video Page with the videos I created. I will also start an MP3 section for all you music lovers. Cya in a week!

Xtreme Hunter 4-9-01: My first post!
Hello there, I am Xtreme Hunter, I will be helping Slim here with making new pages and restoring old ones. I will work hard and this site will make good use of me. If you'd like, please visit my site as well...X-TREME GT. Later

Slim 4-8-01: Breaking News On BFP
Some Very Exciting News that i need to post about, it appears bid for power (go here if you dont know what it is) is almost done As posted on the site tommarow we will have some idea on the release of bid for power, they will be releasing a new copy to sites who test it soon if all goes well and there are no major bugs big for Power Phase 1 will be completed ( yay now i can start fraging all you people)

Slim 4-8-01: BFP Section added
Bid for power page up, u can only get to it right now from the main page (ill update all pages tonight) So go and check it out, i hope to have the revise of the epi guide done tommarow and a new section up wensday. thats all see ya

Slim 4-6-01: Just Some Random News
Well im keep frequenting the bid for power page more and more latly i dunno why i just thought id throw that in this update. Umm Im planning on making a bid for power page explaining what it is and all but i have several other pages in the works now, im looking for a new staff member for the site so if intrested email me. Also Apparently the new dbz game is being made by wizards something, go to planetnamek.com for more deatils, well see ya

Slim 4-5-01: New Staff Member
Well It looks as if neo or Ed as he likes to call himself will be staying with us, I added a page for rpg news so check there for news about the rpg, also made the mods to the staff page so thats all set, see ya

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Great Saiya-man Saga - Crash Corse: 5/15/01
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