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1.Act in character but keep swearing down to a minimum
2.Saiyans are no exception to training but when healed their stats get a 500 boost and when brought back to this dimension they get 1,000 added to all stats
3.Must train at least once a week unless a good excuse is given
4. If you break the rules your out

Ki Level-this tells your how much Ki you have to attack with. When your out of Ki is gone you can't use Ki attacks any more for that battle.

Stats configurations

Power Level-how strong you are

Hit Points-your hit points are calculated by taking your power level and dividing it by 2 ex.Pl-10,000/2=5,000

Speed-this is your power level divided by 5. This tells how fast you can dodge an attack ex. Pl-10,000/5=2,000

Ki strength-take your HP divide it by 2 ex. HP-5,000/2=2,500

Strength-is half of your speed. It shows how well you are at hand to hand combat. Speed-2,000/2=1,000

You must put equal signs(=) around your attacks

When they get healed your PL increases by 500 and then refigure your stats that is not my job but I will double check your answers to prevent lying.

1.Must have at least 3 people to stat a team.
2.Must have a name and logo
3.To join a team you need the team's name
4.I must get an E-Mail saying that they accept you into their team
5.Must be on the same planet to join a team

1.Must have a ship
2.Must E-Mail me telling where you are going and I will tell you how long it takes to get there
3.The day amount it according to real time