Welcome to my humor section. Here are some things I wrote up for some laugs, some cool humerous images and comics. All of the writing is Copyrighted for Saiyan Central 2K, and if you want it on your page ask me first. Please, thanx, so go and have a jolly old time.

Name - Bored... Another Baby!!!
By -

Vegeta I'm bored there's nothing todo around here since we killed Evil Shenlong?
Trunks Father you'r so irrigant, there's a bunch of other things todo then fight!
Gohan Hey everyone! as he enters through the door I'm back from college.
Chi-Chi I'm so proud of you Gohan! Now get right to studying so you can get a good job!
Gohan Awww, mom can I have a break
Goku Let the kid have a break Chi-Chi, he just got back grom college!
Narrater BOOM, something blasts through the door
Mysterious Man ROWL!!! Chi-Chi guess what!
Chi-Chi WHAT!?! Who are you?
Mysterious Man You'r pregnant!
Chi-Chi/Goku Not again!
Goku Damnit Chi-Chi!!! I thought I told you too take those birth control pills!
Chi-Chi Sorry..., I guess I forgot.
Goku Damn straight you forgot. whispers under his breath just I just can 't take that woman.
Chi-Chi Goten needed help on something.
Goten No I didn't!
Goku That's the last time I ever have it with you again!
Krillin Hey, 18 do you think we'll have any kids?