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Race: Saiya-jin
Attacks: kamehameha, kio-ken, genki-dama, zanzoken, bukujutsu, SSJ, USSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, oozaru, fusion

The hero of all Dragonball. Gokou is a 3rd class Saiya-jin warrior. He dies three times throughout all DB. He is always a step ahead of anyone he is about to fight. Son Gokou is kind, and can switch from funny to serious, he is also very hungry before he fights. Gokou is also very stubborn and never lets anyone kill him in a fight without it being a sacrifice. He is the first on to reach SSJ1 in the battle with Lord Freiza on planet Namek.


Race: Saiya-jin
Attacks: kamehameha, masenko, zanzoken, bukujutsu, SSJ, SSJ2, oozaru, fusion

Being the son of Gokou, Gohan is very powerful as well. He is the first to hit SSJ2 when fighting Cell. Gohan's mom, Chi-chi, is very strict to gohan and always wants him to do his homework instead of fighting. Gohan is first trained under the eyes of Piccolo, and after that, in the android saga, Gokou trains with gohan in the room of spririt and time where Gohan first turnd Super-Saiyan.


Race: Saiya-jin
Attacks: kamehameha, zanzoken, bukujutsu, oozaru, fusion

Being the second son of Gokou, Goten turns Super-Saiyan early at age seven. When goten is born, his father, Gokou, was dead from the fight with Cell, therefore, Goten didn't know Gokou for a while after birth. Like his father, Goten is very stubborn, although he is not as powerful as his older brother and never goes SSJ2. Goten is granted, by Gokou, the chence to look after the Earth at the end of DBZ when Gokou goes away to train Uubu.


Race: Saiya-jin
Attacks: kamehameha, zanzoken, bukujutsu

The Daughter of Gohan, and the grand-daughter of Gokou. Pan isn't born until about 7 years after the defeat of Buu. She is also only in about 5 episodes of Z. Pan does have ki and does like to fight. In Dragonball GT, she becomes one of the three main stars of the characters. Herself, and her grand-father, son Gokou, defeat most of the evil Shenrons except the last. Although Pan is only in the last few episodes of DBZ, she is the last known survivor of Gokou, Trunks, gohan, goten, etc.


Race: Saiya-jin
Attacks: zanzoken, bukujutsu, oozaru, fusion, big-bang, garic shot, final flash, SSJ1, USSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4

Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyans. His father, being the king, was very harsh and cruel. That is where Vegeta got his attitude. When Vegeta was just a little boy, he was conquering a planet by the orders of Freiza when he dicovered that his planet, Vegeta, collided with another. Later on in Vegeta's life, he realized that it wasn't the fact that his planet collided with another, but that Lord Freiza destroyed it himself. When Vegeta met Gokou, and Gokou and the other special forces, he was jealous for the rest of his life. and always wanted to kill gokou from that day on.

Future Trunks

Race: Saiya-jin
Attacks: zanzoken, bukujutsu, final flash, big-bang, finish buster, final slash, SSJ, USSJ, oozaru, fusion

Although Trunks is the son of Vegeta, he is nice and kind, unlike Vegeta. Trunks [from the future] is probably the most important character in all DBZ. He lives 20 years into the future from the original time. At the time when Cyboarg Freiza comes, Trunks comes and kills Freiza, and warns everyone about the androids. This move by Trunks was a life saver to just about everyone living, even in his time.