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Power Levels

Here is a list of Goku and his entourages power levels at different stages of the DragonBall and DragonBall Z story.

Beginning of the DragonBall story

Goku: 10

Goku (Oosaru transformation): 100

22nd Budokai Tournament

Goku: 180

Master Roshi (Jackie Choun): 139

Tien: 180

Tiens Master: 120

Goku versus Demon Piccolo

Goku: 260

Demon Piccolo: 260

Goku versus Raditz

Goku: 416

Piccolo: 408

Raditz: 1200

Gohan: 1-1307

Krilin: 206

Goku versus Vegeta

Goku: 8000

Saibaiman: 1200

Nappa: 4000

Vegeta: 18,000

Yamcha: 1480

Chaozu: 610

Krilin: 1770

Tien: 1830

Piccolo: 3500

Gohan: 2800

Goku (quadruple Kaioken): 32,000

Arrival on Namek

Goku: 90,000

Gohan: 14,000

Krilin: 13,000

Vegeta: 30,000

Goku versus Freeza

Goku: 3,000,000

Freeza (50% power): 60,000,000

Freeza (maximum power): 120,000,000

Goku (Super Saiyan): 150,000,000

From this point, Goku and the other characters power does not cease to increase. Goku and the others reach new levels and after the battle versus Frieza, their power levels are so elivated, they can no longer be measured.

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