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LieroBall Z 2.0 (coming soon)
Ultimate Ki Wars (coming soon)

LieroBall Z 2.0

Ulitimate Ki Wars

LBZ 2.0 beta screenshot 1
LBZ 2.0 beta screenshot 2
LBZ 2.0 beta screenshot 3
LBZ 2.0 beta screenshot 4
Ultimate Ki Wars screenshot 1

Ultimate Ki Wars screenshot 1



21st June 2002
LieroBall Z is now a group project with Liero Battleground's leader
"Jelly King". Both me "mdfmk2000" and him have been working on DBZ liero mods for a little while, So i thought of a good idea to mix them both. Right now there are 20 attacks each to work on. I have an idea of my share but i will most probably change them very soon.
Here they are attacks.

20th June 2002
Some cool Ultimate Ki Wars Screens are up check them out in the misc section. DB Hockey has been shut down due to the fact THAT MY STUPID SISTER DELETED IT IN ITS COMPLETE FORM! To counter this move i have stolen all her cool CD's.

19th June 2002
Added the first LieroBall Z 2.0 beta screenshots under the MISC section, go check them out. I also added a "ABOUT" section that his infomation about some of our up coming games.

18th June 2002
LieroBall Z 2.0 in production. Game will feature 40 evenly regulated attacks right out of DragonBall Z, changeable Super Saiyan Worm character model, 6 battle maps tweaked for maximum play, modified game rules to produce the most realistic DragonBall environment possible with the liero engine, high velocity dogging that's enables players to quickly evade there opponents attacks, highly tweaked computer AI to suit the LieroBall Z environment, faster Player movement, more powerful jumping and possible even music while playing.

This is just an example of what 'might' be to come.

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