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Hey what's up??? This is my newest DBZ page! I have 2 others, I'll have links to them in my Afflites Section. Since this a new page and all, it might take me a while to get some cool stuff on it. There will be a new quote each month and a new person each month. ~Mike~


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2-1-01- I made a bronZe Award!
2-3-01- I put up some Fan Art
2-8-01- Lots of updates Today!!! YAHOOOOO!!!! I got my thumbnails Up!! I put lots more pics up that are pretty cool check em out!!! Also im tryin to learn how to do frames so if anyone knows how to E-MAIL ME!!! here!!!I also put a new quote up and umm whats it called, oh yeah, person of the month. I have decided that i may put up a picture of the month also. Im also lookin for movie clips that i can put up but im not sure how so E-Mail me if you know how
2-14-01- Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!! And Happy Birthday To Me!!!. I put up the Movie Clips today which I think are one of the coolest things on the site. Right now im lookin for Multimedia to put on the page so if you have any, Send 'Em In
2-15-01- I got 2 more movie clips up and gonna try to get some pics up now.
You asked... I answerd. I put up lots of movie clips and like 6 gifs. If you think I should do something to make my site better, E-MAIL ME!!! Or Say so in my polls. I will make the correction.