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Bukujutsu-the ability to fly-10
Destructo Disc-a disc of Ki that can cut through almost anything-500
Special Beam Cannon-a spiraling beam of Ki-1,500
Kame Hame Ha-a Ki blast shot from the hands-2,000
Final Flash-a very large blast emitted from all around the user. As a result the user turns to stone.-8,000
Masenko-a Ki blast shot from the hand(s). Simialar to Kame Hame Ha.-1,900
Gallet Gun-Kame hame ha like blast-2,000
Instantaneous Monement-Ki lock teleportation-10,000
*Kaioken-a power up that multiplies your power by the level-3,000 per level
*Genki Dama-a life force energy ball-15,000
Solar flare-blinds your opponent for three turns-1,000
Split form-creates duplicates of yourself and divides your power level by how many total of you-1,200
Big Bang Attack-a Ki blast shot from one hand-5,000
Sense Ki-ability to sense ki-0
Power Level Read-ability to read the opponents Power lewer and up to 75% of whats hidden if any-0
Ryuu Ken Bakahatsu-a golden dragon replaces the user and impales the opponent wraps around them and kills them-1,000,000
Moon blast-artificial moonlight-5,000
Controled Oozaru-Controled form of Oozaru-0
Ki Restoration-restores all of your Ki(use once per battle)-0
Tail Strike-Strikes opponent with your tail-10
Barrier-Protective sheild around the user-100 per minute
Super Ghost Kamikazi-Spit out ghost copies of the user that explode on contact-500 per ghost
Fusion-the ability to for two people with the same power level,same race and very close to same height to fuse and double all stats for one battle. Must both say the position at the same time.-20,000
Mask Power LevelAbility to hide your power level-0
Super Kaioken-Kaioken while in super form.Must know Kaioken to use-4000 a turn
Hyper Tornado Attack-user spins around in one place untill they form a tornado around them. Traps the opponent for as long as the attack power is higher then the opponent-2500
Thunder Flash Attack-user charges up for 2 turns while the opponent is stunned. Then the user puts his fists together and releases a huge blast of fire.almost impossible to dodge.-7000

Super ________(Human,Namek,Saiyan,etc.)

S._.1-(sayian)hair turns golden and eyes turn green, must be losing badly,then there is a 50/50 chance to trigger the transformation(all)multiplies power by 1.5-(base power for multiplying)1,000,000
Ultra S._.1-(sayian)Hair becomes slightly longer(all)bulk up multiplies base power by 2 and adds it onto current level-2,000,000
S._.2-(saiyan)Hair becomes longer and more spikier(all)multiplies base power by 2.5-4,000,000
Ultra S._.2-(saiyan)Hair even spikier(all)Bulk up but your slow, multiplies base power by 3-5,000,000
S._.3-(sayian)Hair grows really long, you are stronger(all)uses up energy faster, multiplies base power by 3.5-10,000,000
Ultra S._.3-(all)bulk up but extremely slow, multiplies power by 4-15,000,000
S.S. Oozaru-Saiyan goes Super sayian in Oozaru, multiplies Oozaru power level by 10
S._.4-(saiyan)Black hair red fur grows on back and arms(all)multiplies base by 10-25,000,000
Ultra S._.4-(all)bulk up multiplies base by 15-30,000,000