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Saiya-jin Saga

The Saiyan Saga began when Goku and all of his friends were gathering for their reunion at Master Roshi's house.Krillin,Bulma,and Master Roshi were already there.When Goku arrived they noticed that he did not come alone.Goku told them that this was his son. They were all very surprised.Goku said that his name is Gohan. Just as they were starting to talk. They noticed that someone was coming. The evil saiyan Raditz was coming to get Goku to join the other Saiyans to conquer planets. Raditz and the other Saiyans are like realestate agents. They go to planets, conquer them and then sell them to the highest bidder. Goku refused to go with Raditz. So naturally Raditz got really mad and kidnapped Goku's son. Raditz told Goku that he had to kill 100 people for all the people on earth to live. Shortly after Raditz left Piccolo arrived and told Goku that they should team up to defeat Raditz. So they fly off to do battle with Raditz. Raditz is much stronger than the two of them, so they don't really stand much of a chance. Then Piccolo decides to try his special beam cannon, but it takes him five minutes to charge it up. So Goku has to stall Raditz. When the beam cannon is finally ready Piccolo fires and missed! Meanwhile Gohan is traped in Raditz's spaceship. When he sees his dad getting beat up real bad, Gohan gets enraged at the site of his dad getting beat up and gets enormous power out of his anger. He breaks out of the ship, and flies towards Radtiz and headbuts him in the stumach very hard. After doing this Gohans power goes away and he doesn't remember anything about his power. Then Raditz hits Gohan and is going to kill him when Goku sneaks up behind him and grabs him with a full-nelson. Now Piccolo can charge up his special beam cannon again. This time Raditz can't move because Goku is holding him and so Piccolo makes a direct hit in the stomach but it goes through Raditz and Goku so it kills them both. But then Piccolo mentions the dragonballs. And Saiyans that are even stronger hear this because Raditz has a transmitter. So now they have decided to come to earth for the dragonballs,and they will arrive in one year. The Saiyans that are coming are Vegeta and Nappa. While everyone was waiting for the Saiyans to arrive, Piccolo took Gohan to train him so he could help them fight the Saiyans. Meanwhile, Kami called Krillin, Yamcha, Chou-zu, Tien and Yajirobe to his lookout to train. And Goku, is traveling down snake way to get to King Kai's planet to train. So it seams like no one is taking the news of the Saiyans lightly. While Krillin,and the others are training at Kami's Lookout, They go to a time training room. Everybody but Yajirobe is going to go back in time to train. Yajirobe chickened out as usual.So they go back in time about 100 years to train. They go to the planet Vegeta. There are two Saiyans there. Krillin and the others got beat really, really bad. When they came back they were not harmed because only there fighting spirits went back in time. They were very surprised when Kami informed them that the two Saiyans that are coming to earth are three times as strong as the ones that they just battled. Meanwhile on snake way, Goku meets princess snake. They say she is a beauty queen, but she really eats people that fall into her trap like Goku did. When he tries to escape, she turns into a huge snake and chases him but Goku escapes easily and continues and makes it to King Kai's planet. After the one year is up, Goku tells Master Roshi to wish him back because the Saiyans are about to arrive. But Goku has to travle all the way back up snake way so he will be a day late. So the fighters on Kami's Lookout go back to earth. When the Saiyans arrive, they deploy six little green men called Sibamen. The first one to die is Yamcha because one of the Sibamen wrapped himself around Yamcha and self-destucted. Then Krillin comes in and destroys the rest of them at once. Now with the Sibamen gone Vegeta let Nappa fight first. Napa kills everyone except Krillin and Gohan. Then Goku arrives! He easily overpowers and breaks Nappa's back so vegeta kills Nappa. So after a grueling battle between Goku and Vegeta, Vegeta transforms into a huge ape like all Saiyans do at the light of the full moon. But instead of a moon Vegeta used some energy. But no one notices Yajirobe hiding. After Krillin and Gohan's attemp to cut of Vegeta's tale (thats how you reverse a Saiyan's transformation), everyone thinks all hope is lost then, of all people,Yajirobe cuts of Vegeta's tail with his sword. With Goku crippled, he can't use the energy he had gathered to use the Spirit Bomb, so he gives it to Krillin. It makes a direct hit! But that doesn't finish Vegeta off. When he falls back to earth Gohan takes a look at the powerball in the sky that Vegeta used to transform. But what Vegeta doesn't know is that Gohan has a tale and can transform! So Gohan transforms and goes crazy. But Vegeta manages to cut off Gohan's tale. So all hope looks lost again, but Gohan, still a big ape falls on Vegeta forcing him to escape to his spaceship and retreat.
Namek Saga

The Namek Saga begins after Krillin and Gohan get better from the fight with Vegeta and Nappa.They decide to go to Planet Namek to collect the dragon balls.They have to collect the Namek dragon balls because after piccolo died so did Kami,and since Kami died the dragon died to.There is one problem though they dont have a ship.So Mr.PoPo takes Bulma to Kami's old ship that he came to earth in.Since Bulma is a science wiz she figures out the controlles in no time. On there way to namek Krillin,Bulma,and Gohan face many obsticles .First they get trapped by a space colony and are acused of being henchmen of Frieza.Things weren't going well at all ,because none of the people would believe anything Krillin,Bulma,and Gohan said.But after a metier shower hit the ship Bulma helped guide the ship away from the meters,and Krillin,and Gohan saved some children so they were let free.Then they finally landed on Namek(or so they thought)and met two nameks and began searching for the dragon balls.but after they found some clues and stuff .They found out that they were on a barren waste land planet and the nameks were just shape shifters,that were trying to steal their space ship,and leave them stranded.But Gohan and Krillin made short work of them and proceded to the real Planet Namek. Once on namek Krillin,Bulma,and Gohan find a safe spot to camp.Meanwhile on earth goku has escaped from the hospital and trying to train,but just hurts him self and ends up back in the hospital.Now back to Namek.Gohan and Krillin's energy is picked up by two of frieza's henchmen ,but it turns out that the men were weak and Krillin and Gohan took them out.Elsewhere on King Kai's planet Tien,Choa-zu,Piccolo,and Yamcha are training like crazy to get prepred to be wished back.Now back to Namek.Gohan and Krillin sense some high power levels and start spying on then,its the evil Frieza and his hench men taking on some nameks.Frieza alredy has five dragon balls.In the next few hours Vegets gets to namek an takes out all of Frieza's henchmen except for zarbon.Vegeta fights Zarbon and gets his ass kicked and is left for dead.Then Frieza orders Zarbon to go get Vegeta ,and bring him to his ship.He is then put in to a reguvination tank.After he is healed he takes some of Frieza's ship guarders.Then he steals the dragon balls,and hides,then chases after Krillin to still his dragon ball that he got from the eldest namek.Zarbon then follows Vegeta after they all land Vegeta fights Zarbon again and kills him.Then he takes Krillins dragon ball.Bulma eventually geta call from earth saying that Goku is better and will be to Namek in six days.Meanwhile back at Frieza's ship Frieza is highering the Ginyu Force his private army.
Ginyu Saga

The Ginyu Saga begins when the elite Ginyu force arives on Planet Namek.After the Ginyu force lands Frieza emetiatly sends them to find the dragonballs and Vegeta.When the Ginyu force finds Vegeta,Gohan,Krillin,and Denda they steal the dragonballs and Captain Ginyu leaves to take the dragonballs back to Frieza,and the others stay to fight.Guldo fights first and eventually Gohan and Krillin gain the upper hand ,but get caught in a energy ball and Vegeta saves then and finish's Guldo.Rikum fights Krillin first,and Krillin gets in a few shots but ends up losing.Then Gohan steps in and put a good fight,but he ends up losing to.So then Vegeta fight him and nocks him around a bit but eventually Rikum gains the upper hand and beats Vegeta.Then Goku arrives and gives then senzu beans,and then starts to fight Rikum and easily kills him.Then Jeice and Burter fight him but goku kills Burter,and then lets Jeice go.Then they have a little reuniun type thing and then a few minutes later Jeice shows up with Captain Ginyu.So Goku tells Gohan and Krillin to go get the dragonballs since there ungaurded since Frieza went to find the pass word to the balls.Goku then asks Vegeta to help him fight Captain Ginyu,Vegeta agrees.then when there about to fight Vegeta fly's away and leaves Goku to fight.They start to fight and they exchange blows for awile untill Goku releases his true power.Then Captain Ginyu realizes that he is over powered and wounds him self and then switch's bodys with Goku,then leaves him for dead,and heads to where Gohan and Krillin are.After Ginyu gets there he acts like he is Goku , but Gohan and Krillin didnt buy it so they started to fight him and start winning since he does not know how to use Goku's body.Then Goku arrives and watchs.Vegeta starts to fight Jeice so they fight a little bit then Vegeta says that he has only been playing with him ,and proceeds to kill Jeice.Then Ginyu learns how to use Goku's body and starts beatting Krillin and Gohan,Goku learns how to use Ginyu's body and starts to help them.But all three of their power combined cant take Ginyu out.So then Vegta comes and kicks the crap out of Ginyu,then Ginyu goes to change with vegeta but Goku jump in the way,and as a result he gets his own body back.Then Ginyu lets Vegeta pound him and try's to switch body's agains but Goku throughs a frog in the way and then Ginyu became a frog.After that Vegeta put Goku in the resteration tank to heal him,and gives Gohan and Krillin some saiyan armor.
Freeza Saga

The Race for the Namek Dragon Balls. As Goku is rushed to a hospital, it's revealed that the Dragon Balls on Earth are now inert due to Piccolo's demise. The only hope to bring back the dead heroes is to fly to Planet Namek for the original Dragon Balls. Headstrong and technically-talented as always, Bulma rushes forward, figuring out how to use a Namek Space Craft that Mr. Popo showed her so she can reach Namek. Bulma, Krillin and Gohan are off to Planet Namek. But they are not the only ones after the Dragon Balls. Vegeta returns to Frieza Planet #79 to regenerate himself using a special medical tank. He discovers that his former boss, Frieza, has already left for Namek after the Dragon Balls. Vegeta rushes off to Namek to find the Dragon Balls for himself. Soon, Vegeta, Frieza, and our heroes are on Namek searching for the seven Dragon Balls. There is one Dragon Ball per Namek village, each ball being protected by the village elder. Frieza has an entourage of minion monsters which terrorize the villages, eventually gaining four Dragon Balls. On route to Namek, Gohan, Krillin and Bulma run into one of the many dangers of space: an alien warship. Caught offguard, they are ambushed as they investigate the alien ship. Fortunately for our friends, the ship enters an asteroid belt. Bulma jumps to the rescue and steers the ship out of harm. The aliens, who are actually refugees looking for a new home because Frieza destroyed their planet, realize Gohan, Krillin and Bulma mean them no harm. They reveal a shortcut to Namek and wish their new friends good luck. Taking the shortcut, Gohan, Krillin and Bulma reach the planet Namek long before they had expected. This is great... assuming the planet is really Namek. It appears like the planet they were expecting, and the inhabitants do look like Namekians. These inhabitants are helpful to our friends as they encounter giants, volcanoes, ice caves, and assorted dangers in their search for Dragon Balls. But that's nothing compared with the real danger our heroes are facing. Their Namekian helpers Raiti and Zaacro aren't Namekians at all. They are aliens stranded on this deserted planet. Anxious to escape and masters of illusion, Raiti and Zaacro are willing to do anything to grab a spaceship and leave this planet behind. They have read Gohan, Krillin and Bulma's minds, and concocted the environment they were expecting to find, secretly making plans to steal their spaceship and leave our friends stranded. They almost succeed, but don't know the secret password to open the door to the ship. At the last minute the tables are turned, and Gohan, Krillin and Bulma zoom off in their spaceship toward the true planet Namek. Can Krillin and Gohan stop such an evil power? Things are not going so well on planet Namek. Frieza is terrorizing the villages and collecting the Dragon Balls. How will Gohan, Krillin and Bulma ever bring their friends back if Frieza gets the Dragon Balls first? More importantly, what chance does the universe have if Frieza collects all seven Dragon Balls and realizes his wish for immortality? To make matters worse, Vegeta is on Namek and stronger than ever after his near fatal injuries on Earth. Saiyans have the unusual ability to reach higher power levels after healing from serious wounds. Vegeta is seriously injured again in a fight with Zarbon, one of Frieza's henchmen. He is left to die until Frieza tells Zarbon to bring Vegeta to him, or else. Vegeta has hidden a Dragon Ball and is the only one who knows its location. Mystery of the Dragon Balls revealed by Guru. Meanwhile, Frieza has decided to summon the elite fighters known as the Ginyu Force to help search the planet for Dragon Balls and take care of any problems that might develop. They will arrive in five days. Goku has been summoned and is on his way to Namek, traveling in a specially constructed spaceship with special training facilities. Help is on the way, but time is running out for our heroes. Krillin is taken to Guru's house. Guru is the Eldest, the leader of all the Namekians and the creator of the Namekian Dragon Balls. He is, unfortunately, very ill. If anything happens to Guru, the Dragon Balls, which the good guys need to bring their allys back to this dimension, will cease to exist. Gohan, Krillin and Bulma must collect these Dragon Balls while Guru is still alive. This seems impossible since Frieza already has five of the Dragon Balls. But they won't give up. Guru lays hands on Krillin, realizes that he is good at heart, and decides to give his Dragon Ball to Krillin for safe keeping. Now atleast Frieza can't get all seven - not as long as Krillin has one of them. Guru also awakens the sleeping power with Krillin, giving him more power than ever! Frieza's plan backfires. He has Vegeta brought to his spaceship so he can learn where Vegeta's Dragon Ball is hidden. But Vegeta makes a daring escape from Frieza's spaceship prison, stealing the five Dragon Balls which were in Frieza's possession. One more ball and Vegeta can gain immortality. Vegeta locates Krillin and Bulma and realizes they have a Dragon Ball (the one given to Krillin by Guru). Vegeta promises to spare their lives in exchange for the ball. Krillin reluctantly hands over the ball in order to save Bulma's life. Suddenly Zarbon, Frieza's minion, arrives and transforms into the uglier version of himself, giving him increased strength to battle Vegeta. But Vegeta's previous battle has made him even stronger, allowing him to defeat Zarbon. Vegeta takes Krillin's Dragon Ball and flies off, surprisingly keeping his promise not to kill Krillin and Bulma. Meanwhile, Gohan has found the last of the seven Dragon Balls hidden by Vegeta at the bottom of the lake in the rubble of a Namek village previously destroyed by Vegeta. As Gohan is returning to meet Krillin and Bulma, he is detected by Vegeta. But Vegeta is in a good mood, thinking he is in possession of all seven Dragon Balls. He decides not to eliminate Gohan since he is one of the remaining Saiyans in the universe. Is Vegeta softening a bit - maybe not. Fortunately, Vegeta did not know Gohan swiped one of his Dragon Balls. Gohan hides the dragonball and takes a knee to the belly from Veggita, who doesnít realize Gohan has his last dragonball. Vegeta bolts off and Gohan grabs the dragonball and heads back. Guru awakens Krillin's inner power. Krillin leaves Dende there and heads back to bring Gohan to Guru. Gohan meets up with Krilin and they leave the dragonball with Bulma. Meanwhile Vegita realizes that heís been robbed and takes off furiously in search of Gohan. Just before Krilin and Gohan reach master Guru, Krillin tells Gohan to go ahead and he will stall Veggita. Gohans power is awaken and master Guru canít believe how strong the little boy is. Vegita sensing that the elite army of fighters called the Ginyu force is about to arrive, pleads with Krilin and Gohan to give him the last dragonball so they can make Vegeta immortal. Krilin tells him letís go get the dragonballs but doesnít promise him anything. They get the last dragonball and continue off to Vegeta's hideout cave but the Ginyu force arrive(Cpt. Ginyu, Ricoom , Burter, Jeuce, and Goldo) and shows off how strong they are by taking the dragonball from Krilin's hand without him even knowing it. Cpt. Ginyu goes and takes all 7 dragonballs back to Freeza and Racoom and the other stay back to fight. After a display of rock paper scissors, Goldo faces off with Krillin and Gohan(Goldo has the power to freeze time by holding his breath) Gohan and Krillin POWER-UP so much that Racoom and Jeuce think Goldo is going to get his butt Kicked, even Vegeta is surprised at the new found strength off the 2 Z warriors. Goldo get battered around but catches the 2 Z warriors in a cloud of freezing gas and launches a log at them, just before the log hits they break free, suprisingly thanks to Vegeta who sends Goldo to another Dimension. Now Ricoom and Vegeta face off. Vegeta is easily defeated and almost killed but Krilin and Gohan save his life. After Ricoom kicks Krilin hard enough to launch him about a 100 yards, Gohan faces off with Ricoom. Gohan gives the big Ricoom a run for his money but is no match for him. Just before Ricoom finishes off the Z warriors, Goku arrives fully powered up, faster and stronger than ever. He uses one of his new power to scan the planet for power readings. He rushes off to where Gohan is. He rescues him and then makes quick work of Ricoom. After eating a Senzu beans from Goku, Vegeta senses that Kakarot has achieved the power to go Super Saiyan but doesnít know it yet. Goku beats jeuce and Burter pretty fast but doesn't destroy them, Vegita actually goes over and sends both of them to the next dimension, then Goku goes of to fight Captain Ginyu. Goku plays with the captain for a while then shows his true power of 180,000. Knowing that he cant win Captain Ginyu punches himself in the chest so hard there is a hole left behind from the blow then he switches bodies with Goku (thatís Ginyu's secret attack) Goku's body suffers pretty bad damage (Captain Ginyu's mind is in Goku's body but he doesnt know how to use Goku's power yet) at the hands of Gohan Krilen and Vegeta after they figured out about the body switch, but Vegeta (knowing he can't beat Freeza without Goku) puts Goku in the rejuvenation chamber and gives Krilin and Gohan the special Saiyan suits for better protection...... Before Guru dies Krillin and Gohan make two wishes. 1st is to revive Piccolo.......2nd wish is to bring him to Namek (when piccolo was revived he had to travel snakes way which lead him back to earth so they had no choice but to wish for him to be brought to Namek).....But Piccolo is brought to Namek on the other side of the planet, so he begins towards the heroes (who are at Freeza's ship, remember Freeza set out to meet with Guru to find out how the Dragonballs work)........... Freeza senses that his dragonballs are in danger and begins back toward the ship, but on his way back he runs into Nail (remember Nail turned around fearing Guru was in great danger, incidentally Guru dies and the dragonballs disappears) Nail and Freeza face off but Nail is no match and he is beat pretty bad, Freeza is on his way back to the ship....... Piccolo finds Nail out but not dead, Nail offers to give piccolo his spirit, so they merge and form super piccolo..........Freeza arrives at the ship to find Veggita, Krilin, and Gohan there.... Just before Freeza fights them Super Piccolo arrives and is told by Veggita that Kakarot is in the rejuvenation chamber and needs more time to be fully healed. Piccolo fights Freeza and proves to be too strong for Freeza's current Freeza mutates into Freeza Form 2.....and begins to beat Piccolo....... Meanwhile Goku gets to were his body is and faces off with Captain Ginyu again but this time Goku is ready for Ginyu's body switch technique and throws a frog in between him and Ginyu is trapped in the frogs body and Goku quickly gets rid of him......... Dende is senselessly killed by Frieza in a fight. When Goku finally recovers from his wounds and returns to the fight, Vegeta, who is on the brink of death, tearfully begs his fellow Saiyan to see to it that Freeza is beaten by Saiyan hands and wishes he might be someday be the warrior of legends, the Super Saiyan. When Freeza sees Goku's face he recalls that this opponent is the spitting image of the last warrior who resisted him when he destroyed the Saiyan homeworld. That last warrior was Goku and Radditz' father, Bardok. Goku unexpectedly proves to be a tough match for Freeza and in the end uses his spirit bomb where he collects bits of energy from all living things on this and nearby planets to attack Freeza with. Unfortunately, Freeza doesn't die as easily hoped. Still astonishingly powerful, Freeza drags Krilin into the air and blows him to bits (literally). For the first time in his life, Goku reaches a breaking point and explodes with fury. Lightning crackles around him and the whole planet shakes like it's falling apart. Goku stands there growing more and more angry by the moment. He then transforms into Super Saiyan. Freeza is at a Freezas suprise every attack he throws at Goku is dodged......... Meanwhile back on Earth, when Piccolo was resurrected, so was Kami. The dragonballs were gathered quickly and used to revive the people who died at Namek. Thus Shenlon was also brought back to life and so were his dragonballs with its third, yet unused wish. The third wish was then used to transport all the people on the planet Namek to Earth with the exception of Freeza and Goku. This plan succeeds, also bringing the resurrected Veggita back to Earth..The battle between Freeza ensues and Freeza's plan to kill Goku backfires and ends up slicing himself in half with his own weapon, leaving him with only his upper half of his body, his whole right arm, and half of his left arm cut off. Satisfied, Goku almost leaves the planet, which is just minutes away from exploding, but there is still a tiny shred of decency left in him that motivates him to share enough of his power with Freeza to let them both escape. Nevertheless, Freeza tries to abuse this power, leaving Goku with no choice but to shoot a fireball in his face...There are other matters of concern. The planet is about to self-destruct, but Goku's spaceship, as well as Freeza's craft are just useless scraps of metal.....everyone thought Goku is dead but he finds one of the Ginyu forces space pods and escapes but lands on a planet unknown to him (also the Z fighters on earth, which now include Gohan and piccolo think Goku is dead) and the people on this planet teach Goku a new technique called Teleporting (putting two fingers on your forehead, then disappearing and reappearing behind a person)........meanwhile one year later on earth Freeza and one of his henchmen arrive back on earth to take revenge. As Freeza and his guardian begin destroying earth Goku arrives and kills Freezas guardian, but another person kills Freeza with a sword.......That person is Trunks (Veggita and Bulmas son). Trunks traveled back in time to give Goku a special Medicine so Goku won't die of a Heart disease........Vegeta doesn't like Trunks at first Glance because for 1 he doesn't know thatís his future son and 2 he can sense that this man is a Saiyan and has achieved Super-Saiyan before he hasÖÖNext starts the CELL series!!!!!!!
Cell Saga

Cell Game After years of anguish from a defeat that took place decades ago, Dr. Gero continues to plot revenge against the character that destroyed Red Ribbon and ruined him, Goku. Android #19 is the first of a series of creations to destroy Goku. Along with the scheme, Dr. Gero requests Android #19 to make him into a cyborg so that he would become stronger, and this bears witness of the transformation of Dr. Gero to Android #20. The Z Warriors meet with Androids #19 and #20 and the two sides engage in battle. Goku leaves the battle while Veggita faces Android #19. The android is destroyed and Dr. Gero is shattered. Despite the grave defeat, Dr. Gero's cybernetic programming enables him to self-repair, so that he may live to fight again. Android #20 then works on developing a better android model. Meanwhile, he unleashes two of his other creations, Android #17 and Android #18. Androids #17 and #18 get annoyed of Dr. Gero. As a result, Android #17 kills Dr. Gero. But, the doctor had just finished creating Android #21, who is still developing in a giant test tube. Before he dies, he issues the final command to his new android to feast on the rebelous androids. Android #17 and Android #18 leave the lab and unleash Android #16. But as it turns out, Android #16 is a peaceful android. (This can be shown through his love towards the wild animals.) As time passes, the Z Warriors become aware of the new androids as they battle again and again but always reach a stalemate. However, the Z Warriors are still not match for the androids because the androids are robots, and therefore do not tire in a long battle while the Z Warriors eventually run out of energy. Goku suffers a heart attack in one battle and retreats. Trunks, who was sent back in time by future Bulma with medicine to heal Goku's heart so that Goku would live to kill the androids and thus change the future, gives Goku the medicine. Goku is saved, but the Saiyans still do not continue to fight the androids. Instead, they train in a chamber to get stronger. Meanwhile, Piccolo fuses with Kami, his half father, to become stronger (His story is told in the Dragonball series.) Dende, a Namek child, replaces Kami as guardian of the dragonballs. Androids #16, #17, and #18 go to seek Goku to destroy him. Piccolo finds the androids first and begins to fight them. Back in Dr. Gero's lab, Cell has finished developing and breaks out of the giant "test tube", promising to fulfill his creator's wish. Cell flies to find Androids #17 and #18. On his way devours the souls of the unlucky civilians he passes to become stronger. Finally, he meets with the other androids. To our heroes' surprise, they learn that Androids #17 and #18 know nothing about Cell. Cell and Android #17 threaten to kill each other. Android #17 heads out to fight him. But, he does not stand up to Cell and is easily defeated. This is when our heroes learn the great powers of Cell. Android #18 is now worried, but Android #16 flies out to fight Cell. To everybody's amazement, Android #16 is able to stand up to Cell. However, he is still destroyed. Cell now heads for his goal and devours Android #17 with his tail. Cell now changes into Cell--form 2. With the power of Android #17 combined to his, he becomes stronger than ever. Then, he heads over to devour Android #18. Android #18 tries to escape, but she is still eventually devoured. Cell now changes into Cell form 3, and becomes "Perfect Cell" Cell, after devouring the souls of so many people, is no longer an android and becomes organic. After Cell leaves, Bulma collects the body parts of Android #16 and repairs him. Android 16 is re-programmed to fight on the Z Warriors' side. Our heroes now head out to fight Cell, and Android #16 is once again destroyed by Cell. Cell grows strong enough and reproduces. From his body come 7 Cell Juniors, miniature blue duplicates of Cell, they beat the daylights out of Goku, Vegeta and the Z warriors. With the death of Android 16, Gohan sees the head of #16 powers up and reaches Super Saiyan level 2. Goku thinks back to when he and Gohan was training and remembers that he pushed Gohan to SSJ2 for a little while, but Gohan could not sustain it then. Gohan, with his new SS level 2 then destroys all the Cell Juniors and fights Cell. In a following battle, Cell is kicked and Android #18 is spit back out. (She is unconscious.) Cell turns back into form 2 and is defeated. But, he activates his self-destruction mode so that when he dies, the world will blow up with him. To save the Earth, Goku teleports Cell out of Earth and into Kaiou's planet, where Cell blows up. Thus, Goku, Kaiou, Bubbles, and Gregory die as well (Kaiou is not too happy about this). The Z Warriors mourn the loss of Goku, but cheer at the victory over Cell at the same time. A blue-laser beam flies out of nowhere and pierces through Trunks. Upon Trunks' death, Cell, in form 3, appears. He tells that when he blew up, a brain cell survived. From the cell, other cells multiplied and he was once again formed. Cell happily laughs as he tells that he is amazed he is able to rebuild himself into form 3! Then, Cell threatens to destroy the earth. An enraged Vegeta, seeing his son laying for dead powers-up and mounts an attack at Cell, he ferociously throws hundreds of fireballs at Cell. Cell is too strong for even Veggita and fires back at him, injuring Vegeta. Cell fires one last shot to finish off Vegeta but Gohan saves Vegeta by taking the hit. Now it is up to Gohan to try to save our planet. With one arm (the other injured when he went to let a fireball meant for Veggita hit him), Gohan prepares a fireball. He fires at Cell and Cell fires back. A stalemate is meant, meanwhile, Krilin protects the unconscious Android #18 and Yamcha, Tenshi-han, and Vegeta attack Cell in hope that this will distract Cell. Goku is able to communicate with Gohan and encourages him to use all his power to defeat Cell. Gohan overpowers Cell and Cell is disintegrated by Gohan's fireball. (But, Satan takes credit for Cell's death because of his lies to the reporters.) At the end, the warriors gather the dragonballs to bring those killed by Cell back to life. However, Goku doesnít want to be brought back to life because he thinks he is too much trouble, but tells everyone that he is okay and is now with Kaiou, who will help him train and become more powerful by taking him to see the Master of all the Kaious. Android #18 awakens and flees. However, everybody learns here that Krilin has developed a crush on Android #18! Dende heals Trunks with his special healing power then heals Gohan. At the end of this series, there is a short memorial about the life of Goku. Next the Buu Series.
Buu Saga

Seven years passed since the Cell Game. Much has changed during this era of peace. Gohan is a student of Orange Star High School, and became the boyfriend of Videl (Beederu), Satan's daughter. Trunks is now eight years old. His best friend is Goten, Gohan's little brother who is one year younger than Trunks. Krilin married Android #18 and became the father of Marron. Veggita settled down after Goku's death. The peace will now last long... Goku is competing in a fighting tournament of the dead. His meets a stalemate with his new friend and opponent, Paiku-han. The tournament is to decide whom the Master of all Kaious will train. Goku loses on a technicality (Goku feet touches the edge of the heavens before Paiku-hans does), but the Master Kaiou trains Goku anyway (he feels that Goku has a good heart and is worthy of training). On Earth, Gohan is training Goten and Veggita is training Trunks. Throughout all this Gohan dresses up and becomes Saiyan-man (the Dragonball version of superman). This is how he meets Beederu (Videl). Gohan and Veggita become shocked at the fact that Goten and Trunks can reach Super Saiyan stage at such young ages. There is another Tenkaichi Budoukai on Earth. Goten and Trunks want to attend in the competition, but are banned because they are too young. However, they steal a competitor's costume and wear it. They battle Android 18 and their disguise is revealed. Piccolo faces someone known as Kaiou-shin, but freezes upon sensing his opponent's power. Goku is granted a single day of life to fight at the tournament so he is also present. It is Gohan's turn to compete. He has assumed the identity as the Saiyan-man. Videl is in the tournament and faces of against Supopobiitchi, who toys with her at first but then begins to beat her up to almost death. Just before Supopobiitchi stomps on her, Gohan, who has feelings for her, becomes enraged and powers up turning Super Saiyan. This blows off his disguise and the audience learns that the Great Saiyan-Man is really the nerd Gohan. Supopobiitchi and Yamu, two competitors with a "M" on their foreheads, fly out to the battle ring and approach Gohan. Then, the two mysterious men take out a lamp and use it to absorb Gohan's energy. Gohan falls unconscious, Supopobitchi and Yamu fly away and everyone else become shocked and wonder what just happened. Kaiou-shin and his partner approach the Z warriors and revive Gohan. Then, they tell their story. They are really godly beings beyond Kaiou and are here to stop the plot of Babi-di and Darbura. Babi-di is an ugly little being who wants to destroy all life just for the fun of it. Darbura is the Prince of Darkness. Babi-di and Darbura are allied at the task of reviving someone called BUU. To do so, a lot of energy is needed. Everyone learns that Supopobitchi and Yamu are zombies of Babi-di. That is why they absorbed Gohan's energy. Allowing Sopopobitchi and Yamu to attack Gohan was part of the plan to follow them to Babi-di's lair. A new terror breaches over the Earth. The Z warriors decide to help Kaiou-shin for the sake of their planet, and follow Supopobitchi and Yamu to Babi-di and Darbura's lair. Veggita is enraged with Goku for leaving the tournament (Veggita wants to beat Goku once and for all). Babi-di and Darbura's minions are killed in the battles to come. Our heroes face Darbura now. Unaware of Darbura's ability to "stone", Krilin and Piccolo are turned into stone. The only remedy to the curse would be Darbura's death. Darbura is eventually killed and Krilin and Piccolo are restored to normal. Learning that becoming Babi-di's slave will make him stronger, Veggita volunteers to become Babi-di's slave. A "M" appears on Veggita's forehead and he turns evil once again. Majin-Veggita looks forward for another battle against Goku and hopes to defeat him once and for all. Veggitaís power donation to Babi-di grants enough energy to revive the fat being known as Buu or FAT-BUU. Buu is re-awakened and Babi-di rides around the city on top of him. Cities begin to get terrorized. Majin-Veggita battles with Goku and knocks him out, but realizes that good triumphs over evil. He regains his sanity and truly becomes good. Majin-Veggita goes off for Buu and fights him. Buu is a lot stronger and has the advantage. In a final effort to defeat Buu, Veggita self-destructs, hoping that his sacrifice will take Buu down with him. To his dismay, Buu survives. Even in Super Saiyan level 2, Goku is unable to defeat Buu. Rage increases, the Earth shakes and new lighting surrounds Goku and it happens, Goku reaches Super Saiyan level 3 for the first time! Meanwhile, Bulma gathers the dragonballs to revive all the civilians killed by the Majins since the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Buu grows tired of being Babi-di's slave and kills him. He then makes friends with Mr. Satan and his puppy. Buu likes the puppy. The puppy gets hurt and Buu creates a little Buu to kill the person who hurts the puppy. One is pure good (Fat-Buu), and the other is pure evil (little-Buu). The two Buuís fight and the evil one turns the good Buu into a cookie. The cookie is eaten, and Boo powers up in a body transformation. The fat Buu is now leaner and more muscular and is now called Ultimate-Buu. Meanwhile, Gohan heads to Kaiou-shin's planet to receive training. As a sign of respect, he wears the Kaiou-shin suit. Gohan pulls out the legendary Z Sword and begins to train under Dai Kaiou-shin, the Elder Kaiou-shin. Gohan is learning how to use his hidden powers without getting angry to go Super Saiyan mode. Kaiou-shin reflects at his past. When he was young, he lived in peace with his family at his home planet. Then, an evil sorcerer, Babi-di's ancestor, used Buu to terrorize. (At the time, Buu was smaller than how he appears during the current section of the series.) Buu killed all of Kaiou-shin's family members. One of the Kaiou-shins merged into Buu to try and use his good ki to control Buu, this is how Buu was turned into his fat form and it also gave the Kaiou-shin the chance to make him dormant. Kaiou-shin, his bodyguard Kibits, and Dai Kaiou-shin are the only Kaiou-shins left. Now, years later, Buu has been revived. Everyone is at Sky Palace (Dende and PoPo's palace) except Gohan, who is still training under the Kaiou-shins. Goku taught Goten and Trunks the art of fusion. Goten and Trunks fuse and become Gotenks! Then, he teleports to Kaiou-shin's planet and watches everything through Kaiou-shin's crystal ball. Ultimate-Buu heads for Sky Palace to look for the "strong" being he sensed. He needs to absorb more powerful beings to be restored to his original form; the stronger form that he was in before the dying Kaiou-shins cursed him. The "strong" being in which Ultimate-Buu searches for is Gotenks. Goten and Trunks are training in a room called the spirit and time room inside Sky Palace. Piccolo tricks Ultimate-Buu into waiting for the boys to come out. Time passes by slower in the room, so it will buy some time for the boys to train more. Chi-Chi, seeing Ultimate-Buu, goes up to him to scold him for killing so many innocent people. Ultimate-Buu turns Chi-Chi into an egg and squashes it. Ultimate-Buu grows tired of waiting and threatens to be taken into the room in which Goten and Trunks are in, or else he will kill everyone at Sky Palace. Piccolo, knowing that he is too weak to fight Ultimate-Buu, takes Ultimate-Buu to Goten and Trunks with the hope that the boys have become strong enough to fight Ultimate-Buu. Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks and fight Ultimate-Buu. Gotenks is able to stand up to Ultimate-Buu, but neither side is winning. Piccolo blasts the doorway in the room. Then, he tells that without the exit, everyone will remain trapped in it forever so Ultimate-Buu can no longer kill any more people. Gotenks argues with Piccolo that they too have become trapped. Ultimate-Buu creates a fireball that produces a portal exit. He exits the room and returns Sky Palace. Gotenks and Piccolo look at each other in grief; they are not trapped and Ultimate-Buu is free. Super Saiyan Gotenks tries to create the same fireball that Boo created, but is too weak to. He powers up and reaches Super Saiyan level 3. Now much stronger, he is able to produce the portal. Piccolo and Gotenks exit the room and face Ultimate-Buu once again. In the battle followed, Sky Palace is destroyed. Super Saiyan level 3 Gotenks is overwhelming Ultimate-Buu and winning. Ultimate-Buu is thrown back to Earth. Gotenks and Piccolo return to Earth to search for Ultimate-Buu 's body. Ultimate-Buu survived the attack and reappears. Gotenks prepares to fight again, but the fusion wears off. Goten and Trunks unfused are too weak to fight Ultimate-Buu. Gohan completes his training with Dai Kaiou-shin. He chooses a change in clothes to wearing his father's suit and wishes everyone goodbye. Goku wishes his son luck, but envies that he cannot help because he is dead. Kaiou-shin's partner teleports Gohan to Earth. Gohan appears in time to save Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo. Gohan beats Ultimate-Buu and Ultimate-Buu self-destructs. Thinking they won the battle, Gohan, Goten, Piccolo and Trunks fly off. They see Satan and Dende on their journey and take them with them. A being flies towards them. It is Ultimate-Buu! Goten and Trunks fuse again and are in Super Saiyan level 3. Eagerly wanting to fight again, Gotenks boasts about beating Ultimate-Buu. Taking advantage of the distraction, Ultimate-Buu absorbs Super Saiyan level 3 Gotenks (for the power) and Ultimate-Buu undergoes another body change. Now a lot stronger, Ultimate-Buu overwhelms Gohan. Ultimate-Buu throws a fireball at Gohan. Gohan tries to block, but another fireball pushes Ultimate-Buu 's fireball away from Gohan. The ally is Tenshi-han. However, Ultimate-Buu prepares another fireball In the judgement court, King Yama grants Veggita life so that he could help save the planet. Goku has an idea, he wants to perform Fusion with Gohan but has 2 problems 1-they would not have enough time to do the fusion techniques and 2-Goku is still dead. In Kaiou-shin's planet, the Kaiou-shins tell Goku about fusion earrings. Kaiou-shin and his bodyguard known as Kibits demonstrate. Each partner wears one of the earrings on opposite ears and the two permanently fuses to form Kaiou-shin and Kibits formed what is later known as Kaiobit. The earrings are given to Goku. He is to give one to Gohan so that he and Gohan could fuse to beat Ultimate-Buu. To bring Goku back to life, Dai Kaiou-shin exchanges his life for Goku. Gokuís halo disappears, and Dai Kaiou-shin falls dead. Then, he re-awakens with a halo on top of his head. Goku thanks everyone and teleports to help save Earth. Ultimate-Buu is about to throw a huge fireball at Gohan. Goku teleports to the scene and throws a fireball at Ultimate-Buu. Ultimate-Buu is sliced and his legs and lower part of his antennae are cut off. Goku tells Gohan about the fusion earrings and throws one to Gohan. Gohan catches it and prepares to wear it. The cut off part of Ultimate-Buu 's antennae engulfs Piccolo (for his strategic attacks) and Ultimate-Buu changes into a stronger form again. The cut off lower body of Ultimate-Buu walks and kicks Tenshi-han unconscious. Then, it engulfs Gohan (for more power) and Ultimate-Buu powers up again. Goku feels despair again. Vegeta appears and aids Goku. Goku tells Vegeta about the fusion earrings and Vegeta finds the earring dropped by Gohan when Gohan got absorbed. Vegeta at first refuses not liking the Idea of being fused with Goku FOREVER. Vegeta finally agrees, Goku and Vegeta are pulled together and become VEGETTO! Vegetto beats Ultimate-Buu, but purposely gets absorbed by Ultimate-Buu to save their comrades. The absorption cancelled out the effect of the permanent fusion and Vegetto splits back into Goku and Vegeta. They find and rescue Goten, Trunks, Gohan, and Piccolo by carrying the bodies and escaping through one of Ultimate-Buu 's pores. Good Buu is also still in Ultimate-Buu 's body. As the characters left Ultimate-Buu 's pores, they returned to their original size. Now that Fat-Buu (good-Buu) is no longer attached to Ultimate-Buuís membrane sack, but is still inside of the Ultimate-Buu. The real Buu is revealed this Buu is called Majin-Buu (evil-Buu). Majin-Buu does a giant fireball and blows up the Earth. The newly fused Kaiobit teleports to help Goku teleport Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Gohan, Piccolo, Dende, and Satan to safety in Kaio-shin's planet. But Goku can only save Vegeta, Dende and Mr. Satan. Majin-Buu teleports and follows Goku. Goku and Majin-Buu battle. Goku gets beaten and is weak, so Vegeta joins the fight. Vegeta, finally seeing Goku in his SSJ3 form, admits that Goku is better than him for the first time and realizes why Goku will always be more powerful than he can because Gokuís power comes from fighting for the people he loves. Vegeta then thinks of his family and attacks Majin-Buu to try and give Goku time to power-up to super saiya-jin 3 again. Majin-Buu beats Vegeta and is about to kill him, but Satan pops up and threatens Majin-Buu. Majin-Buu attacks Satan but Satan dodges the punch. All of a sudden, Majin-Buu goes in pain and spits the good fat-Buu out. The two Buuís fight and Fat-Buu gets beat unconscious. Goku and Veggita continue to face Majin-Buu. Veggita tells Dende to gather the Namek dragonballs. He does so, and makes the first wish to restore the Earth. The second wish revives all the civilians that Buu killed. The third wish is saved for later. Everyone is back on Earth except Goku, Vegeta, and Majin-Buu. Goku begins to create a spirit-bomb while Vegeta distracts Majin-Buu. Our heroes on Earth tell people to raise their hands. Doing so will donate energy to Gokuís fireball. However, no one listens. Veggita tries, but really doesnít know how to be polite. Finally Satan, still famous after the Cell Game, tells the people of earth (with the help of North Kaiou) to raise their hands. Recognizing the voice of their idol, everyone on Earth raises their hands. Goku gets enough energy for his fireball and he fires it. Majin-Buu is too strong to get blasted and holds the fireball back. Dende makes the last wish from the dragonballs to restore Gokuís energy. Gokuís power restores from his weakened state and he uses his revived strength to strengthen his fireball. Before killing Majin-Buu, Goku, loving the challenge Buu gave him, wished for Buu to be reincarnated as a Boy. After that Goku powers-up and kills Majin-Buu. . Our heroesí debate on whether or not to kill Fat-Buu Vegeta wants Buu killed, but Satan pleads that this Buu saved his life and Goku agrees with Satan. The Z warriors use a wish to make the people of earth forget about the Buuís and the Fat-Buu joins the Z warriors. 10 years pass and Goten and Trunks are teenagers. Gohan married Videl (Beederu), and the two became parents of five-year old Pan. Remember Gokusí wish, well his wish was granted and at the last Budoukai a boy named Uubu (Buu spelled backwards) was in the Budoukai to try and win money for his mother and father....Goku, sensing it was Buu reincarnated with all evil cleansed, had the Fat-Buu fix the fight so Goku would square off with Uubu, Goku needed to be sure it was the right boy, turns out it was, Goku had to go super saiya-jin 2 to hurt Uubu, so Goku stopped fighting and told Uubu he can make him a great fighter, Uubu agreed and the last seen is of Uubu riding on Gokus back Flying to a remote Island to train; There is peace on Earth.