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Sparing/Training Rules

These are the Sparing/Training Rules

*When you raise your pl 500,000 u can pick a new move or technique.

(1) Sparing:

After each spar your power-ups are like this if you win:


PL: 10,000

Ki: 5,000


HP: 10,000

(2) Battles:

If you win:


PL: 4,000

Ki: 2,000

Spd: 1,400

HP: 20,000

If you lose:


PL: 500

Ki: 250

Spd: 225

HP: 2,500

*Battles are based on hits (look at rules #8) and 1 hit = 10,000 HP.

*If you lose 10 battles you get sent to King Kai's for a week and your PL raises 1,000 a day.

(3) If you win 10 battles you can pick a new move. After you learn every move and technique you can make a trade mark move every 10 battles you win

(4) Training:

If you train your stats go up like this:

PL: 5,000

Ki: 2,500

Spd: 2,500

HP: 5,000

If you train in a gravitron, multiply 5 x the training or the sparing. *Weighted Clothing doubles everything, if you have it.

*All of these are based on 30 minutes of time