Things DB People Would never say
Welcome to my things db people would never say section. Here are some qoutes, I think, the characters of DB/Z/GT would never, ever, in their life say. If you have any to donate please e-mail it to me.

Gohan Sorry dad, got studying can't train with you today

Vegeta I'm going have to skip on this fight today

Vegeta You guys are so irrigant you know there's much prettier and interesting things out there other than fighting

Bulma Goku your late, never on time. Now get to the battle field on the double

Chi-Chi Gohan, stop studying. Go out and train, studying is for dorks.

Andriod 16 All animals and plants must die, hatred!

Krillin Goku, I hate you! Your not my homie anymore. C'mon Vegeta let's go pick up on some chicks

Piccollo Gohan get your ass up and fight me! I'll kill you!

Master Roshi Porn magazines! Who needs them, burn them all. Mwuahahahaha.

Oolong I hate these channels where girls exercise change it too a horror movie