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This site is dedicated to created characters based on the DB/Z/GT series. What we do is take the characters that the creator YOU make and put them on the site for everyone in the world to see and admire or not. We will never not accept a character but we may ask you to change them or add some things to them. NOTE: we do not always need all the info shown on the site and you can also send in more info if you would like us to put it up we will be glad to make another section to the site to put your info on.

We like to have characters interact with other created characters or real characters from the series. But you do not have to if you dont want to if you would like you can make up your own little series right here on this site and we will be more than happy to set it up for you.

This site revolves around the creators and the characters in which they make so please send in as much as you like and never feel shy or hesitant to ask us to do somthing. We thank you for coming and please feel free to look around and come again anytime.