~Red Ribbon Army Database~

Warning! Warning!

You have entered an unathorized zone! Within these files are lost and newly recovered documents on Artificial Human Number Seventeen. If you wish to proceed, you should know that these files are under construction and undergo severe changes; only for the better of the Jinzouningen Juunanagou's history.

Included on the database as of now are the first few parts to his 'now' history. These files are labeled Tattered... and Mended, however, they are unfinished and will probably remain unfinished for quite some time. These files are very rare and rather difficult to find, be patient.

Also, information over a certain Hirosatee Sakayo was located and will soon also be posted here on this database. Hirosatee Sakayo plays a role in the life of Juunanagou, so his information will, soon, be posted here as well.

For now, the database will be expanding slowly because lost files are difficult to locate in the rubble that was the Red Ribbon Army base.


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4/2/01~Added more to Humor

4/3/01~More to Humor, added "Variables", a story written by a buddy of mine.

6/4/01~ wow, i guess the other updates that i had posted on here got erased somehow. Oh well, just know that i HAVE been working on this page all last month and such! Well, i just updated chapter 6 in Tattered...and Mended, but its not done yet, it will take a while for that chapter to be done... *sighs* i have too much stuff going on in that lovely chapter. Its still worth reading tho! Lemme assure you! OK, i'm done ranting, i think i'll write just a bit more of this chapter..then go do some other stuff..and perhaps even SCAN in pics of my most hated teachers, tata! ^_~

6/6/01 ~ I added another section to my fics page. "one shots". And i also uploaded a story- just a simple little fic- there. Its almost done, i just liked it a whole lot, so i decided to post it even though its not done. Take a look, tell me what you think of it? Please? ;-; ..i still have some rough spots i need to work out... but i shall!!

6/7/01~ I finished "Slaying the Red Dragon" and its posted. AND, remember Freezer's porn page? Of course you do, well, this just in! Bejiita has been spotted strutting his wares... You must see this!!

6/12/01~ New links! Lots of new fanart! check it out!

6/15/01~ New story!

6/20/01~ Chapter 6 to T&M updated yet still not finished. I'm working on it folks ^_~ its a LONG confusing chapter.. oy ~_~ I'm also thinking about a new lay out...

6/21/01~ WOW! its... *checks watch* 5am...what am i still doing here? AHh yes, i'm UPDATING!! I just thought i'd like to say that i have *insert drum roll* done a new lay out. I hope this is just a tad bit easier. *smile* Happy Navigation!

6/21/01~ I'm still trying to get some of the stuff to work...working on the frames and such to make this as less painful as possible. I'm trying my best! GOMEN!

6/22/01~ YAYAY!! Everything should be working now!! I would like to THANK Efin Melefarie and my brother in law, Howie, for assisting me with the frames, as i am a moron ^_^;;;. I bow down to you. Anywho, i also have some NEW stuff! I made the 'all about Hirosatee Sakayo' page, so now you can go read up upon my *fav* char (besides that suave Juukun of course ^^) ANDDDD More update to chapter 6 of Tattered and Mended, not much..BUT coming along!! Let's see...what else do did i update..LINKS! Yes links, check out them links! AND!!! Thanks to Kittie Himura *purr* I found some NEW pics of lovely Juukun, however, i have yet to put them on the pics page ((its 3 30 am!! I'll do it tomorrow..*dies*)). Some of them look AWEFULLY like Shitoyaka...*grin* Well, yum, that's all for now. I've worked my ass off...so i hope your enjoying this!!! ^_~

6/25/01~ WOOCHA! New story! Its funny...I laughed. AND, i uploaded those *NEW* Juunana pics ready for your viewing pleasure. ^_^

7/01/01~ Waii! I have more of my fanart updated. AND, i have more of Chapter Six to Tattered...and Mended up for your reading pleasure. Enjoy. ^_^

7/8/01~ I made the frames seamless WAHAH! BUT, unfortunately, I had to make the advertisements into popups, SORRY!! I didnt want to!! I swear! I HATE Popups! HATE THEM HATE THEM!!! *bows* ;_;

7/17/01~ Well, sadly i must go to idaho to see the grandparents for a week, so not much will be updated (unless they have a computer, but i don't think they do...). So, that's about it.

8/28/01~ HOLY SHIZNOT!!! I haven't updated ANYTHING in FOREVER!!! I'M SO SO SO SO SORRY!! Lately, my requests for designing websites has been knocking at my door; i've been asked by THREE people to build their pages, so that's what i've been doing. ALso, skool's started again and i just got a new computer and i haven't gotten all my old files on the NEW computer yet, so all my fics are still on the old comp ^^;; If you write me some threatening emails it might urge me to update a bit more. Again, i'm so sososo sorry!! *BOWS!!!* GOMEN NASAI MINNASAN!!! .v_v.

10/13/01~ holy shit!! I actually UPDATED!!! *GASP* Scary, ne? How I just randomly update things... *cough* Anywah, i added a new page to the humor section, go check it out. NOW! GO GO!! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!!??!

10.23.01~ Lookit my updating action! Well..not much, except i uploaded one of my AWA pics of the ONLY Juunana cosplayer who was there! *Sadness* I really wished that there would have been better Juunana cosplayers. Oh well, this guy was quite nice, he even tucked his pants into his socks!! Heheh, he was cute too ^_~ Anyway, if you want to see this picture, go to the images page. Ja ne!

10.24.01~ wow..i updated again!! scary. I redid my all about me page and added a new pic.

11.19.01~ added more to the 'what if' page.


This page will be updated rather slowly due to the fact that I am also working on another website. If you would like to go there (yes yes, it DOES have 17gou on it ) then visit the links page and visit. I assure you, its worth it, very funny!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters (except for mine), nor am I trying to profit off of the creator's work. Juunanagou and other DBZ Characters belong to Toriyama Akira-sama, Toei Animation, *shudders*...FUNimation...even though they slaughtered the hell out of it..*ahem*. Anyways, I'm not making money off of this. So...don't sue me...or I'll sick my swarm of angry killer bees on you!! I mean..*halo*..oh yeah, if you've managed to read this far, and you heard Juukun's lovely dubbed voice-- I thought the American Voice Actor didn't do THAT bad of a job...well..GO NAKAHARA SHIGERU!!! XD...-- yeah, if you heard Juukun when you opened the page but you didn't know what the HELL he said, he said "Open the Chamber"..

..oh yeah, i forgot to mention. Most of the midis on this site are from the Final Fantasy games, most come from either 4,7, or 8. Just thought I'd give some credit there. Other midis come from DBZ and others i'm not sure.

Juukun thanks you for Visiting his Database!