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4/25/01 - |Saiyan|
Hey people... alot of new stuff has been added.. 32 screen captures... 2 video clips.. 46 hq pics... 30 scanned pics... and 4 edited pics done by me... check them out if ya can thanx... I'm out..
4/23/01 - |Saiyan|
Well.. there isn't much to say at the moment.. i put up 13 video clips, 6 sound waves, and 2 winamp skins and that's about it.... eventually i will get alot more stuff done.. i don't have the time at the moment... I'm out..
4/21/01 - |Saiyan|
Hey everyone.... sorry i haven't posted an update in awhile... I have been updating though... as you can see... everything is different... just thought the site needed a change... so here it is.. i hope you's like it... thanx for coming... I'm out..
4/06/01 - |Saiyan|
Sorry people, i haven't been feeling well lately and i wasn't able to update that much. I don't know what's in store for the next couple weeks, so stay tuned and we'll see what happens. Thanx for coming. I'm out.
3/30/01 - |Saiyan|
Hey people, sorry for not posting any updates the past couple days. I've been updating just not posting. I've put up 401 screen captures, 139 images, and most of the info is complete so far, sorry it's not that much, but i've had some trouble with my connection, but anyway. There will be alot of new sections coming in the next couple of days. So, stay tuned in on this page. Thanx for coming and please do come again. Adios.
3/22/01 - |Saiyan|
Hey everyone. This site is new, actually it just got started on today. I've been working on it alot so far. It's coming along quite nicely, I hope you's approve of it. Well that's about it for now. Be expecting tons more to come in the next couple weeks. Thanx for coming and please do come again. :)