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Here's the training

*Your ki and spd raise 1/2 of the pl you gain. And your hp gains the same as your pl.

Master Roshie: Get training from master roshie. Your PL rises 5,000 and you learn kamehameha.

Kame: You learn triform and teleport and you battle the sayians from the past. Your PL rises 8,000

King Kai: You have to be in the next deminsion to do this or you can teleport there. You learn kaioken 1-50 and spirt bomb. Your PL rises 15,000

Krillin: Spar with krillin and you learn destructo disk. Your PL rises 25,000.

Choazu: Spar with choazu and learn self-destruct. Your PL rises 35,000

Yamcha: Spar with Yamcha and learn Eye laser. Your PL rises 45,000

Tien: Spar with Tien and you learn Solarflare. Your PL rises 50,000

Guldo: Spar with Guldo and learn Time freeze. Your PL rises 70,000

Zarbon 1st Form: Spar with Zarbon's 1st form and learn monster transformation. Your PL rises 90,000

Zarbon 2nd Form: Spar with Zarbon's 2nd form and learn kakusan. PL rises 125,000

Jace: Spar with Jace and learn Fireball. Your PL rises 145,000

Recoom: Spar with Recoom and learn breath blast. Your PL rises 170,000

Captain Ginyu: Spar with Captain Ginyu and learn Body Change. Your PL rises 200,000

Frezia: Spar with Freiza and learn Freiza Energy Disk and Deathball. Your rises PL 230,000

Vegeta: Spar with Vegeta and learn Final Flash and Big Bang Attack and Gallet Gun. Your PL rises 500,000

Goku: Spar with Goku and learn Chou Kamhameha and Renzokou Kamehameha. Your PL rises 1,000,000

Chibi Gohan: Spar with Chibi Gohan and learn Spirit Bomb fase 1. Your PL rises 10,000,000

Chibi Goten: Spar with Chibi Goten and learn Spirit bomb fase 2. Your PL rises 10,000,000