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Goku:Hero of the DB story. Born in the year 737 on the planet Vegeta. His real name is Cacarot. He was sent to Earth before the destruction of planet Vegeta and his mission as an infant was to exterminate all Earthlings. When arrived on Earth, he was found and raised by Gohan (grandfather) and received the name Goku from him. His natural Saiyan personnality dissapeared after an accident as an infant but his fighting capabilities did not. He learns the art of Kung-Fu from his grandfather Gohan. After the death of his grandfather, he lives alone until he meets Bulma and begins his search for the DragonBalls. He later meets Master Roshi who becomes his new master. He also encounters new rivals that later become his friends (Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Chaozu, Piccolo & Vegeta). He gets married with Chi-Chi on the 7th day of May, 756 and they have a son together and they name him Gohan after Goku's deceiced grandfather. Goku is killed by Piccolo in the fight versus Radditz, his brother. He dies a second time after Cell selfdestructs himself. While Goku was training in heaven for the martial arts competition of heaven, Chi-Chi gives birth to a second boy named Goten. Goku meets Goten for the first time at the 25th edition of the martial arts competition. He later kills Boo at the Kaioshinkai after Boo destroyed the Earth.

Krilin:Born in the year 736, he is Goku's best friend. He entered the Oorin temple to learn martial arts but quit after 8 years because he couldn't support being mocked by the other students. He became apprentice of the martial arts expert, Master Roshi. He and Goku endured Master Roshi's training and then participated in the 21st edition of the martial arts championship. He also faught in the 22nd edition and after the tournament he was assassinated by Tanbarin who was sent by the demon Piccolo. He is later brought back to life with the DragonBalls. He is then trained by Kami for the fight against the Saiyans. After the Saiyans are defeated, he, Bulma & Gohan go to the planet Namek in search of their DragonBalls. On Namek, he is killed, a second time, by Freezer and is later brought back to life with the DragonBalls. He is also turned into stone by Dabra. He later marries Android 18 and they have a child together. They name their girl Maron after Krilin's old girlfriend. Krilin is the strongest earthling fighter amongst the Z Warriors.

Yamcha: He was born in the year 733. In the beginning of the DB story, he lives in the desert with Puaru and he claims to be "The King of the Desert". He steals money or capsules from helpless people traveling through the desert. This is how he meets Goku, Bulma & Oolon for the first time and also learns about the existance of the DragonBalls. He wants to find the DragonBalls to grant his wish so he is less shy with girls so he can get married. While traveling with Goku, Oolon & Bulma, he falls in love with Bulma. After Goku defeats the Red Ribbon Army, Yamcha becomes a disciple of Master Roshi so he can perfect his martial arts skills. When Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth, Yamcha dies after a Saibaiman selfdestructed himself within close range of him. While dead, he is trained by Kaio and is later brought back to life with the DragonBalls. The enemies that the Z Warriors become more and more stronger so Yamcha does not really have a chance to show of his skills and as the story progresses, he fights less & less. After Chaozu, he is the weakest earthling amongst the Z Warriors.

Tien: Tien was born in the year 733. He is the apprentice or Master Roshi's competitor, Tsurusenn (Japanese name). His goal is to become an assassin like Taopaipai. Thanks to the influence of Master Roshi and Goku, who he meets at the 22nd edition of the martial arts championship, he decides to leave his master. Since then, he has faught many fights by the side of Goku. When his friend, who he considers like a brother, Chaozu, is killed by the demon Piccolo, he trains to learn the Mafuba attack to avenge his death. Tien faught against the demon Piccolo but is no match for him. While fighting against Nappa, Chaozu is killed once again and Tien uses the Kikoho attack on Nappa to avenge Chaozu's death but Tien dies after using that attack because it consumed all his energy. While dead, he is trained by Kaio and is later brought back to life thanks to Porunga, the Namek sacred dragon from the DragonBalls. After Cell is defeated, he and Chaozu go off to train together and are not seen again in the story. He returns to aid the Z Warriors against Boo and he saves the Earth with his Kikoho attack when Boo tried to destroy the Earth.

Chaozu: He trained under the same master as Tien and together, they learned many deadly attacks. After the 22nd edition of the martial arts tournament, he leaves his master and trains alone with Tien. When the demon Piccolo summoned Shenron, Chaozu interrupted and tried to wish for the demon Piccolo to be destroyed but before he could finish his wish, Piccolo killed him. The second life that the sacred dragon granted him was brief because he died once again. While the Z Warriors were fighting the Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, Chaozu snuck up on Nappa and selfdestructed himself in an attempt to kill Nappa but he failed and lost his life in the process. While dead, he is trained by Master Kaio. After being brought back to life for a second time, he and Tien dissapear together to train. WHen the androids arrive, Tien is present but told Chaozu it would be too dangerous so Chaozu did not participate in that battle. The fight against the Saiyans ended up being his last fight because the new enemies were much too powerful for the weakest Z Warrior.

Piccolo: His father, the demon Piccolo and Kami used to be one person until they seperated themselves so Kami could become God of the planet. This means that if one of them dies, both die. He is also the creator of the DragonBalls. He hatched from an egg right after the death of his father, the demon Piccolo. His mission is to kill Goku to avenge his father's death and to take over the world. He participates in the 23rd edition of the martial arts championship to face Goku and to kill him. Piccolo faces Goku in the finals but is defeated. When Raditz arrives on Earth, he and Goku must team up to defeat him. He kills Raditz with his Makankosappo attack but also kills Goku in the process. The evil inside him dissapears more and more as he trains Gohan, Goku's son. When the Saiyans arrive on Earth, Piccolo learns about his roots and that he and Kami were originally one person. He also learns that he is from another planet, Namek. Piccolo is killed while protecting Gohan from Nappa. Kami and the DragonBalls also dissapear after Picolo's death. He is resurrected by the Namek DragonBall and with the 2nd wish is transportated to the planet Namek. Once arrived on Namek, he fuses with Nail to fight Freezer. When Cell arrives on Earth, Piccolo fuses with Kami and becomes a "Super Namek". When Boo arrives on Earth, Piccolo does not fight him because Boo is too strong for him. He is stronger than all the Earthling fighters but is no match for the Saiyans.

Vegeta: He is a Saiyan of royal blood, the prince of planet Vegeta. He was born in the year 732 on the planet Vegeta. He is the son of the king Vegeta who had a formidable talent for fighting. While he was conquering planets under the orders of Freezer, Freezer destroyed his native planet and exterminated all the Saiyans. After Riditz's death, Vegeta learns about the DragonBalls on Earth so he and Nappa decide to conquer the planet. He is defeated by Goku and returns to Freezer's planet to recuperate. He then leaves for Namek in search of their DragonBalls. On Namek, he is killed by Freezer but is later resurrected back to life thanks to the DragonBalls. He is invited to live with Bulma and he does so. His only goal is to become stronger than Goku and he spends morst of his time training. He and Bulma have a son together named Trunks and later, they have a daughter named Bra who unfortunatly does not have the talent for fighting like the rest of the Saiyans. When Cell arrives on Earth, he fights by the side of Goku and the other Z Warriors to defend the planet. When Boo arrives on Earth, Vegeta sacrifices his life to save the planet and selfdestructs himself. Unfortunatly, he does not succeed and Boo still remains alive. Vegeta's spirit is then brought back to the Kaioshinkai to fight Boo alongside Goku. Vegeta holds off Boo while Goku builds up enough energy to destroy him. Vegeta risks not only his life but his soul aswell in this fight because since he is already dead, if he is killed another time, he and his soul dissapear completely. Except for Goku, nobody else is as strong as Vegeta.

Gohan: His parents have totally different ways of raising him. Goku is more laid back while Chi Chi is more strict and does not care if the world will come to an end as long as Gohan does his homework. He is the first son of Goku and Chi Chi. He was born in the year 756. He was kidnapped by Raditz while Goku brought him to visit his friends at Kame House. He was very usefull in the battle versus Raditz and aided Goku and Piccolo to defeat him. Every time Gohan loses his temper, a great power is unleashed within him. Piccolo, noticing his great fighting potentiel, decided to train him. Since then, Gohan grew up learning martial arts. When Nappa and Vegeta arrived on Earth he contributed to the defeat of Vegeta even after being scaired in the beginning of the battle. He later voyaged to Namek with Bulma and Krilin in search of the DragonBalls to resurrect their dead friends. On Namek, he fights against Freezer and his men. When Cell arrives, Gohan and his father train in the spirit and time room and that is when Goku first notices his sons capacities. After Goku resigned versus Cell, Gohan continued the fight. After Cell killed Android 16, Gohan body became so full of anger that he turned into a Super Saiyan Level 2 and he was the first to do so. He killed Cell with a gigantic Kamehameha. After peace was restored on the planet, Gohan neglected his training and was no longer the strongest fighter. To train himself a little, he went under a secret identity to fight crime: "Great Saiya Man". After being defeated by Boo he trained at the Kaioshinkai. When peace was restored once again after Boo's defeat to the hands of Goku, Gohan got married with Videl, a girl he had met at school, who also happened to be Satan's daughter. Gohan and Videl had a girl named Pan and Gohan realized his dream of becoming a savant and no longer fights. Before he started neglecting his training, Gohan was the strongest fighter in the DB story.

Goten: He is the second son of Goku and Chi Chi. He was born in the year 767. Unlike with Gohan, Chi Chi pushed Goten less which resulted in him having less good marks at school than his elder brother who was an honor student. He was born during the fights of the Cell game. His best friend is Trunks and they always play together and fight together for fun. Chi Chi taught him the basics of martial arts. Since Goku was dead during the first years of his life, Gohan was a big role model and father figure for Goten. While training for the 25th edition of the martial arts tournament with Gohan, he revealed that he could become Super Saiyan which was amazing because he was only 7 years old. While Boo was on Earth killing the Earthlings, Goku taught the fusion to Goten and Trunks. Their fusion was Gotenks who was unable to kill Boo.

Trunks: He is the son of Bulma and Vegeta. He came from the future to save Goku from a deadly heart disease which would save the Earth from a tragic future. Once arrived on Earth, he defeats Freezer and his father. By traveling through time though, Trunks created 3 different futures. In the first future, Goku dies from a deadly heart disease. With Goku out of the picture, Android 17 and Android 18 reek havock and terrorize the Earthlings and nobody is strong enough to stop them. All the other Z Warriors were killed by the androids. This is the future Trunks came from to save Goku. In the second future, Trunks finds the androids' weakness and destroys them. Still, Goku dies from a heart disease. Cell, who nobody knew existed, kills Trunks and uses his time travelling machine to go back in the past. The third future is when Trunks goes back in the past to kill Cell before he posed any threat and before he could steal the time machine. This restores peace on earth once more. In the world where Goku is alive, Trunks grows up with his parents Vegeta and Bulma. He trains with his father and participates in the 25th edition of the martial arts tournament. While training with Vegeta, he reveals that he can become Super Saiyan which suprises his father due to Trunks' young age. When Boo arrives on Earth, Trunks fuses with Goten to fight Boo.

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