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Old Updates

Most recent updates at the bottem

11-19-00- I put some new profiles up in the profiles section

12-1-00- Sorry i havent updated in a while..... Well i put up a counter Today!

12-3-00- I put a section up today, About The Dragon Balls!

12-10-00- I put up a new section up today! It's How they turn SSJ!

12-11-00- I put up a new section today, it's Name Puns.

12-13-00- Iv'e been working on the page more often. Well I just put up the Rare Pictures section today, enjoy! I also put up the Humor Section

12-16-00- I made some awards and put up a section today. I also had to get a new counter for like the 3rd time.

12-17-00- I put up a Multimedia section with song downloads and I also changed the background and added music to this page.

12-20-00- New Link Snlegend:) Also i won 3 awards and put up a Saga Section!!!!
12-27-00- Sorry i havn't updated in a while didn't get the chance. But today I have won an award and put it up. I also put up a fan art section, if you have any fan art you want to submit, click Here
1-2-01- Sup Everyone!!! Happy New Year!!! I've got lots of humor by SSVegeta789 (Sorry I havent posted lots) but if someone besides him could send some in it would be nice. But keep sendin em in Vegeta :). If you got any Fan Art you can still send em in ya know!! Mines the only one posted and im not to good of an artist. Also from now on there will only be 7 updates on the main page at a time. Also if I have time tonight I will put the old ones in there on little section.
1-6-01- I won an award today.
1-8-01- I put up the Cell Saga:)
1-21-01- Sup everyone sorry for not updatin but i did today because many more visitors are comin to the site. I put up the Person of the Month today.:)
1-27-01- Angelfire F**ks Up AGAIN!!! I put up an award! Ps. Angelfire sucks ass
2-1-01- I made a bronZe Award!
2-3-01- I put up some Fan Art