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Win My Award

Here are my awards that you can win. There are no minimum or maximum requirements because I don't think that a certain amount of hits or photos makes a site better or not. In my opinion, a good DB site has lots of info and also it has to be an interesting site that's fun to be at and that makes you want to check up on it several times. Here are the awards you can win. Just e-mail me with the URL of your site and then I'll mail you the award I think your site deserves. If you have any questions or comments about the award I give you I'll be pleased to answer them. If you've made some changes to your site and you want me to check it again, just e-mail me and I'll gladly give you a better award (if you don't already have gold). Good luck!

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

To apply, just e-mail me with your site URL. Good Luck!

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