Camlann Medieval Faire
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Welcome to my Camlann Medieval Faire Page

The following page contains many graphics of the Camlann Medieval Faire held on a yearly bases in Carnation, Washington. All but a few of these pictures were taken back in 1989 when my Mom and Dad had a booth at the faire. The faire has changed dramatically since then, but the same setting remains now as it did then. It is a friendly setting with entertainment around every corner, such as a bard and his instrument, the court Jester (named Roger, whom of which runs the Medieval Faire), or the Magician of whose name has been forgotten. Please, look around at the pictures, and bear with me. I know they are bright. The monitor my scanner was hooked to is very dark, so I brightened them to a normal color on that monitor, which made them much to bright. Also, click on the picture to view its full size. Enjoy your stay, and leave a comment in the guestbook on my main site, or e-mail.

This is a picture of the central courtyard where the knights fight over the fair maden. You can see that infront of the "castle" the squires are helping the knights put on their armor for the upcoming duel.

Here is a picture of two knights that are about to fight. They are wearing real chainmail armor, which is covered in a tunic. They are using wooden clubs as weapons for safety, but now adays I believe they use real swords.

Here is a picture of two knights engaged in battle. In this picture, you can see that under the tunic, these knights are wearing breastplate. Also, if you look at the top of the "castle", you will see the princess of which they are fighting for. You can also see two other knights and the king, of whose name I believe is Richard, watching the knights battle for his daughter.

This is a picture of a knight delivering a heavy blow to his opponent. If you look a little to the right, you can see a knight dressed in ready getting ready for his battle. Also, not all the spectators, for this is one of the most popular events at the Faire, and is very fun to watch.

This picture shows two of the more advanced knights conversing with one another before they duel. You can tell that they are more advanced by the armor they are wearing, which happens to be full plate mail. They still use the wooden swords as all the other knights for safety reasons, but as I said earlier, they now use real swords in their sparring.

This picture is of a knight training his squire. I can tell this because of the blow the larger man, the knight, is delivering to the squire. He isn't just hitting the squire, but instead arching his arm over the squire and hitting him in the back of the head, basically taunting him.

This is a picture of two knights that are showing off to the crowd. You can tell because of the way they are holding thier clubs. They are slung on their shoulder rather then infront of them to strike or parry blows.