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Welcome to Planet Cell-Home of the Androids!! VOTE FOR ME!!

Planet Cell
Posted By: Cell: May 30, 2001
Hello everyone, Cell here and I have major news. Ok i did something very stupid, i forgot the username and password to edit the site and i just remembered it today so now this site/rpg will be up and running starting now. thanks.

Planet Cell
Posted By: Cell: December 8, 2000
Hello and welcome to Planet Cell. I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy my site. The rpg is now open for training so if you want to join just go to the join page and do what it says. This site is not just for the rpg. It was a request that i make one because i have made a few in the past. I will have more and more dbz related stuff soon but for now this will have to do. It will take 1 day at the most to get some new stuff up.

New Goal
Posted By: Cell: December 9, 2000
My goal for this rpg is to recieve as many hits to my site as possible. In order to do that i will need to make this site the best. i know its not the best right now but it will be soon so after you visit tell your friends about Planet Cell. Also vote for my site too. Thank you and have a wonderful time here.

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