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From the beginning of time where chaos reigned over the universe to the birth of the combattants, here is the complete DragonBall Z story.
More than 100,000,000 years ago:

Confirmation of the existance of the planets of the Kaios.

Almost 75,000,000 years ago

Daikaio (15 generations before the Kaios) was emprisioned in the Z Sword.

Almost 5,000,000 years ago

The sorcerer Bibidi created Boo. During numerous years, Boo destroyed several planets. 4 of the 5 Kaioshins are killed by Boo. Bibidi brought the spirit of Boo, locked in a cocoon, to the planet Earth. The remaining Kaioshin (Kaio of the South galaxie) killed Bibidi and Boo's spirit was abandonned in the cocoon on Earth.

Several thousand years ago

Annin becomes gardien of the sacred fire Hakkero situated on mount Gogyo.


The ancestors of Garlic Jr. leave the planet Makyo and head towards Earth.


The Serpent Goddess becomes Princess Hebi and moves to a new house in the middle of the serpent way.

Towards -238

A Saiyan legend reports the event of the Super Saiyans, blood thirsty creatures and destructors terrorizing the universe.

Towards 250

Baba begins her fortune-telling


King Enma makes his way across the serpent way to King Kai's planet. On his way, he meets Princess Hebi (Princess Snake).

The planet Namek is victim of violent cataclysms and the son of Katats is evacuated. He lands on Earth.


Birth of Master Roshi.


The son of Katats becomes the apprentice of the Earth's God.


Master Roshi (18 years old) begins his training with Master Mutaito and he falls in love with Fanfan.


Birth of Taopaipai.


Garlic challenges God but he is defeated. The son of Katats becomes the God of the planet Earth. At the same moment, he seperates himself from his evil side which creates the demon Piccolo. Mutaito succeeds in emprisonning Piccolo in a pressure cooker thanks to the Mafuba technique but it cost him his life in return.


Dabbler sends one of his men to investigate the situation on Earth.

Towards 550

The Saiyans, traveling in a mysterious space egine, land on the planet Plant.


Master Roshi begins to collect dirty magazines.

Towards 650

Master Roshi finds the 3 starred DragonBall on the beach.

May 7th, 650

Opening of the first martial arts championship (Budokai).


Birth of Gohan.


The God of the Earth tells Mister Popo the story of his infance.


Birth of Toninjinka.


Birth of Pilaf.

Between 720 and 730

On the planet Plant, the Saiyans join forces and form a rebellion which brought a war against the Tsufuls. The Saiyans are victorious.

Death of Doctor Raichi, a Tsuful scientist. An invention of his called Hachihyaku which was suppose to exterminate the Saiyans was sent off sorwhere in the universe.

Extermination of the Tsufuls by the Saiyans. The planet Plant has been conquered. The Saiyans rebaptise it "Planet Vegeta". They also assimilate the Tsuful technology, for example, the energy detector. The Saiyans begin their invasion of the univers and offer their millitary assistance to other planets.


Birth of the Blue Colonel of the Red Ribbon Army.


Taopaipai becomes an independant assassin.

Towards 731

A pact between Freeza and the Saiyans is made.

The King Vegeta 1st gets married.


Birth of the Prince Vegeta.


Birth of Bulma, Yamcha and Tien.

The 8th of May, there is a new King of the Earth.

Towards 735

The relashionship between the Saiyans and Freeza starts to collapse. On planet Vegeta, there is an internal struggle amongst the Saiyans.


Birth of Krilin.


Birth of Cacarot (Goku).

The armies of Vegeta conquer the planets Kanasa and Mith.

Vegeta declairs a rebellion against Freeza. Freeza declairs war against the Saiyans. Bardock, Goku's father, dies in battle. Freeza destroys the planet Vegeta. Cacarot escapes in a Saiyan capsule which brings him to Earth.

Birth of Chi Chi, daughter of Gyumao

Cacarot's mother dies from a disease. Between June and August, he is foud by Gohan who names him "Goku".


At the age of 1, Goku receives a violent blow to the head. His natural Saiyan personnality dissapears and he becomes more joyful.


Gyumao brings his daughter Chi Chi on a pic-nic. While gone, the spirit of the fire takes posession of Mount Ryokei where Gyuamo's castle was situated. Since that day, it has been called the fire mountain.


Birth of Oolon.

Krilin becomes disciple at the Oorin temple.


Yamcha meets Puar.


The phoenix that Master Roshi raised dies of food poisoning. His sea turtle gets lost while searching for mushrooms.


Beginning of April: Bulma enters the West Capital Highschool.

Date uncertain: Bulma discovers, in her attic, the DragonBall with 2 stars.

August 22nd: Bulma discover, in the mountain of the North, the DragonBall with 5 stars.

September 1st: Bulma meets Goku while on her summer vacation. She learns that Goku's only remaining souvenir of his grandfather is the DragonBall with 4 stars.

Morning of September 2nd: Goku and Bulma meet Master Roshi. He offers them the DragonBall with 3 stars as a gift.

September 5th: Goku defeats Oolon. To thank him, the mayor of the village rewards him with the DragonBall with 6 stars.

September 6th:Goku meets Yamcha.

The same day: Goku defeats Yamcha.

That morning, Master Roshi destroys the fire mountain (and accidentaly, Gyumao's castle) thanks to the "Kamehameha" technique. Bulma discovers the DragonBall with 7 stars in the ruins of the castle.

In the afternoon, at Mushroom City, Goku defeats the Rabbit gang.

Pilaf's gang steals the six DragonBalls that Bulma had in her posession. That night, with the seven DragonBalls, they summon the sacred dragon, Shenron. Goku looks at the full moon and turns into a giant monkey and destroys Pilaf's castle.

September 10th: Goku and Krilin become disciples of Master Roshi.

September 11th: Master Roshi, Krilin and Lunch are sick from food poisoning after eating fugu.

September 14th: At 4:30 AM, Goku and Krilin begin their training which will last 8 months.

October 2nd: Start of the second semester at the West Capital Highschool.


April 6th: Goku and Krilin's training comes to an end after enduring wearing 40 kg turtle shells.

April 18th: The Grey Commander's platoon is sent in search of the DragonBalls by the Red Ribbon Army.

May 6th: Krilin and Goku enter the 21st edition of the martial arts tournament. Jackie Choun wins the tournament. Goku finishes 2nd.

Goku, the Red Ribbon Army and Pilaf fight for the DragonBall with 6 stars. The RR Army succeeds in acquiring the 5 and 6 starred DragonBalls.

Goku meets Chi Chi for a second time at Gyumao's village.

May 8th: Goku makes his way through Muscle Tower, the RR Army's fortress, and defeats every member of the RR Army inside.

May 9th: At 11:02, Bulma finishes her repairs on the DragonBall locator.

At Pingouin Village, Goku battles the Blue Commander of the RR Army who is defeated by Arale. The Blue Commander is later assassinated by Taopaipai. At the bottom of Karin's Tower, Taopaipai defeats Goku and steals his DragonBalls. Goku begins to climb Karin's Tower.

May 10th: Summer vacation of the schools at Pengouin Village.

Early in the morning, Goku arrives at the top of Karin's Tower. He begins his training with Karin to receive the sacred water.

May 12th: After three days, Goku succeeds in drinking the sacred water. He defeats Taopaipai and destroys the headquarters of the RR Army.

At Baba's residence, Goku meets Gohan, his adoptive father.

Season of rain at Nam's village.

Towards 750-753 Goku departs on a voyage to train himself for the next martial arts tournament. At the village of Chao, he defeats Kinkaku and Ginkaku. He meets Chintaiken and battles Tenron. At the gate of the demons palace, he battles Shura. He meets Tien for the first time after saving Inoshikacho.


May 5th: Goku meets Konkichi. He later leaves towards Papaye Island for the 22nd martial arts championship.

May 7th: 22nd edition of the martial arts tournament. Tien is declaired the champion. Goku finishes 2nd. The demon Piccolo makes his first apperance.

May 8th: At King's Castle, there is a celebration for the 20th aniversary of the kingdom.

May 9th: Goku defeats Piccolo. Birth of Piccolo Jr. Goku climbs Karin's tower and makes his way to God's sanctuary where he meets Kami and trains for 3 years.


May 7th: 23rd edition of the martial arts tournament. During his fight, Goku and Chi Chi become fianced. He is 18 years old. He wins the tournament for the first time. Piccolo Jr. finishes 2nd. Goku and Chi Chi get married at the fire mountain. During the ceremony, Gyumao's castle catches fire and the couple search for the magic fan.

May 8th: Chi Chi becomes apprentice of grandmother Hakake to learn how to become the rules of being a good wife.

The magic fan in hand, Goku tries to turn out the fire at Gyumao's castle. He learns that it is the sacred fire Hakkero and he makes his way to mount Gogyo. There he meets his grandfather Gohan and then he extinguishes Hakkero.


A day in May: Birth of Gohan, son of Chi Chi and Goku.

759-760: Goku gives an interview for the magazine Weekly Jump.

761: Goku battles Garlic Jr.'s group who kidnapped his son.

October 12th 761: Raditz attacks the Earth, death of Goku.

Vegeta and Nappa leave for Earth. On their way, they exterminate the inhabitants of the planet Allia. They then enter a slumber for a year.

Date uncertain: Gohan learns martial arts from Piccolo. Gohan discovers undergorund ruins in the desert where he meets a old model of robots and becomes his friend.

To make some money, Yamcha becomes a baseball player.

Homesick, Gohan flees from Piccolo. He befriends the orfan Pigelo and his friends.


A day in March: Krilin, Yamcha, Tien, Chaozu and Yajirobe start their training at God's palace with Kami and Mister Popo.

April 29th: Goku arrives at King Kai's planet by the serpent way.

May 9th: Goku catches Bubbles. He must then hit the ultra-fast Gregory with a hammer.

Towards May 23rd: Goku accomplishes Gregory's challenge.

A day in May: Krilin, Yamcha, Tien and Chaozu go on a temporal voyage where they are killed by the Saiyans. Realizing their lack of training, they continue their training.

November 2nd: Goku, having surpassed King Kai, is resurrected with the DragonBalls.

November 3rd: Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth. Goku and the others battle them. Piccolo, Tien, Chaozu and Yamcha's lives come to an end.

A microscopic spy-robot steals cells from Goku and his friends towards the creation of Cell.

November 4th: Goku and the other survivors enter the the West Capital hospital. Krilin and Gohan are healed from their injuries.

November 9th: God's spaceship is ready to leave.

November 14th: The Namek language is translated and Gohan, Krilin and Bulma leave for Namek.

November 21st: Vegeta arrives on planet Freeza no. 79.

December 13th: Vegeta recupperates from his injuries. He leaves for Namek.

December 18th: Vegeta, Kiwi, Bulma, Gohan and Krilin arrive on Namek almost at the same time.

Goku leaves for Namek.

Krilin is brought to the Chief Namek's house by Dende.

Piccolo, Tien, Chaozu and Yamcha arrive at Kaio's planet. Their training begins.

Goku's spaceship become uncontrollable because of the star Alpha-H-Z's atmosphere. Goku uses a kamehameha to propulse the ship to safety.

December 19th: Freeza orders the Ginyu Force to abandon the conquest of planet Yadrat and they leave towards planet Freeza no. 79.

December 20th: Vegeta recupperates from his injuries inflicted by Zarbon.

Krilin brings Gohan to the chief Namek's house.

Vegeta confronts Zarbon for a second time. Zarbon is killed.

December 23rd: Goku's training abord the spaceship comes to an end.

December 24th: Goku arrives on the planet Namek.

Extermination of the Ginyu Force.

Piccolo is resurrected.

Krilin dies.

Goku becomes Super Saiyan. He battles Freeza.

Extinction of the planet Namek.


May 3rd: Krilin and Yamcha are resurrected.

September 9th: Tien and Chaozu are resurrected.

The Nameks, who were living on Earth, decide to emigrate to a new Namek.

A day in October: The planet Makyo approches the Earth like it did 5000 years before. Garlic Jr., resurrected, attacks Gohan and his friends.

Date uncertain: Garlic travels to this time thanks to a time travelling machine. He arrives on Earth.

Freeza's transformation is completed.


A day in August: Return of Goku on Earth. Trunks also arrives on Earth. He battles Freeza and Freeza's father, King Cold.

764-767: Coola attacks the Earth and Goku battles him.

764: To become a Super Saiyan, Vegeta starts an intense training in the gravity room. Bulma falls in love with him.

Goku and Piccolo make their way to the car-school to get their sky-car liscences.

766: Birth of Trunks.

767: Birth of Goten.

May 7th: 24th edition of the martial arts championship. Winners: adults category, Satan, juniors category, Videl.

May 12th: Arrival of the cyborgs.

In the afternoon, arrival of Cell.

Piccolo fuses with Kami.

Goku is victim of a contagious heart disease.

Cell, still nothing more that an embryo, is destroyed by Krilin and Trunks (future).

May 15th: Trunks heals Goku thanks to a medicine he brought back from the future.

Vegeta and Trunks enter the spirit and time room.

May 16th: Cell accomplishes his second transformation and then obtains his perfect body.

Goku and Gohan enter the spirit and time room after Trunks and Vegeta exit.

Cell announces to the world the openning of the Cell game.

Goku and Gohan exit the spirit and time room. Piccolo enters.

May 18th: Vegeta replaces Piccolo as he enters for a second time the spirit and time room.

Gohan makes his way to Laimu village where he defeats Babon's gang.

May 19th: Goku and his family go on an excursion.

Towards noon, Cell exterminates the king's armies.

Dende replaces Piccolo as God of the planet.

Trunks enters the spirit and time room. Vegeta exits.

May 20th: Trunks exits.

May 26th: At noon, openning of the Cell game. Goku dies for the second time. Gohan defeats Cell.

May 27th: Goku's funeral. Trunks (adolescent) returns to the future.

A day between May and June: Goku makes his way to Grand Master Kai's where they celebrate the memory of King Kai's death with the first martial arts tournament of heaven. In the finals, Goku battles Paikuhan.

Baby Trunks' first steps.

TV special on: "The master combattant of the world, Earth and mankind's savior: the great Satan!!".

770: Krilin and Android 18 get married.

771: Birth of Maron.

773: Kaioshin and Kibito arrive on Earth while searching for the spirit of Boo.


March 28th: Gohan gets ready to enter the Orange Star highschool.

April 7th: For the first time, the Golden Warrior reveals himself to the habitants of Satan City.

Gohan is admited to the Orange Star highschool. He meets Videl. While going home from school at 4:12 PM, Gohan stops by Bulma's so she can make him a new disguise. First apperance of Great Saiyaman.

April 8th: The Great Saiyaman reveals his identity to Videl.

April 9th: Gohan teaches Videl how to fly.

Master Kai of the South watches Goku train.

April 10th: Vegeta is surprised to learn that his son Trunks (chibi) is already a Super Saiyan.

April 20th: Videl learns how to fly.

May 7th: Opening of the 25th edition of the martial arts tournament.

Goku returns to Earth for the day.

Arrival of Boo. Vegeta sacrifices himself to defeat Boo. Babidi is killed by Boo.

Goku becomes Super Saiyan 3 but he uses up his power too fast and must return earlier than expected to Heaven.

Daikaio, the grand master of all Kaios from 15 generations ago, is liberated from the Z Sword. The ceremony to increase Gohan's strength begins.

May 8th: Boo absorbs Piccolo, Gotenks and Gohan. Boo exterminates all the Earthlings. Daikaio gives Goku his life so that Goku can be resurrected.

Vegeta returns to earth for one day.

Boo, in his original form, destroys the Earth. The Earth and all the Earthlings are brought back to life thanks to the Namek DragonBalls.

Goku, with the help off all the Earthlings' power, uses a giant genkidama (spirit ball) to kill Boo.

September 7th: Shenron removes Boo from the memories of every Earthling.

May 7th 768: 26th edition of the martial arts tournament. Winner: Satan. Second: Mr. Boo.

779: Birth of Pan.

780: Birth of Bra.

May 7th 781: 27th edition of the martial arts tournament. Winner: Satan. Second: Mr. Boo.

May 7th 784: 28th edition of the martial arts tournament. Goku brings Ubuu on a voyage to train him.

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