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This site is about High quality DB-DBZ-DBGT & other related0 fansubs that is alway's up grading and People who are good traders and have good quality and have traded with me at least 3 times:

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Dragonballz fansubs list
Trades/price & shipping info
Status page/the proper grading system
Dragonballgt fansubs list
Dragonball Fansubs list
Dragonball (z) (GT) Movies and specials
Feed Back/updates
The Most Wanted List
Rewards for 1980's cartoons!!!!!! & ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO EARN TAPES!!!!!!!!

What's happening everybody!! I'd like to say that anyone can make a trade or an order at any time. I'd also like to say that this site is dedicated to all the true and honest dbz fans traders and distro's and not to all those scumbag's who try to rip people prey on the fools who make the honest mistake and get screwed. That's what this site is about "NOT GETTING SCREWED" like I did paying up to $10 bucks for filth half the time so I take the time tell u straight out unlike 95% of the so called fansubs distro's Dragonball 116-119 is all I need now please help!!! For trades and prices go to the link that says (trades/price & shipping info) my e-mail is below contact me there for any order's Thank you for visiting my hompage Please come back and visit again!