By an idea of Swinger.
SanShin was born at planet Kazima. He was a sun of the old empirer there.
When he was just a little kid, you could see that he was a real fighter.
He kicked against anything.
The first few years of SanShin were great. He learned a lot from his father.
Kazima was a great fighter. He called his son SanShin what fightingspirrit means.
That is for sure. When he was about 13 years old. He had a fight against the son
of the man who wished to be the empirer. That boy pulled the tail of SanShin of.
It hurded a lot. SanShin got so mad, that he transformed into a Super Saya-jin.

When empirer Kazima was kicked of his throne, the planet became like hell.
Very many people were banished, including SanShin. This is the way how SanShin got into space.
In space he met a lot of saya-jins. He fighted a lot too.
He will always fight for a planet of his own
where only Saya-jins are alowed. He met Kaiou a few years ago.
He had also the same mission so SanShin joined him. He teached him to transform in a Super Saya-jin 2 Mistique.
He did that in the gravity room in Kaiou's ship.
How he does change in a SSj2 Mistique is a puzzle for everybody.
When he transform, the colour of his hair will be blank and it will not stand up.
After a few months another saya-jin
joined them. His name was Reaver, but they call him blade.

Now SanShin is the boss of the gang. That's because Kaiou was not happy of being the leader.
Together, they will be the perfect team. SanShin is powerfull, and when he get punished a lot
He'll be boosted up and will fight on again. This makes him almost immortal.
And with Kaiou on his side, he will have no feares. He is an Ultimate Saya-jin.
Blade is also a strong warrior. They the same mission, so that means...
A perfect 'search and capture' team.

By an idea of Blackbird.
As a little baby reaver was found by an old man.
That old man rased him and at the age of 15 he told reaver that he was an Allien.
At school Reaver always wanted to fight to get stronger.
When he left school he entered all sorts of tournaments, and won them all.
At the last tournament he won a Blade that could never break, from that moment on he was known as BLADE.
After long training he learned that he could power-up that Blade and then it can cut through anything and he
can throw the blade after someone and it will follow that person.

Then Freeza’s men came, the gouverment asked everybody who can fight if they will.
It was a horrible fight it looked like we would lose. Then Blade’s grandfather who was also fighting got killed.
Blade was enraged and he turned into a Super Saya-jin, with this new power he kiled all of Freeza’s men,
from that moment he went into space to seak Frieza and kill him, in a fight against Freeza’s men.
He almost got killed but then he remembered his
grandfather and turned into a Super Saya-jin 2, and killed Freeza’s men then he continoued his search for Freeza.
Then he met 2 Saya-jins Kaiou and Sanshin, they told him that Freeza got killed.
Blade desided that he would stop his search for Freeza and join Kaiou and Sanshin in they quest to get a new home for All Saya-jins.

By an idea of the Wonderer.
Hi I'm Kaiou, I'm one of the new characters in the new saga's of DBGT.
I am also a saya-jin, a Ultimate Saya-jin and a member of the 3 Saya-jins.
I was the leader of the gang, but I wanted that my pupils,
Sanshin and Reaver(also known as Blade) would get more sense of responsebility.

I'm one of the few saya-jins left, and that's because of the fact
that I was send away just before freeza destroyed planet Vegeta.
I spend most of my life training and taking part in tournaments.
When I turned SSj I was to strong for my oponents, and I was free again.
I got some credits for winning the tournament, andIi bought a special ship.
The ship had a special room, in that room you could change the gravity,
that room is the cause of my strenght.

After that I heard that freeza was killed (because of a scouter),
I also found out that there where more SSj, and I wanted to find all lost saya-jin.
On my quest for finding saya-jins I found 2 strong saya-jins that wanted to follow me.
I decided to train them, but we ran in some trouble.
2 saya-jins tried to stop us from going to prins Vegita.
Their strongest was an SSj4, when I tried to beat him I transformed to a Ultimate Saya-jin.
With this new strenght I could easely beat them. In the few years that folowed,
we had almost reached Earth, and gain much strenght.
We ran in to an hostile planet, it was more a technological race then warriors,
but they had genetically warriors with the strenght of a SSj3.
When fighting them my pupils worked together and terminated the treath.
After the battle we resumed the course to earth, and I handed the leadership to them.

After I became a USj I learned myself a atack, it's becomes more powerful if you charge is longer,
wich will injure and paralise the target, and if charged long enough the target will explode.
it has become my signature move, and I named it the mind bom.
I use it very often, because I can hide my powerlevel my enemies don't know my strenght,
so i don't have to kill my opponent but easely win and get on my way.