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Super Saiyans


A regular Saiyan has black hair, black eyes, and a monkey tail. They are very evil species and have their own ways of doing things.

Super Saiyan

Reached by a huge deal of anger. Not only that, but you must also have a high power level minimum of about 100,000. Super Saiyans have gold/blond hair, blueish green eyes, and, when fighting, a gold glow around their bodies. Gokou is the first to reach this in the battle with Freiza. Trunks is the second, then Vegeta, Gohan, Chibi Trunks, and finally, Goten. Know one knows the sure power level of a saiyan, because the scouter is not used at the time Gokou first turns it.

Ultra Super Saiyan

Another big step in a Saiyan. Although USSJ is extremely powerful, the stage is also very, very slow and not agile. In this stage, the size of the Saiyan is said to increase 3 times, but by the way it looks, it's more like 50% larger than the original body. Trunks is the first one to reach this in the room of spirit and time, followed by his father Vegeta, then Gokou.

Super Saiyan Level 2

Like SSJ1, Super Saiyan 2 is also reached by a great deal of anger with a minimum power level of about 8,000,000. The looks of SSJ2 is a lot like SSJ1, the differences are minor, such as in SSJ2, the hair is more spikier and the ayes are not rounded. Also, in SSJ2, there is not only a gold glow, but blue sparks around the body as well. Gohan is the first to reach this stage. Followed by Gokou, then Vegeta.

Super Saiyan Level 3

Super Saiyan 3 has the same properties as SSJ2 except two things, SSJ# has no eyeborws and the hair is a LOT longer. SSJ3, like 1 and 2 is reached with a great deal of anger, with a minimum power level of about 23,000,000. SSJ3 is the most powerful form of SSJ in all DragonballZ. Son Gokou is the first and only ever to reach SSJ3.

Super Saiyan Level 4

SSJ4 is a big change in Saiyans. Saiyans only appear in this form in DBGT. In this stage, the Saiyan is half monkey and has red fur on his chest and back. The head hair is black[except when fused, the head hair is red], along with the eyebrows and eyes. You MUST HAVE A TAIL to reach this stage. This stage is the second most powerful stage in all Dragonball. It is reached, like the others, with a great deal of anger and a minimum power level of about 60,000,000. Gokou is the only one to reach this stage succesfully. Vegeta , on the other hand, reaches this from a machine thatBulma made for him.