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Here is where you buy items for the rpg

Power Pole: it is a pole that extened and is impossiable to block. Cost 2,000g

Blaster: what frieza's henchmen use. Cost 1,000g

Nimbus: you can use this instead of flying and wasting your ki. Cost 5,000g

Scouter: it can detect someone's pl Cost 10,000g

Turtle: is like Master Roshie's, it adds 500 two your health. Cost 5,000g

Sword: is good versus some one that is evil in a battle, if you get traning by Tapion he will turn it into a hope sword. Cost 5,000g

Capsule Corp Ship: This is the ship Goku used to go to Namek. It has a gravitron that can go up to 100x earth's gravity. Cost 60,000g

Senzu Beans: When you are weakened during battle eat it and it will give you 1/2 of your life back (5 in a bag). Cost 1,000g

Sieba Men Beans: plant these in the ground and they fight your enemy and damage them later in battle. Cost 5,000

Sayain Armor: Adds 10,000 to your pl when in use. Cost 5,500g

Weighted Clothing: When your pl increses, it doubles that number. Cost 4,000g

Rejuvenation Chanber: Heals you and increases your pl by 1/4. Cost 45,000g

Saibamen: You can spar with them and raise there pl and yours. They can also battle for you. PL 10,000 Ki: 5,000 Spd: 5,000 HP: 10,000. Cost 10,000g

Henchmen: They can spar and battle with you. Their PL is 10,000, Ki is 5,000, Spd is 5,000, and their HP is 10,000. There are 3 races: Sayains, Namek, and earthling. Cost is 20,00g

Dragon Radar: helps u find the dragonballs. Cost 15,000.

Gravity Machine: can multiply earth's gravity 100 x. Cost: 35,000g

Sayain Space Pod: a space pod that can take one person into outerspace. Cost: 25,000g

Petra Earings: allows 2 people to fuse. Teaches fusion to both people. Cost: 10,000g

*Saibaman and henchman moves are the same as ur moves!

*If u spar with ur saibaman or henchman u get double the money