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Here is a guide to all the clothes worn by Son Goku over the series.

This is the first outfit we see Goku in. It is probably given to him by his Grandpa, Son Gohan. It is a basic martial arts uniform. Goku wears this through out the first part of Dragonball until it is ruined when he turns Oozaru at Pilaf's castle. It is a blue top with white belt and blue pants. He also wears red wrist bands and black shoes.
This is the outfit that Goku receives just before the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai from Master Roshi. It is made from lightweight orange material. It comes with a black belt and has a turtle symbol on the left chest. This uniform is kept by Goku in one form or another for virtually every fight he has for the rest of his life.
This uniform is given to Goku by Kami-Sama after he completes his training. He wears it at the start of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. It has a white turban with yellow pants and a blue over top with yellow trim. It also has a pink belt.
This uniform is very similar to the one given to him by Master Roshi. The only difference is that he now wears a weighted blue under shirt and there is a large turtle symbol on the back. He also now has blue boots with a red stripe tied with a piece of rope which are also weighted. He wears this from the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai up till his death against Radditz.
This is the outfit that Goku gets married in. It is a white tuxedo with a white bow tie. He only ever wears it during his wedding to Chi Chi after the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.
This is the outfit Goku receives after his completes his training with Kaio-Sama. It is exactly the same as the outfit he arrives with, except the symbol on the back shows he was trained by Kaio-Sama.
This uniform is again similar to the one from Master Roshi and is again from Kaio-Sama. Goku received it when he was hospitalized after the fight with Vegeta. He uses this in the fights with the Ginyu Force and Freeza. The only difference is that the symbol on the front now bears Goku's name as does the larger symbol on the back.
This is the outfit that Goku wears upon his return from the Planet Yardrat. It is apparently the latest style there. It consists of a white long sleeved top, with blue armor covering the chest and one shoulder and the pants are red.
This is the Saiyan Uniform that Goku wears during his training in the Room of Spirit of Time. It is made by Bulma and modeled on Vegeta's armor from the Freeza Saga. It has a blue jumpsuit with white armor covering the chest and white gloves and boots.
This the outfit Goku wear in the days leading up to the Cell Games and during his search for the Dragonballs. It is basically normal clothing as he is not training. It is a white t-shirt with an orange jacket with black sleeves. He also wears green pants with a black belt.
This is the outfit Goku wears for all his battles from the Cell Games up till the end of DBZ. It is again based on the uniform from Master Roshi, except that now all symbols have been removed and the orange top is slightly more low cut.
This is Goku's outfit for the whole of Dragonball GT. It is very similar to his first outfit, except that now the pants are yellow and the belt is tied differently. But the blue top and black shoes are the same.
This is a variation on the above outfit. This is what Goku wears when he is a Super Saiya-Jin 4. The pants are the same, as are the shoes. The wristbands change from red to blue, and the belt is now more like a band and is also blue. He wears no top, as the red stuff is actually fur.

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