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About JDBZ

Created: July, 2001

Last Updated: August 7th, 2002

Number of images: 84

Number of animated gif. files: 52

Number of wallpapers: 3

Number of AOL IM buddy icons: 18

About Juice

Name: Juice

Age: 17

Whereabouts: Montreal, Québec, Canada

Other sites I worked on: Piccolo's RPG , Extreme Fantasy Wrestling League, Mixclo's Bomberman Zone & My Neopet Rexxplicit's homepage.

First DB experience: 1997 when I purchased my first DB manga.

Favorite Character: Vegeta

Interesting fact: I owe my brother for turning me into a DB fan. He started collecting the mangas two years after I purchased my first one and since then, he and I have been fans.

Thank yous: to my bro. Thank you for staying awake at 2AM watching me update JDBZ and pointing out every typing error I make! And thank you to the JDBZ visitors for checking out my site, I know it's far from being the best on the net but I enjoy doing it and that's what counts.

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