Dbz Jerry Springer Show

Jerry Springer show logo appears.The Crowd is clapping as Jerry makes in to the stage.

Jerry:welcome everyone Todays topic is "My Girl friend left me for the man responsible for my death"So lets get things started.I'd like you all to welcome Yamcha.Yamcha comes to the stages and sits down.

Jerry:So tell us about your girlfriend Yamcha.

Yamcha:Well we met when we were late teens at first we were enemies but later we became inseperable we were madly in love.

Jerry:So what went wrong Yamcha?

Yamcha:Well couple of years ago,Earth was attacked by two evil saiyins. me and couple friends of mine tried to defeat them but sadly I died.

Audience boos

Yamcha:anyway Goku friend of mine let one of the saiyins live.Goku thought he turned good.He didnt even help Goku on planet Namek afterthat espcially Bulma.Soon After that she left me for him.

Audience boos again

Jerry:We have a surprise fo you Yamcha.Lets bring out Bulma.

Bulma enters the stage and sits by Yamcha.She is angry

Bulma:Yamcha why the (beep) did you bring me here.I have a life too unlike yours.

Yamcha:Bulma I want you back

Bulma:Well you cant have me.Vegetas my man.

Jerry:Calm down everyone Bulma tell me why you left Yamcha.

Bulma:Cause he is a SLUT!!!

Crowd:Jerry Jerry

Yamcha:She is a (beep)ing liar.

Bulma:You should see him he eyes any slut that walks in to the room.

Yamcha:Thats not true(he stops talking as he watches a female bodyguard walking)can I have your number?

Bulma slaps Yamcha

Bulma:see what I mean

Yamcha:Thats just one person

Bulma:Oh,hell no

Yamcha:Than name one


Yamcha:Oh I forget about her.

Bulma:See if I get together with that mother(beep)er he'll cheat on me right away.

Jerry:Yamcha What do you have to say about this

Bulma:-(interrupting)He only liked me be because of some these(She rips her shirt and her bra. The crowd starts to cheer Yamcha starts drooling

Crowd:Jerry Jerry

Bulma starts swearing like crazy.Security guards come and takes Bulma away from the stage.

Jerry: finally thats over okay lets bring out Vegeta.

Vegeta sits by Yamcha with a angry face

Jerry:Vegeta why dont you tell us why you killed Yamcha?

Vegeta:Well the little brat got in the way of my plans to destroy Earth

Jerry:Why did you want destroy Earth Vegeta.

Vegeta:Because Im a saiyin duh.

Yamcha:I can't believe I was left for this (beep)ing psyco.

Vegeta:What the (beep) did you say Yamcha?

Yamcha:Kiss my (beep)


Jerry: calm down

Vegeta:He's just pissed cause Im more of a man than him!

Yamcha:You are not even a man you are just a (beep)ing monkey Vegeta gets pissed and throws ki at yamcha and kills him

Jerry:Holy (beep)!!!!!!

Thats what you get for (beep)ing my girlfriend!

Crowd:Jerry Jerry

Jerry: well will be right back after these mesages.
Okay Folks were back

Before the commercials Vegeta killed Yamcha now lets talk with Vegeta

Jerry:Vegeta why did you kill Yamcha he didn't hurt you.

Vegeta:Well that son of a (beep) was pissing me off.

crowd:boo boo

Jerry:Vegeta we have a surprise for you Bulma come out (every one is clapping)

Bulma:Oh Vegeta (Bulma kises Vegeta)




Vegeta:will you marry me?

Bulma:Yes I will marry you!

Jerry:Wait Bulma you cant marry with that guy


Jerry:Because HE IS GAY

Vegeta:shut up

Jerry:you shut up (beep) Bulma marry me please (Some people on Jerry Springer said Vegetas was so mad he is Power level was 50,000,000,000)


After that the whole World was destroyed.

The End