Dragon Balls
Welcome to my dragon ball info section. This section is too help all of you that know hardly anything about this Dragon Ball thing. Since I don't know everything, there won't be everything about Dragon Balls here, well almost.

There are 3 sets of 7 dragon balls, so there are a total of 21 dragon balls all over the universe. The 3rd set of dragon balls don't appear until the z heroes make their 7th wish.

Earth Dragon Balls - 1 wish (can bring back aton of stuff and more powerful wish then anyone)
Namek Dragon Balls - 3 wishes (can only bring back one person at a time)
Dark Star Dragon Balls - ??? Wishes

Earth Dragon Balls those are the main Dragon Balls to find until the Z Group traveled to Namek where they found the Namek Dragon Balls. The Earth's can bring back a whole group of people if you tell the Dragon right.

Namek Dragon Balls these are the second Dragon Balls the Z crew were after when they landed on Planet Namek. These Dragon Balls can grant three wishes but you can only bring back one person at a time.

Dark Star Dragon Balls these Dragon Balls the Z Group weren't really after but had to collect because in one year they'd make earth explode. These were spread all of the universe so they alot harder to find then the rest of the Dragon Balls. These Dragon Balls once found exposed their greated enemy ever fought, Evil Shenlong and his 7 Dragons!