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Saiyan Saga

It was the beginning, of a new life on the Earth. Gokou had just gotten done getting fire-wood for his new wife, Chi-chi. Gokou then went to look for Gohan, his 5-year-old son, to take him to himself to see some friends that Gokou hadn't seen for a while. Gokou found Gohan and started heading toward Master Roshi's house on the flying Nimbus.

Gokou and Gohan later arrived at Master Roshi's house. He said hi to everyone and told them that Gohan was his son. They were having a good time until Gokou saw something heading toward them. The figure landed. He looked like a regularhuman being with a tail. This man introduced himself. It turned out that the man's name was Raditz and that he was Gokou's older brother. everyone was surprised at this. Raditz told Gokou and the othes how and why he was on Earth. He said that gokou's real name was Kakarotto and that he is a Saiyan space fighter.

Raditz explained everything and asked gokou if he wanted to join with him to conquer the Earth. gokou refused. Therefore, Raditz took Gohan, and flew away.

After about five minutes, Piccolo, Gokou's rival at the time, appeared out of nowhere and asked Gokou to team-up to defeat Gokou's evil brother. Gokou joined Piccolo and started heading toward Gohan and Raditz.

Meanwhile, Raditz locked Gohan up in his capsule so he wouldn't have to hear him cry. After about five minutes, Raditz' scouter picked-up a high power level of 710. He knew it couldn't of been Gohan because a kid couldn't have that high of a power level. Therefore, Raditz thought his scouter was broken.

After a while, Raditz picked-up two more power levels not as high as the previous. He also saw that Piccolo and Gokou were flying toward him. Therefore, Raditz knew the scouterwasn't broken, and that Gohan had a power level of 710.