Welcome to my series section. This section will just have a little summary about each series. Since I don't know crap-doodle about DBGT and the ending of DBZ then it won't go very far because I don't know how to speak/understand japanese so the things I download aren't understandable to me.

Here's a summary about all the series together, this will be updated about monthly because I need each saga to end before I can cook up something interesting about the series. So here's the summary that I can remember from the watching I've done for these past years.

In the beggening, our hero Goku is catching some fish. On the way home he runs into a girl named Bulma who is looking for a Dragon Ball. So Goku then tells here he has one on his hat and Bulma wants it but Goku wont give it to her so he joins here on the hunt this girl is on. On the way they meet some friends including Yamcha, Teinshin, Choa-Szu, Kaiosama, Krillin, Chi-Chi and some others. At the end of Dragon Ball, Goku marries Chi-Chi and has a son named Gohan. Later, Goku's evil brother Raditz comes and kidnaps Gohan. So Goku and his arch-enemy, Piccollo have to team up to kill Raditz. Raditz soon shows he is stronger then both of them and Goku has to give up his life to defeat him. With Goku training up in haven, his trainer King-Kai informs him the two evil saiyans are headed toward earth and will be there in 3 months! So everyone starts training down on earth while Goku's getting special training. When the 3 months pass the group go too the landing spot of these saiyans and a battle rages on. One of the saiyans, Nappa planet 6 little seed which soon hatch into 6 little devilish green Saibeman. So Yamcha tries them on first he easily injure the first one but it uses a kamikaze and blows both of them up. So the rest of the group takes on and soon kills the rest of the saibeman. Nappa then takes on Tein but takes one arm of him, so Choa-Szu sneaks up on Nappa and uses his kamikaze which hardly scratches Nappa. So Tein gets hell of pissed and uses up all his energy which doesn't touch Nappa. Then Piccollo, Krillin, and Gohan fight Nappa. Piccollo and Krillin are the only ones brave enough to fight and when they get him into a spot where it's Gohan's turn to shoot a key, he hides and gets told off. So Nappa shoots a blast at Gohan, but Piccollo takes the hit and dies. Goku then arrives with senzu-beans, which fully heal the rest of them, Krillin and Gohan. So Goku injures Nappa, but the other saiyan Vegeta kills him. Vegeta and Goku fight with Vegeta being stronger. Vegeta produces a fake moon and turns into an ape and trashes up Goku. Goku then uses his new technique Kaio-Ken and soon uses a Kamehameah against Vegeta's Gallet Gun and shoots him high in the sky. With Goku resting, Vegeta comes back and retreats to Planet Namek.

More Coming Soon!