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DragonBall AF

DRAGONBALL AF Dragonball AF- The True Story

(Warning: Thanks to a few unfortunate individuals who actually believe everything, I'm forced to say this: this isn't real. None of it. It's made up. It's called a "story". "Fanfiction". You dig?)

:D Hello fellow DBZ Fanatics!!!!!!!My nAmE iS sSj5 g0kU.How do you do?^______^ I bet you're saying to yourself "Man,he's a moron,there's no such thing as an SSJ5!!!!!".Well,you're the one who's wrong,because there is.You see,Dragonball Z is the finished product to DB that Akira Toriyama made.His first prototype of a continuation was called DRAGONBALL AF,which most people think is just a rumor someone started or a Doujinshi someone made.Wrong.It's really a series,but it was never released to the public and only a few people knew about it,but most of them are dead now.I am one of the few who have seen the whole thing.Here,I plan on explaining everything about it.Here's a list of changes between DBZ and DBAF.-Intro writen for me by GMD(ecxept teh furst pert ^_^ ^_^) -Those name puns(like Kakarot means carrot,LOL!) we're the actual names.So for instance,Bulma's real name is Shorts,Trunks' is Pants,Krillin is Chestnut,Piccolo is Flute,and Goku is...Goku.But his Saiyan name(Yes,Saiyan,NOT Saiyajin.Akira wanted to use the cool name at first,but he changed it later.What an idoit!) was actually Carrot. -Everyone talks like NORMAL PEOPLES,not stupid ninjas or samooryes. -Akira is the actual inventor of FUNimation,so the AF means "Absolutely FUNimation".LOL! -All of the atacks are the American,US ones like ther suposed to be,not those freaky deaky ones(makenokosopoposopokopo,kamehamehahaha,and all thos other stoopid japanesese names) -Instead of being a bunhc of stoopid fighters or ninjas or whatever,everyone is wrestlers(mekes alot more since,doestn it?LOL) WEll,that is it.Now here our some special sections I mad for DB AF so yu kan find out mor about it(I hade my frend GDM make them so it looks alot beter LOL ^___^) Dragonball AF:Full Story,Part 1-The evil Radish arrives,and plans to...well,once he remembers he'll tell us. Dragonball AF:Full Story,Part 2-Goku and his evil brother Radish fight to save the earth...but mainly,just so for the sake of potato chips. Dragonball AF:Full Story,Part 3-Alas,Goku is destroyed,along with his brother.Hand me a tissue. Dragonball AF:Full Story, Part 4- Goku emideately begins his trek across Weasel's Butt,while the others meet a janitor and his flying insult cat. Dragonball AF:Full Story, Part 5- "The others" head to Kami's Treehouse Lookout for wrestling training,while Goku falls into the coolest place:HFIL. Dragonball AF:Full Story, Part 6- Cyber Men, Jay Sherman impersonator, death of "The Others". Vegetable's hungry. Dragonball AF:Full Story, Part 7- The MECHA EPISODE! Goku gets comfy, Vegetable's still hungry, King Power still hides love for Goku.

Contrary to popular belief,SSJ5 Goku and I are the same person.Although the tremendous amount of similarities probably alreadly tipped that off for you.

The AF in Dragonball'AF' means After Future so it's said to be. The story mainly concentrates on Goku jr and Vegeta jr who we see in the end of DragonballGT. Goku jr Vegeta jr are surposed to be best of friends just like Goten & Trunks. Goku jr is Pans childs child (It goes like this, Goku - Gohan - Pan - ?? - Goku jr) and Vegeta jr is Bra's childs child (Vegeta - Bra - ?? - Vegeta jr). So yeah.

I under stand that many fans are curious to know whether or not Dragonball AF exists, and I am not saying it does exist or that I believe it exists (so don't email me telling me it doesn't exist). But, if Dragonball AF does exist this would be information about it. Info 1 - These are the episodes that have been created so far: 1) The Beginning 2) His Mistake 3) Boronks is furious 4) name not yet decided Info 2 - There are 6 ssj levels(6=ultimate) Info 3 - New fusion earings wear created(fusion with up to 3 people!) Info 4 - Goten has had a new born baby ! This information is provided by a friend of mine. While that is the only information I have as of now, there are many rumors going around. Below are a the rumors I have heard, do not hold me responsible for bad information these are simply rumors and I am not saying that I beieve any, so don't tell me there fake. ^_^ Rumor 1 - Dragonball AF is a series thet takes place after DBGT, Goku jr. and Vegita jr. are best friends like Trunks and Goten. They get caught up different adventures.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 2 - DBAF stands for Dragonball Alpha. There super saiyan level 5 and Gotenks becomes Super Saiyan 4.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 3 - Akira Toriyama will have no part in DBAF, it is under construction and doesn't contain any of the DB/Z/GT characters.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 4 - Everyone fuses and become gohnvegpandenpicclhurclegotentrunktenks.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 5 - Nothing is in production, and nothing is planned. There is no Dragonball AF. Most rumors of a new series come from fan manga drawn in Japan, otherwise known as "doujinshi." Generally, these comics are very well-drawn, and can easily be mistaken for Toriyama's work. However, they are fan-made, and are not considered a part of the DB universe.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 6 - It's a spanish comic book they are making a cartoon version for the US and the first rumor is the storyline.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 7 - Akira Toriyama is working with dragonball animators to create Dragonball AF. Also, Vegeta and Trunks Fuse. Gotenks goes SSJ4, Gohan becomes another form of Mystic Saiyan. Goku has the power of the dragonballs and can grant wishes like the Dragon.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 8 - There really is no dragonballaf really there has been press reports that have said that it is just a rumor.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 9 - There are new levels of Super Saiyan, ssj 5, ssj 6(which is the ultimate form), and mystic saiyan(not mystical).(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 10 - Goku reaches Super Saiyan level 5 The power he recieves is too much for him, and he becomes the bad guy. In DBAF Vegeta gets to play the good guy trying to stop "the evil Goku".(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 11 - Dragonball AF stands for Dragonball After Future, Another Future or Alternative Future.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 12 - Dragon Ball AF! Dragonball AF is being made by Bird Studios right this moment!If Dragonball AF is not a hit in Japan then it is not coming to North America! They will be making around 250 episodes.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 13 - In DBAF vegeta goes ssj5 and 6 and becomes the strongest.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) Rumor 14 - DBAF is in Portugal, Italy and in Japan.(Again these are just rumors, dont hold me responsible for bad information.) This picture has been spreading through the internet as a picture of gokou in super sayajin 5 form drawn from akira toriyama himself as well as rumors of a new dragonball series called dragonball AF as seen in the picture above . What I'm about to say about it is just information that I found in various dragonball sites and are not confirmed ( could be probably just a way for the webmasters to raise their hits ) . To begin with dragonball AF stands for dragonball after future . The story is supposed to take place 100 years after the end of GT . The main characters are gokou jr and vegeta jr . They seem to develop a friendship like gotenks and chibi trunks . It was originally said that Akira would be doing the animation but that was surely a lie cause Toriyama is developing another manga and has announced that he has lost interest in creating any more dragonball episodes (that's why he didn't draw dragonball GT ) . What might be true is that the team which was cooperating with akira toriyama and created GT will be working in this project . What is really happening though is that a manga comic named dragonball AF has been created in Japan and that's probably where that picture came from . It is about both goku and vegeta reaching the level of ssj5 . This manga though has the form of a fanzine . Considering that there are very few possibilities for a new dragonball saga since there where many similar fanzines created for gundam and had nothing to do with the original plot of the series . Anyway if this does happen it will be released in japan in about a year from now and the rest of the world will have to wait VERY long to see it . I hope all this is more than just rumors more information to come soon Just what is this Dragonball AF that we hear so much about? We really don't actually know but there are a lot of rumors going around. Some people might think its a hoax but hey, everyone thought GT was a hoax. Here are some of the rumors. Dragonball AF is supposed to be a sequel to GT. Dragonball AF is supposed to mean "After Future". There are other stuff i've heard like "Alternative Future", "After Fusion", "Another Future" and "Altered Future". AF (if there is one) isn't dubbed into english yet becasue GT isn't even dubbed yet. Another rumor i've heard is that it's only a Comic and won't come out on T.V.. I've also heard that it was a comic and then they're making a series out of it. I heard the main characters are Goku, Goku Jr., Vegeta Jr., and Vegeta Jr.'s little sister, Vaiki. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. are supposed to be close friends like Trunks and Goten but are very competitive. I heard the story line is that there is an evil that no one can stop so they get the last of the Super Saiyan which is Goku's son's son's son's son to go back into time to get memebers of his family from the past and he got Goku. Then like Trunks when he went back into the future after Cell was defeated, Goku was able to go to the next level of Super Saiyan. I also heard King Kold also had another son who used some Dragonballs to wish that he can't die. But then Gosher who is 28(don't know who he is) goes back to time, he gets all the Z fighters. Then, they used the Dragonballs to make themselves immortal. The whole series is supposed to be about 370 episodes. I personally think Dragonball AF is just a hoax just like Dragonball X. If there was AF, don't you think there will be more Dragonball AF related sites instead of rumors and stuff like that? Well, if it turns out that it's real, well there goes my theroy. DBAF takes place around 120 years after the Freeza Saga. At this time Goku is off goin from planet to planet training and he comes across one planet which looks absolutely beautiful, he goes onto this planet for training and finds that all the people there look perfect, and also the gravity is 1000 times that of earths so he figures its ideal for training for a little while. He also meets this stunningly beautiful woman there who try's to seduce goku however goku resists because of his heart belonging to Chi-chi, she senses this but makes love to him in his dreams. Shortly after Goku leaves the planet and as he leaves, the planet turns into silver and it dissapears totally as well as everyone who inhabited it! Since the woman was a god and created a perfect illusion for goku she also sensed how powerful he was, she wanted to have his baby and create the ultimate being. Anyway around 120 years later she gives birth to a child named (i do not know the name) who is naturally born as a super saiya-jin 5 and is 1 year old, since he is half god and half saiya-jin he is the ultimate being however he is pretty much useless as he needs to be trained by someone great, his father obviously, Goku, so he goes off in search of his real father to be trained by him and become the greatest warrior in the universe from which his mother wants him to be. I talked with two of the voice actors for the new series happening in Japan and it will be about the adventures of Goku and Vegeta Jr. We saw these two at the end of Dragonball GT. I have also heard that the release date for the new series is May 26, 2001 in Japan. The new series will leave off where GT ended, but they have added new things. Some of these new things are Vegeta Jr's Sister Vaiki, Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. are best friends like Trunks and Goten, Kuririn is in it, and they plan to make 370 episodes. They say that DBAF is supposed to be better than all 3 DB series put together. It is supposedly going to be a manga first. The new series name will end up either Dragonball After Future or something else. There also might possibly be an evil twin of Goku Jr. This series is going to be more like DBZ with a thorough story line and not like GT