Daily News - 10/8/00
So far I have aton done, I'm still shooting for full epsiodes/movies. Also I'm going to shoot for a chat room and a message board so If anyone has any good ones they can send me so I can sign up please thanx.

New Updates - 10/8/00
Also a need some affiliates people, so e-mail me if you want to link back to me. Okay that's all for today.

Daily News - 10/9/00
Hello people need some affiliates here, also the Cell Game started so now the intense action starts undergoing. If anyone wants to become an affiliate e-mail me, because I don't just want the Vote For Me link on the right side. Daily Updates - 10/9/00
I put up more images, clips, and I'm trying to upload these episodes but can't seem to. I think it's cause of memory, anyway the full episodes won't be up until I know what it is. For now, see ya.