Teams(5 on a team)

Teams are an essential part of this rpg. Teammates will help you if you are in need of items, Team Battles, etc...You do not have to join a team but joining a team may help you in some things.(joining a team is $100)You may also change teams on the course of time but you will have to pay $100 so choose wisely.

Here are some of our teams:


Destruction Squad: Living on earth, far away from the city, the destroy anything in there path. There ability to fight however, is still unknown. **Boosts up Strength**

Maraqua Troops: Living in the depths of the ocean, are the swimming, swift, maraquans. They are very fast on account of they train in the water. But how they can survive under the water for a long time is another question...**Boosts up Speed**

Terror Force: Living in the high mountains, these people are immortal. Joing there team will be like an elightenment.They can surive in the toughest weather and last the longest in battle. But no one has surived training with them on account of people being weak. Will you be the first? (Recommended for stronger fighters)**Boost up HP**

Desert Commanders: These people storm the desert looking for treasure. They read many books and study a lot to seek their treasure. They are always searching, especially for the dragonballs. But even though there fighting is a little rusty, they will probably have the best weapons.(Remember, IQ is needed to build items)**Boost up IQ**

Other Teams: These are teams that do not boost up any stats but buy joining a team, It may increase the power of your weapon, you luck(in looking for items such as dragonballs),etc...

Perfect Squad

X Team

Inferno Squad

Fusion Team