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April.02.2002 Kami

   Come on people let's get this site back up on its feet. If you have any fan art submit it to me. I promise this time it will get posted. I realize that in the past I have ignored it but this time I will get it right up. Also if you have a DBZ site or any anime site submit it to be reviewed. We will be happy to post the review and give you a little graphic with your grade on it.

April.02.2002 Kami

   It seems like a lot of people including myself are having trouble acessing the site. It seems like the site has been using more bandwith then has been alotted for the site. I have come to the conclusion that its the GIFS section. I have temporarily taken them down. This way more people can visit the site and enjoy all the multimedia and information. Don't worry the GIFS will be back up very soon.

Jan.27.2002 Kami

   You guys probably never expected to hear from me again. Well as January comes to an end so does all my work involved with college applications. I will have a lot more free time on my hand now and will be able to work on the site. I want to make an update today just to show you that I still care about this site. I hope you guys appreciate it as much as I do. That's it for now, see ya soon!

Jan.15.2002 Dende

   I finished Gohans Gifs section. Sorry I didn't update in 10 days I was caught up in playing Grand Theft Auto III (great game), for PS2 then I was sick. Pukin all Saturday night. Tenchi Muyo is once again on Toonami if your intrested its on at 05:00PM ET. Dragonball is also back same time as before (05:00PM ET.) I've been hearin about a show called Static Shcock on Kids WB premiering on Jan.26.02, Batman and Boy Wonder guest star in the first episode. Can't wait.

Jan.05.2002 Dende

   Dende has returned. Sorry for not updating so long I was on Christmas break from the site. Now that I'm back you will be seeing steady updates on the site. Today I finally finished Goku's Gifs, it took me a while but I bet you'll like it. We are facing dark times on TV. Why? To start the long list: No new DBZ episodes until September. No new DB until September. No new Reboot episodes until about September. No new Justice Leauge episodes until who knows when, no new Samurai Jack, still no Lord Slug and to top it of Zoids was CANCELLED temporarily. At least we can still watch Outlaw Star and I discovered a new show thats pretty cool its called X-Men Evolution on Kids WB (WPIX) at 3:30PM ET weekdays and 10:30AM ET on Saturdays.

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DBZ & Toonami News

  -New Dragonball episodes have been showing for two weeks now make sure you don't miss them.

  -Adult Swim now airs on Saturday and Sunday nights. Saturday night is packed with anime like Cowboy Bebop, Pilot Candidate and Gundam 0083.