DBZ Humor

Well I am just starting this so it ain't much. I'll update as much as I can. Here is something amusing gotten from http://members.atozasia.com/linta/

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**Ways to tell if you're a DBZ newbie**

1. You think GT means Goku's Tiny
2. You think Frieza is a girl
3. You get all excited when Goku turns Super Saiyan, thinking that now nobody will ever beat him.
4. When someone talks about Trunks, you laugh, thinking they are talking about underwear as though it was a person
5. You think that Goku kills Frieza for good
6. You think about how one day Yamcha and Bulma will get married
7. You are incredibly confused when your obsessive friend tells you that Krillin marries someone named 18.
8. You see a picture of Goku in SSJ 3 mode and you say, "Hey, that looks like that guy off of DBZ, only he has shorter hair."
9. When Krillin spares Vegeta's life, you get very angry, wishing they would have killed him.
10. When you read this list, you are offended.

**What You Wouldn't Expect To Hear From your Z Team**

Gohan :Dad i can't train now i'm doing my home work.
Vegeta:Bulma i am gona skip the tornament to spend time with you.
Master Roshi: I am giving up women forever.
Vegeta: Kakorot I finally realised you are the strongest

Wasn't that a rather bit amusing? I'll get more coming... Don't worry!

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